OSRS Woodcutting from Level 1 to 99 Guide

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Woodcutting from Level 1 to 99 Guide OSRS

Embarking on a journey in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is not just about combat and magic; it's about embracing various roles. For those enchanted by the simplicity and productivity of a woodcutter's life, this guide is your key to becoming a master lumberjack in Gielinor. Whether you're driven by the desire to gather resources, make a fortune, or simply revel in the art of woodcutting, this comprehensive OSRS Woodcutting guide is tailored for you.

Woodcutting in OSRS is more than just felling trees; it's a gathering skill that opens doors to a world of possibilities. From chopping oak trees to harvesting teak, the logs you collect become valuable resources for other skills like Fletching, Firemaking, and Construction. Versatile and profitable, Woodcutting stands as a core gathering skill, offering a constant demand for logs in the Grand Exchange.

In your woodcutting journey, trees abound across Gielinor, providing a steady source of logs. For those with the green thumb, tree farming is also an option, enhancing your woodcutting prowess. While Woodcutting is available for free-to-play (F2P) accounts, members gain access to exclusive trees, expanding the horizons of their lumbering adventures.

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Types of Trees 

Before we delve into the techniques of Woodcutting, let's explore the diverse array of trees awaiting your axe's embrace. From the common oak to the elusive redwood, each tree species presents unique challenges and rewards. Whether you're navigating the landscapes of Lumbridge or venturing into the member's realms, the following trees await your skilled touch:

1Tree.pngTreeLogs.png Logs25Found throughout Gielinor, the starting point for all Woodcutting training.No
1Tree (Tirannwn, 1).pngTree (Tirannwn)Logs.png Logs25Exclusive to Tirannwn, similar to basic trees but can produce sap.Yes
1Dying tree.png Dying treeLogs.png Logs25Mainly in Wilderness Lumber Yard and Varrock, despite being dying,
yields the same as basic trees.
1Dead tree.png Dead treeLogs.png Logs or Charcoal.png Charcoal25Darker than regular trees, found in various locations, yields charcoal besides logs.No
1Burnt tree (big).png Burnt treeCharcoal.png Charcoal25Located around Fossil Island Volcano, exclusively yields charcoal.Yes
1Evergreen tree.png Evergreen treeLogs.png Logs25

Found near Falador, Dwarven Mines, Barbarian Village, Camelot Castle,
and Dragontooth Island.

1Jungle tree (dark).png Jungle treeLogs.png Logs25Located in Feldip Hunter area, Kharazi Jungle, and on Ape AtollNo
1Achey Tree.png Achey treeAchey tree logs.png Achey tree logs25Exclusive to the Big Chompy Bird Hunting quest, used for ogre bows
and arrows.
10Light Jungle.png Light JungleThatch spar light.png Thatch spar light32Found near Tai Bwoo Wannai, used for the Tai Bwo Wannai minigame.Yes
15Oak tree.png Oak treeOak logs.png Oak logs37.5Found in woody areas, known for multiple log yields per tree.No
20Medium Jungle.png Medium JungleThatch spar med.png Thatch spar med55Similar to light jungle trees, used for the Cleanup minigame.Yes
30Willow tree.png Willow treeWillow logs.png Willow logs67.5

Mainly found in bodies of water, known locations include
Port Sarim, Seers' Village, and Draynor Village.

35Teak tree.png Teak treeTeak logs.png Teak logs85

Rare trees found in Castle Wars, Uzer, Ape Atoll, and Hardwood Grove.

35Dense Jungle.png Dense JungleThatch spar dense.png Thatch spar dense80Machete-required tree found in Tai Bwo Wannai, used for the Cleanup
42Mature juniper tree.png Mature juniper treeJuniper logs.png Juniper logs35Located in Hosidius, yields juniper charcoal for Lovakengj minigame.Yes
45Maple tree.png Maple treeMaple logs.png Maple logs100

Found in Kandarin, Fremennik, Corsair Cove Resource Area, Woodcutting
Guild, and Seers Village.

