Ravendawn Legendary Fish

Ravendawn Legendary Fish

In a bid to elevate the stakes and rewards for the intrepid fishers of Ravendawn, Patch 1.0.6 will unveil an exciting new addition – the Legendary Fish mechanic. Engaging in Ocean Fishing will now carry a 1% chance for players to reel in a Legendary version of a fish. While these Legendary Fish present the same level of challenge during the catch, their value is a staggering 2500% higher than their ordinary counterparts in silver.

Ravendawn Legendary Fish

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Much like the precarious Culled Eyes, players face an added risk with Legendary Fish. In the unfortunate event of a player's demise while in possession of these rare catches, the Legendary Fish will automatically be dropped for others to claim. This injects an extra layer of risk into the serene act of fishing, compelling players to ensure the safe transport of these valuable specimens to prevent any losses. However, the significant increase in rewards acts as a worthy incentive for the added effort.

To keep players and onlookers informed, the quantity of Legendary Fish a player carries will be visibly displayed on their nameplate, mirroring the mechanic employed for Culled Eyes. This transparency adds an element of competition and intrigue, making the value of a player's current haul apparent to others in the vicinity.

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For those who may not wish to embrace this heightened level of risk and reward, the option to drop (destroy) a Legendary Fish from the inventory will be available. This allows players to opt-out of the potential hazards while retaining control over their fishing endeavors.