Ravendawn Level System

Ravendawn Level System

The level system in the world of Ravendawn is multifaceted, adding depth and richness to the leveling mechanics. At its core, it comprises three distinct levels: Character level, Archetype level, and Player level. This multi-layered level system in Ravendawn encourages strategic decision-making and long-term planning as players navigate their progression paths. It provides a dynamic and immersive gameplay experience where both individual character growth and broader player achievements are celebrated and rewarded.

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Character Level

Character Level

In Ravendawn, your character level serves primarily as a symbolic representation of your in-game accomplishments and expertise. The system allows for continual progression, emphasizing a limitless potential for character growth. However, there is a practical consideration with a soft cap at level 75.

The soft cap implies that while characters can technically surpass this level, the rate of progression significantly diminishes beyond this point. Experience gains post-level 75 are heavily reduced, resulting in a gradual and challenging climb for those dedicated to pushing their characters to the limits.

This design choice encourages players to explore diverse aspects of the game, such as mastering different archetypes, engaging in challenging quests, or participating in high-level content, rather than solely focusing on reaching the maximum level. It promotes a sense of accomplishment for those who manage to push beyond the soft cap, highlighting their dedication and skill.

The absence of a hard level cap adds an element of prestige to high-level characters, showcasing their commitment to Ravendawn's immersive world. It also fosters a more dynamic and ever-evolving gaming environment, where continual updates and expansions can introduce new challenges and opportunities for those who have already reached the soft cap.

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Archetype Level

Archetype Level

The Archetype Level system in Ravendawn adds a layer of specialization and complexity to character development. Here's a breakdown of how it works:

1. Individual Archetype Levels: Each Archetype, representing a unique character class or role, has its own dedicated level and experience bar. As a player gains experience through various in-game activities, such as combat, quests, or achievements, the accumulated experience is distributed across all three of the player's current Archetypes.

2. Experience Distribution: The shared experience mechanism encourages players to diversify their gameplay by regularly switching between different Archetypes. This not only contributes to a more well-rounded gaming experience but also ensures that players have the opportunity to unlock skills and abilities across all their chosen classes.

3. Unlocking Skills: Archetype level plays a pivotal role in unlocking new skills and abilities specific to each class. As a player advances in Archetype level, they gain access to a variety of unique and powerful skills within that particular class. This creates a sense of progression and mastery for each Archetype individually.

4. Strategic Character Building: Players must strategically manage their Archetype levels, deciding which skills to unlock first and how to allocate their experience points across different classes. This adds depth to character building, allowing for a high degree of customization and adaptability based on the player's preferred playstyle.

5. Active Skills vs Passive Skills: Every 3 effective levels a player has they will obtain 1 Skill Point. These Skill Points can be used in any Archetype Tree to unlock new Active or Passive Abilities. However, each Passive Ability you unlock requires at least 3 Active Skills to be unlocked in that Archetype.  

Overall, the Archetype Level system in Ravendawn enhances the RPG experience by providing players with meaningful choices in character development. It encourages exploration of different playstyles, fosters strategic decision-making, and adds a layer of depth to the overall progression within the game.

Player Effective Level

Player Effective Level

The introduction of the Player Effective Level system in Ravendawn offers a dynamic and inclusive approach to multiplayer gameplay. Here's how it works:

1. Calculation of Effective Level: Your Effective Level is determined by averaging the levels of your current three Archetypes. This average becomes a crucial factor in determining the cap for your equipment and the number of skills/passives available to your character.

2. Equipment and Skill Cap: The Effective Level serves as a cap for your character's equipment and skill proficiency. This means that your gear and the number of skills or passives you can use are limited based on this calculated average level. This adds a strategic element to gameplay, as players need to consider their Effective Level when engaging in different activities.

3. Adaptive Scaling for Cooperation: The system allows for adaptive scaling of your equipment down to the Effective Level when playing with friends of lower character levels. This ensures that experienced players can join their less-experienced friends without overpowering the content. It promotes cooperative play and enables players to enjoy the game together, regardless of their individual progression.

4. Versatile Multiplayer Options: Players can easily adjust their Effective Level by switching out one or two Archetypes. This flexibility allows them to match the Effective Level of friends who may be at different stages of the game. It encourages social interaction and cooperative gameplay, fostering a sense of inclusivity within the gaming community.

5. Elimination of Barriers for New Players: The system makes it convenient for experienced players to accompany and assist new friends without the need to create new characters or downgrade their equipment. This eliminates potential barriers for new players and encourages a supportive gaming environment.

In summary, the Player Effective Level system in Ravendawn facilitates a seamless multiplayer experience, allowing players to adapt to various gaming scenarios, collaborate with friends at different levels, and enjoy the game together in a cooperative and inclusive manner.

Note: An easy way to calculate the Effective Level you would have when changing your archetypes is. example: 12+18 +18 = 48/3 = 16