Overgrown Ancient Boss Guide in Algeth'ar Academy Dungeon

Overgrown Ancient Boss Guide in Algeth'ar Academy Dungeon

In the heart of Algeth'ar Academy Dungeon, Professors Mystakria and Ichistrasz find themselves facing an unforeseen challenge. Their ambitious attempt to clear the botany labs of excess magic has given rise to a colossal problem— the Overgrown Ancient. A towering mass of foliage, this formidable creature jeopardizes the very foundation of their academic efforts.

Overgrown Ancient Boss Guide in Algeth'ar Academy Dungeon

Overgrown Ancient Abilities

1. Germinate Germinate: Forces dormant lasher seeds beneath all players' feet to sprout every 1 second for 4 seconds.

- Effect: Each emerging seed inflicts 25 Physical damage to players within 4 yards, knocking them back, and leaves behind a dormant Hungry Lasher.

Hungry Lasher:

2. Burst Forth Burst Forth: Upon reaching 100 energy, the Overgrown Ancient releases abundant life magic to awaken all dormant Lashers.

- Effect: Inflicts 20 Nature damage to all players as Hungry Lashers burst free from the ground.

3. Branch Out Branch Out: The Overgrown Ancient throws one of its own branches at a location.

- Effect: Inflicts 50 Physical damage to players within 8 yards, knocking them back. The Ancient Branch then animates and attacks players.

Ancient Branch:

- Healing Touch: Heals an ally for 150.

- Abundance: Upon death, releases a spark of life energy after 3 seconds.

- Effect: Bursts, healing allies and players within 0 yards for 250. Also removes all applications of Splinterbark.

4. Barkbreaker Barkbreaker: The Overgrown Ancient stomps its target with crushing force.

- Effect: Inflicts 48 Physical damage and increases Physical damage taken by 100% for 9 seconds.

Tips and Strategy

The Overgrown Ancient poses a considerable threat with its devastating abilities. It employs tactics aimed at overwhelming the tank and the party with relentless assaults of physical and magical nature-infused attacks.

Tank Responsibilities:

- Barkbreaker: Prepare to mitigate the increased Physical damage taken after being hit by Barkbreaker. Utilize defensive cooldowns to withstand the onslaught.

- Germinate: Remain vigilant for waves of dormant lashers spawned by Germinate. Maintain positioning to minimize damage to the group.

- Burst Forth: Anticipate Burst Forth and be prepared to handle the onslaught of awakened lashers. Employ crowd control or area-of-effect abilities to manage the incoming threats effectively.

Damage Dealers' Roles:

- Focus on Lashers: Prioritize eliminating Hungry Lashers spawned by Germinate before they are awakened by Burst Forth. Swiftly dispatch them to prevent significant damage to the party.

- Interrupt Healing Touch: Keep an eye on Ancient Branches and interrupt their Healing Touch ability to reduce incoming healing to the Ancient and prolong the encounter.

Healer Duties:

- Mitigate Barkbreaker Damage: Provide immediate healing to the tank targeted by Barkbreaker, as they will suffer significantly increased Physical damage afterward.

- Party Wide Damage: Prepare for the significant damage inflicted by Burst Forth. Utilize AoE healing spells and cooldowns to mitigate the damage to all party members effectively.