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Zulrah Guide OSRS

Step into the mysterious realm of Old School RuneScape, where epic challenges and mythical creatures await. Among the formidable adversaries that seasoned adventurers face, one serpent boss stands out—Zulrah. This level 725 solo-only boss, shrouded in mystery, demands a strategic approach, combining ranged and magic attacks to conquer its unique forms. As we unveil the secrets of Zulrah, the call echoes for new players to join the adventure in the Season of Discovery.

Zulrah's history is as enigmatic as its slithering form. Created during the Dragonkin Conflicts as an experiment gone awry, Zulrah emerged from the Poison Waste as an unexpectedly powerful and intelligent serpent. Worshipped as a god in the village of Zul-Andra, adventurers have ventured into the swamp to face this ancient deity. As the serpent rises from the murky waters, the story unfolds, challenging those who dare to enter.

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Getting there

Zulrah is located at a shrine east of Zul-Andra. Players can quickly get here by:

1. Taking a charter ship to Port Tyras and then running south

2. Using the fairy ring code "b-j-s" to the small island west of Zul-Andra, and then leaping across the stepping stones (requires 76 Agility, can be boosted)

3. Using a Zul-andra teleport scroll

All of these methods require completion of Regicide.

Zulrah's Shrine is accessed by boarding the sacrificial boat. Upon entering the shrine, a still scene of the shrine will be shown with a prompted dialogue. Zulrah will appear as soon as the player continues the dialogue or performs an action. The only way to escape from the shrine is by killing Zulrah, teleporting, logging out, or dying.

Recommended Skills

Magic Magic 85+

Ranged Ranged 80+

Defence Defence 70+

Hitpoints Hitpoins 80+

Prayer Prayer 44+

Construction Construction 82+ optional (In order to boost for Ornate rejuvenation pool)

Fight Overview

The shrine is a small U-shaped island with two pillars in the middle corners, and Zulrah rotates in the swampy water around the island throughout the fight. It cannot be reached with melee (with the exception of halberds to which it is immune), making Ranged and/or Magic necessary to fight it. Damage at Zulrah is capped at 50, with any hits greater than this amount dealing anywhere from 45-50 damage.

Furthermore, it periodically switches forms that have varying resistance to Ranged and Magic, so using both is recommended. In turn, Zulrah attacks with Ranged and Magic, as well as an avoidable Melee attack where it targets the player with its tail, depending on its form. It can also summon snakelings, smaller versions of itself, on the platform to attack the player, along with toxic clouds that deal rapid damage if they stand in one.

Zulrah and its snakelings inflict venom with their attacks, an enhanced version of poison that increases its damage the longer it has affected the player, starting at 6 damage per hit and increasing up to 20. Standard poison protection will only reduce it to regular poison and will not grant any immunity; anti-venom or anti-venom+ or wearing a serpentine helm are much more effective for eliminating and preventing venom.

Zulrah has different forms throughout the fight, distinguishable by its colour, which designates its attack style and weakness. It changes forms by diving into the swamp and resurfacing somewhere else, which it does periodically. It may spawn snakelings and toxic clouds in any form.

When Zulrah is green, it attacks with Ranged. It is weak to Magic.

At approximately 2 minutes, Zulrah will be in its green form and attack with alternating Ranged and Magic attacks (colloquially called "Jad phase").

If the fight takes a long time (3+ minutes), it is possible for Zulrah to be in its green form and attack randomly with Ranged and Magic.

When Zulrah is blue, it attacks with Ranged and Magic. It is weak to Ranged. Due to the Magic attacks being more common and more accurate, it is recommended to use Protect from Magic. Zulrah can attack with Ranged up to five times in succession.

When Zulrah is red, it uses a typeless attack wherein it swings its tail at the player's position, which can be avoided by moving two tiles away; if it hits, it will deal heavy damage and stun the player. It is more resistant to damage in this phase than in the other two forms, but Magic is typically more effective than Ranged.

