Rangers Company in Ravendawn

Rangers Company in Ravendawn

Upon reaching the esteemed level of 15, every adventurer is honored with a formal invitation from the renowned Rangers Company, beckoning them to appear at the company's headquarters nestled in the heart of Glademire. It is within these hallowed halls that they will have the privilege of meeting Grandmaster Maxxor, a seasoned and enigmatic monster hunter who currently holds the esteemed position of leading the company. The reasons behind Maxxor's intriguing character are a mystery that each adventurer is encouraged to uncover firsthand.

Following the completion of their inaugural assignment, adventurers are granted the freedom to traverse the vast expanse of the world. They are invited to explore the outposts strategically scattered across every region they encounter, each outpost serving as a hub for the Rangers Company's operations. Here, adventurers can readily embark on new tasks, gradually ascending through the company's ranks as they prove their mettle and skills.

Rangers Company

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How does it work?

To embark on a task, adventurers must interact with the ubiquitous bounty boards found in every outpost. Here, they can peruse a selection of tasks, each centered around the defeat of creatures native to specific regions. The variety lies not only in the creatures but also in the duration of the tasks, categorized as short, normal, or long. The time invested in a task directly correlates with the quality of rewards awaiting successful completion.

Rangers Company 1

For those seeking a change of pace or yearning to face different adversaries, the option to reroll tasks is available. However, this privilege comes at the cost of a substantial amount of silver. Once a task is accepted, rerolling becomes temporarily unavailable until the quest is either concluded or canceled, with a cooldown period also in place. Successful completion of a task results in the bestowal of rewards, manifesting as prestige points and bounty marks.

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Prestige points symbolize an adventurer's standing within the company and reflect their combat experience. Starting as recruits, adventurers climb the ranks by accumulating Prestige Points until they achieve the revered status of Champion.

Rangers Company range

Elevating to the echelon of Warden, however, demands a remarkable feat. Warden, the epitome of the Company's elite, are a distinguished few who claim the top 1% of the weekly Leaderboard. Yet, this honor is fleeting, requiring consistent weekly dominance to retain the prestigious title. The trials to maintain Warden status are arduous but come with substantial benefits, making the struggle worthwhile for those who crave the pinnacle of recognition within the Rangers Company.

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Expeditions within the Rangers Company serve as more than just a means to ascend the ranks; they provide invaluable opportunities for adventurers to hone their skills as formidable monster hunters. Accumulating Prestige Points not only fuels one's ascent through the Company's hierarchy but also contributes to the gradual refinement of their expertise.

With each filled expertise bar, earned through the acquisition of Prestige Points, adventurers are bestowed with a random expertise point assigned to a specific creature category. This progression enables individuals to augment their combat capabilities against the various families of creatures within that category. Such enhancements encompass bolstering physical power, magical prowess, physical defense, magical resilience, critical strike potential, or even the likelihood of acquiring rare drops.

Through diligent pursuit of expeditions and the accumulation of Prestige Points, adventurers not only forge their reputation within the Rangers Company but also cultivate their prowess as seasoned monster hunters. As the expertise bar steadily fills, so too does their arsenal of skills and knowledge, ensuring they stand as formidable guardians against the myriad threats lurking within the world of Ravendawn.

BeastsBears, Wolves, Blizzard Beasts, Minotaurs, Hogs, Foxes & Jackals
ArthropodsSpiders, Scorpions & Bugs
ReptilesCrocodiles, Kaimans, Saurians & Tortoises
HumansRohna Brotherhood, Ghaz, Skorns, Saltdusks, Naturalists, Hookmasks,
Winterborns, Pirates & Yornish
HumanoidsDwarves & Elves
UndeadsSkeletons, Animated Bones, Wraiths & Vampires
NaturalTrunks, Poisonpetals, Wisps & Fungi
AquaticsZorians, Sharks & Sea Serpents
OutsidersDemons, Devils, Gazers & Djinns
MutantsRats, Hags, Sporewalkers & Pummeldillos
GoblinoidsGoblins & Orcs
GiantsTrolls & Frolls
DraconicsDrakes & Dragons


Dedication to the Rangers Company transcends mere battles and glory; it is also richly rewarded with bounty marks. Successfully completing tasks not only elevates an adventurer's standing within the company but also earns them these valuable marks. Serving as a token of effort and merit, bounty marks become a crucial currency within the company's ecosystem.


At every outpost, adventurers have the opportunity to exchange their hard-earned bounty marks with the Munk Quartermaster NPCs. These knowledgeable quartermasters curate an inventory of unique and highly useful items, each item carefully chosen to aid adventurers on their perilous journeys. The offerings range from specialized equipment to rare consumables, ensuring that bounty marks are not just a measure of one's achievements but also a gateway to enhancing one's capabilities.