OSRS Zaryte Crossbow Guide

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Zaryte Crossbow Guide OSRS

Greetings, adventurers of Old School RuneScape! Today, we embark on a thrilling journey into the realm of ranged combat, unveiling the secrets of a legendary weapon—the Zaryte Crossbow. Whether you're a seasoned marksman or a newcomer seeking the thrill of adventure, join us as we explore the nuances of this formidable crossbow, inspiring you to embrace the power it holds and encouraging new players to dive into the vibrant world of Gielinor.

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What is the Zaryte Crossbow?

The Zaryte Crossbow, a pinnacle of ranged weaponry, demands a Ranged level of 80 to wield its formidable power. Unlike its counterparts, this crossbow not only propels dragon bolts with deadly precision but also bestows defensive bonuses upon its wielder. Crafted from the essence of the powerful nihil, obtained as a rare drop from Nex, and the Armadyl Crossbow, the Zaryte Crossbow stands as a testament to craftsmanship and strategic prowess.

Zaryte Crossbow

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Where Can I Obtain the Zaryte Crossbow?

To acquire the Zaryte Crossbow, adventurers must embark on a daring quest to obtain the elusive nihil horn, a rare drop from the formidable Nex. Combine this horn with an Armadyl Crossbow and 250 nihil shards to forge the powerful Zaryte Crossbow. As you navigate the challenging landscape of Gielinor, this crossbow becomes a symbol of your dedication and mastery of ranged combat.


Armadyl crossbow.png Armadyl crossbow1Coins 1000.png 58,569,314
Nihil horn.png Nihil horn1Coins 1000.png 389,815,135
Nihil shard.png Nihil shard250Coins 1000.png 712,500
 Total costCoins 1000.png 449,096,949
Zaryte crossbow.png Zaryte crossbow1Coins 1000.png 451,470,419


With a Ranged level of 80, the Zaryte Crossbow grants its wielder unique defensive bonuses, setting it apart from other crossbows. It boasts an impressive attack range of 8, extendable to 10 with the long-range combat style. Although outclassed by the Dragon Hunter Crossbow against draconic monsters, the Zaryte Crossbow remains a versatile and powerful choice for a wide range of encounters.

 Attack bonusesStab +0Slash +0Crush +0Magic +0Ranged +110
 Defence bonusesStab +14Slash +14Crush +12Magic +15Ranged +16
 Other bonusesStrength +0Ranged +0Magic damage +0%Prayer +1Weapon slot table List

Special Effects and Passive Powers

The Zaryte Crossbow's allure lies not only in its stats but also in its remarkable special effects. The passive effect enhances the power of enchanted bolts by 10%, unleashing devastating potential. For instance, enchanted ruby bolts' special effect, Blood Forfeit, deals 22% of the opponent's current hitpoints with a cap of 110 damage, surpassing the standard 20% damage and 100 hitpoints cap.

Bolt typeEffect
Opal bolts (e) 5.png Opal bolt (e)
Opal dragon bolts (e) 5.png Opal dragon bolts (e)

Added damage is increased from ⌊visible ranged / 10⌋ to ⌊visible ranged / 9⌋.

Emerald bolts (e) 5.png Emerald bolt (e)
Emerald dragon bolts (e) 5.png Emerald dragon bolt (e)
Starting poison damage is increased from 5 to 6.
Ruby bolts (e) 5.png Ruby bolt (e)
Ruby dragon bolts (e) 5.png Ruby dragon bolt (e)
Damage is increased from 20% of target's current hitpoints to 22%, and the damage
cap is increased to 110.
Diamond bolts 5.png Diamond bolt (e)
Diamond dragon bolts (e) 5.png Diamond dragon bolt (e)
Max hit is increased from 115% of normal max hit to 126%
Dragonstone bolts (e) 5.png Dragonstone bolt (e)
Dragonstone dragon bolts (e) 5.png Dragonstone dragon bolt (e)
Dragonfire damage is increased from ⌊visible ranged * 20%⌋ to ⌊visible ranged * 22%⌋.
Onyx bolts (e) 5.png Onyx bolt (e)
Onyx dragon bolts (e) 5.png Onyx dragon bolt (e)
Max hit is increased from 120% of normal max to 132%


Special Attack

Furthermore, the Zaryte Crossbow features a formidable special attack, Evoke, consuming 75% of the player's special attack energy. This unique attack doubles accuracy on the next shot and guarantees the special effect of any enchanted bolts used, provided the player successfully lands a hit on the target. A game-changer in battles, this special attack adds a layer of strategy to your ranged arsenal.


In the ever-evolving world of Old School RuneScape, the Zaryte Crossbow stands as a symbol of precision and power. Wielding this formidable ranged weapon not only enhances your combat capabilities but also showcases your mastery of the art of archery. As you strive to obtain and harness the Zaryte Crossbow, may your journey be filled with excitement and triumph.

To those already immersed in the adventures of Gielinor and those eager to begin their journey, the call of the Zaryte Crossbow echoes through the landscapes. Join the ranks of marksmen, master the art of ranged combat, and let the Zaryte Crossbow be your trusted companion in the tales that unfold. Welcome to the realm of adventure, where every shot is a step toward greatness. Safe travels, bold adventurers!