The forms and when and where Zulrah spawns snakelings and toxic clouds is not random: there are four possible patterns for the fight that dictate what it will do next. It always starts in its green form and spawns toxic clouds to cover most of the arena, after which it is randomly chosen which of the four patterns the fight will be. Further information can be read on the strategy article.

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Deciphering Zulrah's Phases

The battle with Zulrah is not a straightforward clash; it's a dance of changing forms and deadly attacks. Zulrah transitions between green, blue, and red forms, each with its unique strengths and weaknesses. Players must adapt, using both ranged and magic attacks to exploit vulnerabilities while avoiding venomous clouds and the relentless assault of summoned snakelings.

1. Zulrah's serpentine form, in which it will attack with Ranged, with a few exceptions such as its "Jad" phase (see rotations). While in this form, Zulrah is weak against magical attacks - possessing -45 magic defence and +50 ranged defence.

Zulrah (serpentine).png

2. Zulrah's magma form, in which it will attack with Melee. Zulrah will stare at the player's position for several seconds before whipping its tail at that area. If the player does not move away from the targeted area in time, they will be dealt up to 30 damage and be stunned for several seconds. While in this form, Zulrah is still weak against magical attacks - possessing +0 magic defence and +300 ranged defence.

Zulrah (magma).png

3. Zulrah's tanzanite form, in which it will randomly attack with both Magic and Ranged attacks, although it uses magic much more frequently compared to ranged. While in this form, Zulrah is weak to ranged attacks - possessing +300 magic defence and +0 ranged defence.

Zulrah (tanzanite).png

Special attacks


A player fights Zulrah, the serpent of the Poison Waste, in its tanzanite form.

Snakelings are monsters that Zulrah will summon during the fight via shooting white orbs. Each snakeling attacks with either magic or melee, but never both. Despite their moderately high combat level of 90, they have extremely low defence and only 1 Hitpoint, however this is made up for by their incredibly accurate attacks, which can hit up to 15.

Protection prayers block their attacks; however, it is better to tank the snakelings' attacks if Zulrah is also attacking, since Zulrah can deal more damage, and it is nearly impossible to flick multiple snakelings and Zulrah attacking together. It is highly recommended to bring a ring of recoil or ring of suffering(r/ri) to kill the snakelings.

While snakelings spawn immediately, in some of Zulrah's attack rotations, it will occasionally throw a white orb and then dive into the swamp. The summoned snakeling will only appear after Zulrah reemerges from the swamp.

If you are hiding from Zulrah, it is best to use this time to kill the snakelings as to lessen the need to eat and/or use recoil charges during the fight.

Snakelings will also die off if they have been lingering around for more than 40 seconds, regardless if they are in combat with the player or not, although this generally occurs when the snakeling is stuck and cannot reach the player. They will automatically die off with Zulrah when it is killed.

Venom Clouds

A player taking damage from Zulrah's venom clouds.

Zulrah will spawn venomous clouds during the fight via a barrage of dark-green orbs. If a player stands within a cloud's 3x3 area, they will be dealt varying damage per tick which can add up quickly. Players will want to position themselves accordingly for each phase as to minimise the potential damage from these clouds.

Certain phases may force the player to run through venom clouds in order to re-position themselves. Doing so will deal some damage to the player, however, this is a much better outcome than the potential damage inflicted by an unprepared Zulrah attack.

Similarly to the snakelings, if Zulrah launches a dark-green orb just as it dives, the venomous cloud will not appear until Zulrah resurfaces.

While these clouds inflict venom damage, they do not envenom the player.

Overcoming the Venomous Challenge

Zulrah's venomous clouds pose a constant threat during the battle. Players must maneuver carefully to minimize damage, positioning themselves strategically to avoid the deadly clouds. Beyond Zulrah's physical attacks, the venom adds an extra layer of complexity, making every move crucial for survival.


