Protection Skill Tree in Ravendawn

Protection Skill Tree in Ravendawn

The Protection archetype embodies steadfastness and courage, epitomizing the essence of defenders on the battlefield. These individuals possess unwavering determination and fearlessness, standing firm against any adversary that dares to challenge them or threaten their allies. Their resilience is matched only by their commitment to safeguarding those under their protection, making them invaluable assets in any conflict.

Members of the Protection archetype often serve as the frontline warriors, positioning themselves at the forefront of armies and battles. Their presence inspires confidence and instills morale in their allies, rallying them to stand strong in the face of adversity. They are the bulwarks upon which the safety of their comrades rests, utilizing their strength and skill to shield others from harm.

In battle, users of Protection excel at both defensive maneuvers and offensive strikes. Their proficiency in wielding shields and armor allows them to absorb enemy attacks with ease, turning aside blows that would incapacitate lesser fighters. Yet, they are not merely passive defenders; they also possess formidable prowess in combat, capable of delivering devastating blows to their foes when the opportunity arises.

Ravendawn - Dev Blog - Protection

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Active Skills

Bash Bash:

Description: Swing your weapon with force, dealing (100% Weapon Power) weapon damage. Every third Bash deals (100% Weapon Power) weapon damage to the main target and (50% Weapon Power) weapon damage in a small area around you, causing 20% slow for 2 seconds to all targets.

Cooldawn: 0s

Shield Throw Shield Throw:

Description: Throws a spiritual shield at the target, dealing (30% Weapon Power) weapon damage, interrupting any channeling from the target.

Cooldawn: 20s

Smiting Smash Smiting Smash:

Description: Deals (100% Weapon Power) weapon damage to all targets around you, lowering their (Attack Power) by 10% and slowing them by 10% for 6 seconds. Increases (Attack Power) reduction and slow effectiveness dealt to targets by 5% per 10 Aether consumed.

Cooldawn: 15s

Spirits Resolve Spirits Resolve:

Description: Heals (200% Healing Power) health from yourself.

Cooldawn: 0s

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Blessed Earth Blessed Earth:

Description: Deals (7.5% Weapon Defense) + (7.5% Spell Defense) + (5% Spell Power) spell damage per second in a medium area, healing (3% Healing Power) health per second for every target hit for 6 seconds. Damage is increased by (2.5% Weapon Defense) + (2.5% Spell Defense) + (3% Spell Power) spell damage and healing is increased by (2.5% Healing Power) per 10 Aether consumed.

Cooldawn: 30s

Spirit Shield Spirit Shield:

Description: Increases your (Defense Power) by 10% for 8 seconds, but also decreasing your (Attack Power) by 10% for the same duration. (Defense Power) is increased by additional 10% per 10 Aether consumed.

Cooldawn: 45s

Revenge Revenge:

Description: Deals (100% Weapon Power) weapon damage to the target. Adjacent creatures will receive 25% of the damage dealt to the target. Increase the damage by (20% Weapon Power) to the target creature and increase the damage dealt to adjacent creatures by 15% per 10 Aether consumed. Taking damage for at least 10% of your maximum health will cause Revenge to use 50 Aether without consuming it for 5 seconds.

Cooldawn: 30s

Provoke Provoke:

Description: Forces all targets in a medium area to attack you. All taunted enemies cannot change their target for 6 seconds and receive Threatened status. Threatened targets are immune to any other source of taunt for 15 seconds.

Cooldawn: 15s

Banner of Protection Banner of Protection:

Description: Place a banner on the ground. Increases (Defense Power) by 5% for 20 seconds to party members within a large area around the Banner. Increases (Defense Power) by additional 3% per 10 Aether consumed.

Cooldawn: 20s

Unbreakable Unbreakable:

Description: Absorb 50% of all damage received for 5 seconds. When it ends, all damage received during Unbreakable is healed back to you over 5 seconds.

Cooldawn: 75s

Safeguard Safeguard:

Description: Focuses your protective will on a party member, 50% of the damage taken by selected party member is redirected to you for 8 seconds.

Cooldawn: 60s

Unchained Unchained:

Description: Removes any movement impairing effects, such as slows, stuns and snares and makes you immune to them for 12 seconds.

Cooldawn: 60s

Passive Skills

Note: Something to keep in mind is that you must have at least 3 skill points in that specific archetype to unlock each passive

Undying Will Undying Will: Whenever your health is below 10%, raise your (Defense Power) by 200% for 6 seconds. This effect can occur once every 5 minutes.

Strong Footed Strong Footed: Reduces the duration of Slows, Stuns and Snares by 20%.

Giant's Blood Giant's Blood: Increases your health by 10%.

Devout Protection Devout Protection: Increases your (Weapon Defense) and (Spell Defense) by 30% but at the cost of 20% (Weapon Power) and (Spell Power).

Guardian Guardian: When you are below 80% health, any damage received has a 5% chance to activate Guardian. You will heal 1% of your total health per second for 10 seconds. Guardian can be activated once every 30 seconds.

Divine Purpose Divine Purpose: Whenever you receive healing from any source, your (Defense Power) is increased by 0.5% for 6 seconds, up to 20 stacks. Every subsequent stack will refresh the duration.