Ravendawn Leveling Professions

Ravendawn Leveling Professions

Professions play a crucial role in Ravendawn, allowing players to specialize and pursue their chosen skills. Here's a guide on leveling various professions.

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Mining: Mining can be challenging to level up but is essential. Visit Barrendon Mines in Rohna Woods, Bear Cave in Witches Crag in Glademire, Goblin Caves on Sajecho Island, or Turtleshell Hills on Harbor Island. Commit to purposefully farming nodes to level up efficiently.


Woodcutting: Chop down trees in Sajecho Island or Rhona Woods for fast leveling. When offline, plant trees in your Community Farmland, like Fir trees, with a growth time matching your offline duration. Consistent planting and chopping yield optimal results.


Fishing: Fishing is a semi-AFK profession. Do it on land while watching a show or when paying minimal attention. Focus on conflict-free zones for land fishing. For faster leveling, engage in Ocean fishing, but beware of potential item loss upon death.


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Farming: Level up farming by growing crops on your farmland. Plan according to your playtime plant items relative to your online hours. Maximize time by planting crops with durations matching your availability.


Husbandry: Similar to farming but requires more effort and timing. Place animals, let them mature, and harvest at appropriate intervals. Harvest thrice for more profit or twice and butcher the third time for increased experience gain.


Cooking: Manage your farm to provide cooking materials. Although it may be a loss craft initially, mass crafting high-level items like Moa Rations and Cookies speeds up leveling. Cooking provides valuable Archetype and Legacy experience.


Blacksmithing: In the early stages, focus on turning ore into ingots for profit. Mass craft ingots and whetstones. As you progress, make T2 gear, then focus on crafting valuable T3 items. Consider non-gear items like Fishing Hooks for additional value.


Carpentry: Level carpentry easily by farming logs and refining them into planks. Sell the planks until you can craft T3 weapons or higher-value items like Fishing Rods and Ship/Wagon parts.


Weaving: Weaving can be expensive, so refine materials for lower levels initially. Craft valuable items like Craftman’s Cloth and Craftman’s Thread. Grow materials in your Community Farmland and hunt animals like Wolves and Bears for hides.