Ideally, the best set-up entails using both Ranged and Magic, to exploit Zulrah's weaknesses. Those using the twisted bow can opt for a single-style setup, as Zulrah's high Magic level makes it very accurate against the serpentine and tanzanite forms. A magic switch is optional to deal with the magma form due to its increased ranged defence.

Beginners may find it easier to bring fewer Magic/Ranged switches until they are comfortable with Zulrah's mechanics and phases. Zulrah is only weak to Ranged while in tanzanite (blue) form; therefore, it is best to opt for a Magic-based approach.

A serpentine helm is very useful for its immunity to venom, despite it having negative Magic and Ranged bonuses. It prevents the need for anti-venom+ potions, therefore freeing up an inventory slot, but over time it's less cost efficient than the potions, considering it needs to be charged with Zulrah's scales. It's recommended for beginners to wear the Serpentine helm until they are able to kill Zulrah consistently.

For banking and teleportation, there are several ways to do so:

1. Teleport to house tablet along with an ornate rejuvenation pool in the player's Superior Garden can be used to quickly restore stats, then using a ring of dueling in the player's jewellery box in their Achievement Gallery to bank at Castle Wars or the Crafting Guild, then returning to their house and using the fairy ring (code bjs) to reach the Zul-Andra stepping stone, requiring level 76 Agility (can be boosted).

2. Zul-andra teleport scrolls will take you directly next to the dock, which is about 20 seconds faster than using the Fairy ring. Despite their high cost, they are always worth using once you are able to kill Zulrah consistently without as many deaths, because the price is offset by the extra kills per hour.

3. Players with lower level Construction can use a ring of dueling to teleport to Ferox Enclave, restock with the bank chest, and drink from the Pools of Refreshment to the west to instantly cure venom, restore Hitpoints, and recharge Prayer.

4. Players can also use a Quest point cape or Slayer ring teleport to quickly reach a fairy ring. Alternatively, Salve Graveyard Teleports or their magic tablet variants can be used to reach a fairy ring quickly as well. This too requires level 76 in Agility.

5. If the player cannot use the agility shortcut, bring a Catherby teleport instead and run south to Catherby's docks and charter a ship to Port Tyras. This will require 3,200 coins (1,600 with Cabin Fever/Ring of Charos or 800 with both). A Khazard teleport tablet or the Fishing Trawler grouping teleport can also be used to access a charter boat.

Recommeded Equipment

Magic Only:

SlotOption 1Option 2Option 3Option 4Option 5
HeadSlayer helmet (i).png Slayer helmet (i) or Ancestral hat.png Ancestral hatAhrim's hood.png Ahrim's hoodFarseer helm.png Farseer helm Void mage helm.png Void mage helmN/A
NeckOccult necklace.png Occult necklaceAmulet of fury.png Amulet of furyAmulet of glory.png Amulet of gloryAmulet of power.png Amulet of powerN/A
BackImbued saradomin cape.png Imbued god capeSaradomin cape.png God capesStrength cape(t).png Cape of AccomplishmentN/AN/A
BodyAncestral robe top.png Ancestral robe topAhrim's robetop.png Ahrim's robetopDagon'hai robe top.png Dagon'hai robe top Elite void top.png Elite void topN/A
LegsAncestral robe bottom.png Ancestral robe bottomAhrim's robeskirt.png Ahrim's robeskirtDagon'hai robe bottom.png Dagon'hai robe bottom Elite void robe.png Elite void robeN/A
WeaponTumeken's shadow.png Tumeken's shadowHarmonised nightmare staff.png Harmonised nightmare staffSanguinesti staff.png Sanguinesti staff Trident of the swamp.png Trident of the swampTrident of the seas.png Trident of the
ShieldElidinis' ward (f).png Elidinis' ward (f)Arcane spirit shield.png Arcane spirit shieldTome of fire.png Tome of fireMalediction ward.png Malediction wardBook of darkness.png Book of darkness
Ammo/SpellRada's blessing 4.png Rada's blessing 4Peaceful blessing.png God blessing   
handsTormented bracelet.png Tormented braceletBarrows gloves.png Barrows glovesCombat bracelet.png Combat braceletVoid knight gloves.png Void knight gloves 
BootsEternal boots.png Eternal bootsInfinity boots.png Infinity bootsBoots of brimstone.png Boots of brimstoneBloodbark boots.png Bloodbark bootsWizard boots.png Wizard boots
RingMagus ring.png Magus ringRing of suffering.png Ring of suffering (r)Ring of recoil.png Ring of recoilN/AN/A


