[osrs] Zalcano guide

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The Zalcano OSRS Guide


The Zalcano OSRS Guide


Zalcano is a demon imprisoned beneath Prifddinas, fought using skill-based mechanics rather than conventional combat. Immune to typical combat damage, players are required to utilize their Mining, Smithing, and Runecrafting skills to craft imbued tephra capable of shattering her stone armor. Once her armor is shattered, they must then proceed to damage her by mining her with a pickaxe.

Zalcano's encounter demands a baseline of 70 Mining and Smithing for engagement, yet elevated proficiencies in Mining, Smithing, and Runecrafting would bestow a strategic advantage. Additionally, bolstered Hitpoints are recommended to endure her array of assaults effectively.

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Access to Zalcano's prison is available through a teleport platform located just west of the south-eastern bank in Prifddinas' Trahaearn district. As gaining entry to Prifddinas necessitates completing the Song of the Elves quest.

location zalcano prfdinas

Recommended Equipment

Recommended Equipment

Inventory Setup:

  • 1-3 stamina potions.
  • Eternal or regular teleport crystal to return to Prifddinas if you die. Speak to Crefydd at Prifddinas center, 1st floor, to set your respawn point there for free.
  • Leave space for tephra/loot.
  • Fill the rest with Saradomin brews, summer pies, or your preferred food. Pay attention to minimize food consumption.
  • Some players carry a rune pouch for rune drops, saving inventory space for more tephra.

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Zalcano's Attack Repertoire

Zalcano employs six distinct attacks that players must remain vigilant against when confronting the stone demon. These attacks materialize randomly throughout the battle.

  1. Ground Stomp: Zalcano pounds the ground, causing boulders to plummet from the ceiling. Players can evade these by shifting at least one tile away. Falling debris or shadows presage the boulders, which can inflict 40+ damage if struck.
  2. Demonic Symbols: Zalcano conjures blue and orange demonic symbols dispersed around the arena. Contact with blue symbols bolsters accuracy and damage when using imbued tephra against Zalcano. Touching orange symbols yields escalating damage (up to 26) based on their duration, also diminishing run energy.
  3. Energy Projection: Zalcano hurls a red energy sphere at a prison wall, summoning a golem that can restore her armor's health, contingent upon the golem's own health. A healthy golem rejuvenates her armor by 50 hitpoints. Players can assail the golem with imbued tephra. Defeating the golem yields 16-24 imbued tephra.
  4. Rock Disruption: Zalcano dispatches an orange energy sphere at the currently luminous red rock formation, deactivating it. Players close to the formation during this event may sustain up to 28 damage. Evading the rock's vicinity prevents harm, with an alternative rock becoming luminous immediately.
  5. Resurgence: Following Zalcano's incapacitation for a time or sufficient inflicted damage, she will reemerge. Proximity to her during this revival triggers a shock wave that thrusts players away, causing ~10 damage and annihilating all tephra.
  6. Pebble Barrage: Zalcano targets all prisoners with a flurry of small pebbles. Although unavoidable, each pebble inflicts only ~5 damage to players.


The fight/Strategy


An overview of Zalcano's prison. To the west, the blue altar. To the east, the red furnace. In the corners, the four rock formations.

Imbued tephra


To strip Zalcano of her armor and mine her once it's dislodged, players must fashion imbued tephra and hurl it at her.

Begin by extracting tephra from the luminous rock formation in any of the prison's four corners. Opt for glowing rocks, as non-glowing formations yield tephra at a significantly reduced rate.

Upon Zalcano's initial emergence, the northeast corner often boasts the brightest glow. If not there, other corners are possible spawning points. The southwestern corner used to be excluded from early spawns.

Stay vigilant for Zalcano aiming a magic attack at a luminous rock; this triggers an explosion causing ~30 damage to those nearby. Another rock will promptly start glowing. Shift to this one if you lack sufficient tephra.

Next, refine your tephra into refined tephra at the furnace located on the prison's eastern side.

