Ravendawn Community Land Guide

Ravendawn Community Land Guide

Community Land, introduced in the "The City of Ravencrest" quest at level 6, is a progressively expansive feature, granting more land as your legacy level advances, culminating in full accessibility at level 25. Activation of "Toggle house mode" near the mini-map facilitates utilization, allowing players to select items for planting, designate locations, and invest silver and effort points. Effort points, gained by earning 100 experience from defeating enemies, can be further boosted with Patron purchases.

Effort points and silver are crucial for placing items, each with its specific waiting period before harvesting. This waiting period, post-planting, is influenced by the accumulation of experience through enemy encounters, with Patron accelerating the process. Farmland actions include watering for a higher chance of three-leaf clover acquisition and using fertilizer for increased harvest yields. Harvesting, initiated after full growth, engages a gathering mini-game expediting the process.

The land extends beyond farming and husbandry, accommodating tree planting for accelerated Woodcutting proficiency and featuring plants and animals yielding valuable materials for Weaving. This multifaceted potential optimizes in-game experiences across various disciplines, enhancing the strategic significance of community land in gameplay.

Community Land looks beautiful, more than my east desert medium house. ☹️ :  r/Ravendawn

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What does the Community Land work for?

Farming, husbandry, and woodcutting stand out as some of the easiest professions to develop, primarily because they can be utilized even while offline and don't demand extensive effort.


Farming proves to be exceptionally profitable, particularly with passive skills that enhance the chances of acquiring double materials. For instance, planting potatoes yields significant profits, costing 85 silver but yielding 2 to 8 potatoes, each selling for 60-70 silver. With a full-sized land, this translates to 64 to 254 potatoes per hour, contingent upon additional resource passives and luck.

Moreover, farming synergizes effectively with cooking, facilitating the leveling up of an additional profession while providing ample experience for your archetypes.

Keep a keen eye on the demand for various foods and tradepacks, as planting crops that align with market needs can yield substantial profits. Utilize your time efficiently by planting crops that grow during offline periods and shorter duration items when you can log in more frequently.


Husbandry also offers significant profit potential, albeit with certain items that may not be as valuable and can entail considerable costs. Apart from substantial experience gains, husbandry provides crafting materials like hide and wool for weaving, broadening its utility beyond mere food production.

When placing animals, there's a waiting period before they mature and provide resources. While you can choose to gather from or butcher the animals, the latter option concludes the animal's utility. Harvesting allows multiple yields before depletion, making it preferable for those seeking more profit or materials, whereas butchering may be favored for experience-focused players.


Growing trees on the community land serves as an efficient means to acquire raw materials for upgrading carpentry or auctioning for financial gain. This skill presents a lucrative opportunity to capitalize on natural resources and boost your economic standing within the game.