Magic & Ranged:

SlotOption 1Option 2 Option 3Option 4Option 5
HeadAncestral hat.png Ancestral hat & Masori mask (f).png Masori mask (f)Ahrim's hood.png Ahrim's hood & Armadyl helmet.png Armadyl helmetInfinity hat.png Infinity hat & Ancient coif.png Blessed coifFarseer helm.png Farseer helm & Karil's coif.png Karil's coifVoid mage helm.png Void mage helm & Void ranger helm.png Void ranger helm
NeckOccult necklace.png Occult necklace & Necklace of anguish.png Necklace of anguishAmulet of fury.png Amulet of furyAmulet of glory.png Amulet of gloryAmulet of power.png Amulet of powerN/A
BackImbued saradomin cape.png Imbued god cape / Ava's assembler.png Ava's assemblerSaradomin cape.png God capes / Ava's accumulator.png Ava's accumulatorStrength cape(t).png Cape of AccomplishmentN/AN/A
BodyAncestral robe top.png Ancestral robe top & Masori body (f).png Masori body (f)Ahrim's robetop.png Ahrim's robetop & Armadyl chestplate.png Armadyl chestplateDagon'hai robe top.png Dagon'hai robe top & Ancient d'hide body.pngBlessed bodyInfinity top.png Infinity top & Black d'hide body.png Black d'hide bodyElite void top.png Elite void top
LegsAncestral robe bottom.png Ancestral robe bottom & Masori chaps (f).png Masori chaps (f)Ahrim's robeskirt.png Ahrim's robeskirt & Armadyl chainskirt.png Armadyl chainskirtDagon'hai robe bottom.png Dagon'hai robe bottom & Ancient chaps.pngBlessed chapsInfinity bottoms.png Infinity bottoms & Black d'hide chaps.png Black d'hide chapsElite void robe.png Elite void robe
WeaponTumeken's shadow.png Tumeken's shadow & Twisted bow.png Twisted bowHarmonised nightmare staff.png Harmonised nightmare staff & Bow of faerdhinen.png Bow of faerdhinenSanguinesti staff.png Sanguinesti staff & Toxic blowpipe.png Toxic blowpipeTrident of the swamp.png Trident of the swamp & Toxic blowpipe.png Toxic blowpipeTrident of the seas.pngTrident of the seas & Toxic blowpipe.png Toxic blowpipe
ShieldElidinis' ward (f).png Elidinis' ward (f)Tome of fire.png Tome of fireArcane spirit shield.png Arcane spirit shieldMalediction ward.png Malediction wardBook of darkness.png Book of darkness
Ammo/SpellDragon arrow 5.png Dragon arrowsAmethyst arrow 5.png Amethyst arrowsRune arrow 5.png Rune arrowsRada's blessing 4.png Rada's blessing 4Peaceful blessing.png God blessing 
handsTormented bracelet.png Tormented bracelet & Zaryte vambraces.png Zaryte vambracesBarrows gloves.png Barrows glovesCombat bracelet.png Combat braceletN/AVoid knight gloves.png Void knight gloves
BootsEternal boots.png Eternal boots & Pegasian boots.png Pegasian bootsInfinity boots.png Infinity boots & Ranger boots.png Ranger bootsBloodbark boots.png Bloodbark boots & Ancient d'hide boots.png Blessed bootsWizard boots.png Wizard bootsBoots of brimstone.png Boots of brimstone
RingRing of suffering (i).png Ring of suffering (ri)Ring of suffering.png Ring of suffering (r)Ring of recoil.png Ring of recoilN/AN/A


