Ravendawn Gathering Guide

Ravendawn Gathering Guide

In the vast world of Ravendawn, resource gathering is a crucial part of your journey towards greatness. From serene fishing to intensive mining, each activity provides an opportunity to obtain a wide range of materials for your adventures.

Gathering is typically straightforward. You just need to seek out gatherable materials identified by the pickaxe icon on stones for mining, the axe icon on trees for woodcutting, and the hook icon in water for fishing. The higher your level in a gathering profession, the more likely you are to obtain higher-level materials.

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Gathering Resources

When gathering, a mini-game will appear, and stopping the meter in the green section will simply speed up the gathering time. It's crucial to utilize your gathering skills to obtain materials, allowing you to craft useful items. Otherwise, crafting can become a costly endeavor.

Ravendawn Gathering

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Gathering Professions

Woodcutting is by far one of the easiest skills to level up. Cuttable trees are scattered all over Ravendawn in the overland areas. However, due to its "ease," it is also the slowest to level up, given how easy it is to find materials. To speed up your woodcutting skill, consider placing trees in your community farmland, providing considerably more profession experience.

Mining is far more challenging. You'll need to find specific mines and caves with mining nodes, which are highly contested with other players due to the scarcity of mining nodes in the game. Keep an eye out for any locations on your map named "Mine" and always check around grey rock areas for potential mining node locations, typically found underground.

Gathering weaving materials is not a profession, but it is still an essential task. You'll need to defeat enemies that provide resources such as hair and hide, which can then be used for weaving. Weaving materials are also part of farming.

When farming materials, you'll gain items of different qualities, highlighted by the color around the item. Higher quality items are much more useful for crafting, a topic we'll delve into further in the crafting part of this guide.

In summary, making the most of your gathering skills in Ravendawn will not only help you obtain valuable materials but also allow you to advance your crafting skills and enhance your overall gaming experience. So, go out there and start gathering!