Proceed to imbue your refined tephra into imbued tephra at the altar situated on the prison's western side.

Finally, engage Zalcano in combat.


Engaging Zalcano: Imbued tephra need not be equipped for use. Zalcano's orange/blue demonic symbols signal an opportunity; standing in blue symbols significantly heightens damage and accuracy when hurling tephra. Strategically reserving tephra until Zalcano reveals blue symbols ensures more efficient usage, sidestepping the time-consuming process of crafting more.

Decide whether to expend or conserve tephra by multiplying remaining tephra by 15 and the number of players in the battle. If this figure approaches Zalcano's remaining armor hitpoints, conserving tephra might prove advantageous.

Should Zalcano unleash her magic attack on a wall instead of a luminous rock formation, a 14-hitpoint golem materializes, replenishing Zalcano's armor by 50 (or a proportional fraction if it's already been damaged). In larger teams (8+ players), the golem can be safely disregarded. In smaller teams, dispatch the golem by flinging imbued tephra. When defeated, it bestows a stack of 16-24 imbued tephra upon the player who inflicted the most damage. Gathering these, any remaining tephra can be launched at Zalcano, ultimately aiding in dislodging her armor.

Once her armor is worn down, Zalcano collapses and becomes susceptible.


Zalcano collapses and becomes susceptible.

Throwing imbued tephra while standing under a blue demonic symbol will increase the player's accuracy and damage.

Mining Zalcano: Position yourself near Zalcano as her armor's hitpoints approach zero to expedite the mining process. Avoid moving underneath her, as this will lead to around 7 damage per tick.

After a variable duration (randomly between 12-16 seconds) or when players have collectively dealt 380 damage, she will rise, prepared to resume the battle.

Her armor reverts to 300 hitpoints. A shockwave eradicates any remaining tephra. Refrain from mining prior to this occurrence, as recently collected tephra will also be obliterated.

Individuals standing adjacent to her will be hurled a few tiles away and briefly stunned for 1-2 ticks, incurring roughly 10 damage.

Return to the initial phase and repeat the process until her hitpoints reach zero, successfully concluding the encounter!

Return to the initial phase and repeat the process until her hitpoints reach zero,

Best Drops

Crystal tool seed.png: Zalcano drops Crystal tool seed with rarity 1/200 in quantity 1Crystal tool seed11/200[8]11,863,235
Zalcano shard.png: Zalcano drops Zalcano shard with rarity 1/750 in quantity 1Zalcano shard11/750–1/1,500[9]44,975
Smolcano.png: Zalcano drops Smolcano with rarity 1/2,250 in quantity 1Smolcano11/2,250Not sold
Uncut onyx.png: Zalcano drops Uncut onyx with rarity 1/8,000 in quantity 1Uncut onyx11/8,0001,616,022



World Assignment and Team Strategy: The designated world for America is World 378, while for Germany it is World 375.

Calculating Required Tephra: To determine the necessary tephra for each team member, divide 30 by the number of participants, rounding up. Imbued tephra inflict ~10 damage (~15 on blue symbols), and her armor has 300 hitpoints.

Optimal Team Size and Loot Efficiency: For consistent three-phase victories and optimal loot, a team size of 4-6 is ideal.

Finding Suitable Worlds: Various clan chats are accessible to locate worlds with optimal group sizes.

Avoiding Falling Rocks: Voluminous rocks frequently descend from above, causing around ~40 damage if not evaded by relocating to another tile. Debris falling indicates their trajectory. Stay vigilant when stationary or moving to areas with stationary players.

Demonic Symbols Awareness: Periodically, Zalcano generates orange/blue demonic symbols. Running over an orange symbol inflicts escalating damage (up to 26) based on its duration and reduces run energy. Evade orange symbols while maneuvering. Blue symbols amplify imbued tephra's damage and accuracy.

Anticipated Experience Gains: Efficiently defeating Zalcano yields roughly 13,500 Mining, 3,000 Smithing, and 1,500 Runecrafting experience per hour.