Ravendawn Infamy (PvP)

Ravendawn Infamy (PvP)

In the game world, every time you eliminate an innocent player, you earn up to 250 points of infamy. The amount of infamy received by participants varies based on their involvement, with the player dealing the final blow receiving the most significant share. For 15 minutes after the murder, the guilty player, as well as any others involved, will display a red skull next to their name, indicating their infamy status and making them susceptible to attacks from other players.

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How to Reduce your Infamy and Disadvantages

To decrease your infamy, you can perform helpful acts in the game world, both benevolent and malevolent. Additionally, eliminating monsters in PvE mode also aids in reducing your infamy.

However, accumulating too much infamy comes with negative consequences. Here are the negative effects associated with high infamy levels:

- 1000 infamy points: 20% reduction in damage dealt to innocent players.

- 2000 infamy points: 30% reduction in damage dealt to innocent players.

- 2500 infamy points: Inability to create Tradepacks.

- 3000 infamy points: 40% reduction in damage dealt to innocent players.

- 4000 infamy points: 50% reduction in damage dealt to innocent players.

- 5000 infamy points: Inability to attack innocent players. If attacked first, you can defend yourself, but your damage will be 50% less. These penalties also apply in Warzone channels.

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Ravendawn - Infamy (PvP) System

Peace Zones Peace Zones:

Even though murderers can enter peace zones immediately after committing a recent murder, they remain vulnerable to attacks from other players within this zone and do not enjoy the safety afforded to innocent players.

conflict zones Conflict Zones:

In conflict zones, acts of murder can take place. These zones have a predetermined duration and are guaranteed to revert to a state of peace once the conflict concludes. With the introduction of War Zones, there is a possibility for conflict zones to transition into War Zones, contingent upon the number of murders committed within the zone during its duration.