Ravendawn Fishing Guide

Ravendawn Fishing Guide

Fishing in Ravendawn presents a lucrative opportunity for players, offering a steady influx of Silver, cooking materials, and valuable resources. Creative Director Knighter hints at a profitable "end game," fostering anticipation. In the early stages, this activity proves relaxed, allowing players to easily accumulate over 10,000 silver within an hour, depending on their skill level.

The fishing system is nuanced, with the player's level determining access to various fish types, each with distinct weights. Catching rarer and larger fish yields higher value, achieved by strategically "damaging" the fish until successfully caught.

To initiate fishing, players locate the hook symbol, triggering the fishing sequence. The "Waiting for fish" bar fills at varying rates, influenced by factors like fish type and skill level. Successfully hooked fish prompt a fishing rod display, where players must skillfully damage and capture the fish for optimal rewards. Ravendawn's fishing emerges as a rewarding pursuit, promising financial and material gains.

Ravendawn Fishing Guide

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How to Fishing in Ravendawn

To fish effectively in Ravendawn, understanding the interface and employing strategic techniques is crucial:

1. Progress Bar: Located in the middle, this bar fills as you attempt to catch the fish. When it reaches the end and turns fully green, the fish is caught successfully.

2. Red Meter: Positioned on the left, this meter represents the durability of your fishing rod. If it touches the white meter from the opposite side, you risk losing the fish.

3. White Meter: Found on the right, this meter indicates line tension or time limit while catching fish. Manage this effectively to ensure a successful catch.

4. Blue Fish Timer: This timer acts as a buff, signaling the optimal time to use your highest damage fishing abilities. These abilities may also receive multipliers, such as x2 or x3, maximizing damage output.

5. Red Fish Timer: Serving as a debuff, this timer advises using "Give Slack" and weaker fishing abilities. Adjust your strategy accordingly to overcome the challenges posed by the debuff.

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General Fishing Strategy

    For an effective general fishing strategy in Ravendawn, consider the following steps:

    1. Begin with a Big Reel: Initiate the fishing process by employing a Big Reel to maximize your chances of catching valuable fish.

    2. Utilize 2x Basic Reel: Follow up with two uses of the Basic Reel, setting the stage for the next steps in the strategy.

    3. Monitor Timers: Pay attention to the appearance of timers during the fishing process. If a red timer appears, execute the "Give Slack" action followed by a Basic Reel. Conversely, if a green timer appears, maximize your efforts with the Big Reel for optimal results.

    4. Red Meter Management: Keep a close eye on the red meter, representing the durability of your fishing rod. If it gets too close to the white meter, execute the "Give Slack" action. Otherwise, maintain a strategic balance by alternating between the Big Reel and Basic Reel based on the situation.

    Effective Passive

    When selecting fishing passives in Ravendawn, prioritize increased damage initially. This boosts your ability to catch fish, providing an advantage from the outset. As you progress, prioritize increasing fish weight, which enhances the value of your catches, thereby increasing your silver earnings.

    Consider options like Fortune Fisher or Swift Angler as your next choice, with a personal preference towards Swift Angler due to its efficiency. Increasing the speed of getting fish on the line should follow, ensuring a smoother and more rapid fishing experience.

    Lastly, consider investing in increased experience. While beneficial for faster leveling initially, it becomes less impactful in the long term compared to passives enhancing damage and speed. Strive for a balanced approach, ensuring your fishing passives align with your priorities for efficiency and profitability.