OSRS Zamorak Godsword Guide

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Zamorak Godsword Guide OSRS

Greetings, adventurers of Gielinor! Today, we plunge into the heart of chaos as we explore the formidable Zamorak Godsword, a weapon forged in the crucible of the God Wars. From its creation to its unique special attack, join us on a journey through the dark and powerful realms of Zamorak. Let the chaos unfold!

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Crafting the Sword of Chaos

Creation: The Zamorak Godsword is a symbol of chaos and destruction, crafted by attaching a Zamorak hilt, a coveted prize from the fearsome K'ril Tsutsaroth, to a completed godsword blade. Warriors seeking to wield this weapon must possess a formidable Attack level of 75.

Godsword blade.png Godsword blade + Zamorak hilt.png Armadyl hilt = Zamorak godsword.png Zamorak godsword

Cosmetic Enhancement: For those who crave a touch of dark elegance, an ornament kit obtained from master clue scrolls can be attached to the godsword. The Zamorak godsword ornament kit transforms its appearance, creating a Zamorak godsword (or). However, bear in mind that this enhancement is purely cosmetic and provides no additional stat boosts. Choosing this dark path renders the godsword untradeable, but you can always undo the customization, returning both the godsword and the ornament kit.

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Special Attack

Ice Cleave: The Zamorak Godsword's special attack, Ice Cleave, is a manifestation of chaos. Consuming 50% of the player's special attack energy, this malevolent strike doubles the player's accuracy (slash or crush roll) and increases their max hit by 10%. The true chaos comes with the freezing effect, immobilizing the target for a staggering 20 seconds—the same duration as Ice Barrage.

A player uses Ice Cleave,

Freezing Tactics: The freezing effect of the Ice Cleave special attack is not to be underestimated. It finds particular utility in Castle Wars, where it becomes a strategic tool to freeze flag-bearers. Players often equip high Magic defense gear, such as black dragonhide or Armadyl armor, to defend against magic attacks. The Zamorak Godsword disrupts this strategy with its melee-based special attack, providing a unique advantage in the chaos of battle.

Versatility in Combat: Beyond Castle Wars, the Zamorak Godsword has proven its worth in the Wilderness. Whether freezing enemies to initiate a distance attack, aiding in an escape, or diversifying freezing strategies for clans, its utility is vast. In player-vs-monster situations, it shines in battles against Muttadiles and the Barrows brothers, where freezing enemies can turn the tide of the encounter.

Golden Chaos: For those who seek to elevate chaos to an art form, the special attack animation's colors can be transformed to gold. Obtain the golden trim by spending 75 Last Man Standing points, and revel in the chaotic brilliance of the Zamorak Godsword.


As we conclude our exploration of the Zamorak Godsword, we stand in awe of its chaotic power. From freezing foes to disrupting strategic defenses, this weapon is a force to be reckoned with. Embrace the chaos, wielders of the Zamorak Godsword, and let its malevolence guide you through the tumultuous battles that await.

Armed with the Zamorak Godsword, venture forth into the abyss of chaos and let its power be your guiding light. Until we meet again on the battlefields of Gielinor, may the chaos be ever in your favor. Farewell!