OSRS Xarpus Guide - Theatre of Blood

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Xarpus Guide OSRS

Embark on a chilling journey through the perilous world of Old School RuneScape (OSRS), where brave adventurers face formidable challenges at every turn. Among the shadows of the Theatre of Blood lurks Xarpus, a vampyric king with a connection to bats, captured by Lord Lowerniel Vergidiyad Drakan to serve as a nightmarish boss encounter. This guide aims to shed light on the eerie mechanics of Xarpus, providing a roadmap for intrepid players to conquer this grotesque adversary.

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A group of players fighting Xarpus.

Xarpus has three phases:

1. Recovery (Phase 1):

- Severely weakened, Xarpus channels energy from the ground by exhuming 25 skeletons to rapidly heal, gaining 6 health points per tick for 15 ticks.
- This can be temporarily halted by standing on top of the exhumed remains.

2. Poison (Phase 2):

- After some time from Phase 1, Xarpus begins attacking players with the amount of health it had at the end of Phase 1.
- Releases poison that damages any player in a 3x3 grid centered around the player Xarpus was targeting.
- The poison occupies the affected tile throughout the entire fight, inflicting basic damage of 4 to 8 per tick.
- Damage increases based on the number of skeletons Xarpus was able to absorb.

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3. Counterattack (Phase 3):

- When Xarpus's health drops below 33%, it enters Phase 3 and stops releasing poison.
- Instead, it stares at one quadrant at a time. If a player attacks it from that area, Xarpus counterattacks with a poison strike with a base damage of 50-75 per hit.
- Base damage increases by a percentage equal to 40% of the relative increase in Xarpus's stats from absorbing the skeletons.

These are the main mechanics of the encounter with Xarpus in the Theater of Blood. Good luck in the battle!


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