Ravendawn Culling Spawns

Ravendawn Culling Spawns

In the realm of Ravendawn, a thrilling new dynamic has emerged for seasoned adventurers seeking both challenge and reward. Introducing the concept of Culling Spawns, a temporary modification to Level 40+ spawns that promises to add an extra layer of excitement to your encounters.

Ravendawn - Culling Spawns Are Here! So Much XP! - YouTube

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How it Works

1. Culled Eyes Drop:

- Culling Spawns randomly bestow enhancements upon existing Level 40+ spawns, causing them to drop a unique item called Culled Eyes.

Culled Eyes Drop

- Culled Eyes can be acquired through standard looting methods, adding an element of unpredictability to your gameplay.

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2. Risk and Reward:

- Similar to Tradepacks, if a player carrying Culled Eyes meets an untimely demise, the eyes drop in a bag that other players can seize.

- Interestingly, no Infamy is incurred for eliminating a player in possession of Culled Eyes, fostering a dynamic environment of risk and reward.

3. Quartermaster Exchange:

- Collect your Culled Eyes and exchange them with any Rangers Company Quartermaster for substantial rewards in the form of Experience and Dawn Essence.

- While holding Culled Eyes, players are temporarily restricted from using Teleportation and Shrines, adding strategic depth to the gameplay.

4. Visibility and Limitations:

- The quantity of Culled Eyes a player carries is prominently displayed under their nameplate, akin to the visibility of Tradepacks, ensuring transparency for potential loot opportunities.

- A daily turn-in limit of 200 Culled Eyes is implemented, with diminishing rewards beyond this threshold to prevent mass exploitation. Adjustments may follow based on ongoing analysis.

5. Balancing Act:

- The rewards from Culled Eyes Experience and Dawn Essence are subject to regular adjustments through continuous data analysis, ensuring a fair and balanced gaming experience.

6. No Storage Advantage:

- Notably, Culled Eyes cannot be stored in your bank, eliminating any potential advantage for those equipped with Mobile Bank Munks.