Ranged Only:

SlotOption 1Option 2Option 3Option 4Option 5
HeadMasori mask (f).png Masori mask (f)Armadyl helmet.png Armadyl helmetCrystal helm.png Crystal helm Serpentine helm.png Serpentine helmAncient coif.png Blessed coif
NeckNecklace of anguish.png Necklace of anguishAmulet of fury.png Amulet of furyAmulet of glory.png Amulet of gloryN/AN/A
BackAva's assembler.png Ava's assemblerAva's accumulator.png Ava's accumulatorRanging cape.png Ranging capeN/AN/A
BodyMasori body (f).png Masori body (f)Armadyl chestplate.png Armadyl chestplateCrystal body.png Crystal body Karil's leathertop.png Karil's leathertopAncient d'hide body.png Blessed body
LegsMasori chaps (f).png Masori chaps (f)Armadyl chainskirt.png Armadyl chainskirtCrystal legs.png Crystal legs Karil's leatherskirt.png Karil's leatherskirtAncient chaps.png Blessed chaps
WeaponTwisted bow.png Twisted bowBow of faerdhinen.png Bow of faerdhinenN/AN/AN/A
Ammo/SpellDragon arrow 5.png Dragon arrowsAmethyst arrow 5.png Amethyst arrowsRune arrow 5.png Rune arrowsRada's blessing 4.png Rada's blessing 4N/A
handsZaryte vambraces.png Zaryte vambracesBarrows gloves.png Barrows glovesDragon gloves.png Dragon glovesAncient bracers.png Blessed vambracesBlack d'hide vambraces.png Black d'hide vambraces
BootsPegasian boots.png Pegasian bootsRanger boots.png Ranger bootsAncient d'hide boots.png Blessed bootsBoots of brimstone.png Boots of brimstoneShayzien boots (5).png Shayzien boots (5)
RingRing of suffering (i).png Ring of suffering (ri)Ring of suffering.png Ring of suffering (r)Ring of recoil.png Ring of recoilN/AN/A
Special attackToxic blowpipe.png Toxic blowpipeN/AN/AN/AN/A



1. Toxic blowpipe – The blowpipe is useful for restoring some health with the special attack, ideally on the blue phase.

2. 1 Bastion potion/Divine ranging potion

3. 1-2 Anti-venom+

4. 1 Prayer potion

5. 4+ Cooked karambwan to combo eat at low Hitpoints

6. 1 Ring of dueling (for Ferox Enclave teleport to restore stats post-kill)

7. 5+ Zul-andra teleport or Quest point cape for a close teleport to a Fairy ring if you have 76 Agility for Zul-andra shortcut (71 with summer pie)

8. Rune pouch with runes to cast Vengeance

9. Rest Sharks or better for longer trips

The Reward of Conquering Zulrah

Tanzanite fang.png: Zulrah drops Tanzanite fang with rarity 2 × 1/1,024 in quantity 1Tanzanite fang2 × 1/1,0242,441,402
Magic fang.png: Zulrah drops Magic fang with rarity 2 × 1/1,024 in quantity 1Magic fang2 × 1/1,0242,422,734
Serpentine visage.png: Zulrah drops Serpentine visage with rarity 2 × 1/1,024 in quantity 1Serpentine visage2 × 1/1,0242,428,496
Uncut onyx.png: Zulrah drops Uncut onyx with rarity 2 × 1/1,024 in quantity 1Uncut onyx2 × 1/1,0242,292,467
Tanzanite mutagen.png: Zulrah drops Tanzanite mutagen with rarity 2 × 1/13,106 in quantity 1Tanzanite mutagen2 × 1/13,106Not sold
Magma mutagen.png: Zulrah drops Magma mutagen with rarity 2 × 1/13,106 in quantity 1Magma mutagen2 × 1/13,106Not sold