OSRS Zealot's Robes Guide

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Zealot's Robes Guide OSRS

Zealot's Robes are a unique and untradeable set of robes in the game that cater specifically to players engaged in Prayer training. Each piece of the Zealot's Robes provides a 1.25% chance to prevent the consumption of various remains during Prayer training. When the full set is equipped, this chance accumulates to a total of 5%. It's important to note that this bonus works multiplicatively with the bone-saving effect of the Chaos Temple altar.

Given the nature of the Zealot's Robes, wherein a single bone can be saved multiple times, the set contributes to a noteworthy 5.26% increase in the average Prayer experience gained by a player. This increase becomes even more significant when combined with the Chaos Temple's bone-saving effect. In such a scenario, the overall boost in Prayer experience reaches an impressive 110.52%, surpassing the Temple's normal 100% increase.

Zealot's robes

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How to Obtain the Zealot's Robes

Obtaining pieces of the Zealot's Robes involves exploring the Shade Catacombs and looting gold chests, which, in turn, necessitates the use of gold shade keys. These keys are essential for unlocking the chests, and they are acquired by cremating urium remains with redwood pyre logs or fiyr remains with magic pyre logs or higher. It's important to note that a Firemaking level of at least 80 is required to engage in this process.

The chance of receiving a piece of the Zealot's Robes from a single gold chest is 1/128. Players should be aware that they won't obtain a piece they already own, ensuring a progression toward completing the entire set without duplicates.

On average, it is estimated that approximately 512 gold keys are needed to acquire the full Zealot's Robes set. This translates to cremating around 648 urium remains or 3,273 fiyr remains, depending on the type of remains used. This process highlights the dedication and effort required, making the acquisition of the Zealot's Robes a challenging but rewarding endeavor for players with the necessary Firemaking skills.

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ItemChance to save
Zealot's helm.png Zealot's helm1.25%
Zealot's robe top.png Zealot's robe top1.25%
Zealot's robe bottom.png Zealot's robe bottom1.25%
Zealot's boots.png Zealot's boots1.25%
Full set5%

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Zealot's Robes come with a unique ability to preserve remains during various activities, enhancing the efficiency of the player in certain Prayer-related tasks. The affected remains include:

1. Burying Bones: The standard act of burying bones is included, providing a chance to save them.

2. Offering Bones at the Wilderness Chaos Altar: Players who engage in offering bones at the Chaos Altar in the Wilderness can benefit from the Zealot's Robes by preserving remains.

3. Offering Bones at an Altar in a Player-Owned House: The robes also work when offering bones at an altar constructed in a player-owned house.

4. Reanimating Ensouled Heads: When reanimating ensouled heads through the appropriate spell, Zealot's Robes can help in preserving remains.

5. Offering Prepared Fish in the Ruins of Camdozaal: The preservation effect extends to offering prepared fish in the Ruins of Camdozaal.

6. Using Bonemeal and Buckets of Slime to Worship the Ectofuntus: Players utilizing bonemeal and buckets of slime to worship the Ectofuntus can also benefit from the remains-saving effect.

However, there are certain activities where the effect of Zealot's Robes does not apply, and remains are unaffected. These activities include:

1. Offering Bones at the Sacred Bone Burner in the Forthos Dungeon: The preservation effect does not work when offering bones at the Sacred Bone Burner.

2. Offering Bones using the Sinister Offering Spell: Players using the Sinister Offering spell to offer bones do not experience the remains-saving effect.

3. Using Enriched Bones on the Strange Machine at the House on the Hill: The preservation effect is not applicable when using enriched bones on the Strange Machine.

4. Burning Mangled or Chewed Bones on a Pyre Ship: The act of burning mangled or chewed bones on a pyre ship does not trigger the remains-saving effect.

5. Cremating Shade Remains: Zealot's Robes do not affect the preservation of remains when cremating shade remains.

6. Scattering Demonic Ashes: The preservation effect does not apply to the remains obtained from scattering demonic ashes.

Understanding these distinctions helps players optimize the use of Zealot's Robes in specific scenarios while being aware of the activities where the effect does not come into play.