Ravendawn Cosmetic Items

Ravendawn Cosmetic Items

"Cosmetic items" in Ravendawn refer to objects that players need to collect to unlock certain outfits for their in-game characters. These items are purely cosmetic, meaning they don't affect gameplay or provide advantages in terms of skills or stats. However, they allow players to customize the appearance of their characters, helping them stand out among other players.

"Cosmetic items" are typically obtained as loot from the monsters that players defeat in the game world. It's worth noting that certain items may only be dropped by higher-level monsters. For example, while a level 15 bear may not drop a "bear claw," a level 35 bear is more likely to do so.

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How to use Cosmetic Items

To use "Cosmetic Items" in RavenDawn, follow these steps:

1. Select Your Customization: Decide how you want to customize your character. It can be a specific outfit or any other cosmetic item available in the game.

 Select Your Customization

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2. Find the Corresponding NPC: Look for the NPC (Non-Player Character) in the game with whom you need to speak to unlock or apply the customization. This NPC is usually responsible for managing the appearance and cosmetics of the characters.

Find the Corresponding NPC

3. Interact with the NPC: Initiate a conversation with the relevant NPC to find out which "Cosmetic Items" are needed to unlock the outfit.

Interact with the NPC

Once you have all the materials that the NPC asked for, you just have to talk to him again and you will unlock the outfit you were looking for.