45Hollow tree (1).png Hollow treeBark.png Bark82.5Found around Slepe and the Haunted Woods, yields bark for Splitbark armor.Yes
50Mahogany tree.png Mahogany treeMahogany logs.png Mahogany logs125

Rare trees found in Hardwood Grove, Ape Atoll, Kharazi Jungle, and growable
on Fossil Island.

54Arctic pine tree.png Arctic pine treeArctic pine logs.png Arctic pine logs40Used for enhancing Firemaking, found in various locations.Yes
60Yew tree.png Yew treeYew logs.png Yew logs175Highest leveled tree for F2P players.No
62Blisterwood tree.png Blisterwood treeBlisterwood logs.png Blisterwood logs76Exclusive to Darkmeyer's Arboretum, yields logs for blisterwood weaponry.Yes
65Sulliuscep.png SulliuscepMushroom.png Mushrooms,Sulliuscep cap.png sulliuscep caps,
Mort myre fungus.png Mort Myre fungi and unidentified

Found on the Tar Swamp on Fossil Island, provides various resources in a fixed

75Magic tree.png Magic treeMagic logs250

Slow replenishment, found in Mage Training Area, Sorcerer's Tower, Camelot,
and Gnome Stronghold.

90Redwood.png Redwood treeRedwood logs380

Highest XP yield, found in Woodcutting Guild or grown in Farming Guild,
accessed by ladder to prevent depletion.


How Does Woodcutting Mechanic Work In OSRS

In Old School RuneScape (OSRS), the Woodcutting mechanic is influenced by two key factors: the level of your Woodcutting skill and the tier of the axe or weapon you wield for chopping logs. These factors collectively determine the efficiency and speed at which you can harvest wood from trees in the game.

Your Woodcutting skill level plays a pivotal role in your ability to effectively chop down trees. The higher your Woodcutting level, the more proficient you become at this gathering skill. As you progress and level up, you'll notice an increase in the speed with which you can harvest logs from various types of trees across Gielinor.

Additionally, the type of axe or weapon you use significantly impacts your Woodcutting efficiency. Axes come in different tiers, ranging from basic to advanced. The higher the tier of your axe, the more swiftly you can cut through trees. To optimize your woodcutting experience, it's beneficial to equip axes that match or surpass your current Woodcutting level. This ensures that you are utilizing the best available tools, resulting in faster log collection.

Furthermore, having a high Attack level is advantageous, as it allows you to wield superior axes. These enhanced axes contribute to a quicker woodcutting process, making your overall gameplay more efficient. As you advance in Attack levels, you gain access to better axes, thereby enhancing your woodcutting capabilities.

In summary, achieving mastery in Woodcutting in OSRS involves a combination of leveling up your Woodcutting skill, obtaining axes of higher tiers, and progressing in Attack levels. By synergizing these elements, you can maximize the speed and efficiency of chopping down trees, ensuring a seamless and rewarding woodcutting experience in the world of Gielinor.

1Bronze axe.png Bronze axeNo
6Iron axe.png Iron axeNo
11Steel axe.png Steel axeNo
21Black axe.png Black axeNo
31Mithril axe.png Mithril axeNo
41Adamant axe.png Adamant axeNo
35Blessed axe.png Blessed axeYes
41Rune axe.png Rune axeNo
41Gilded axe.png Gilded axeNo
61Dragon axe.png Dragon axeYes
613rd age axe.png 3rd age axeYes
61 & 
85 Firemaking
Infernal axe.png Infernal axeYes
71Crystal axe.png Crystal axeYes

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What Is The Woodcutting Guild

The Woodcutting Guild in Old School RuneScape (OSRS) is a must-join location for members. Situated in the southwestern corner of Hosidius, access to the guild requires a minimum Woodcutting level of 60 and a 75% favor in Hosidius. While it is possible to enter the guild with levels below 60 by using boosts, it's recommended to achieve the base level for a more seamless experience.

What Is The Woodcutting Guild

Upon entering the Woodcutting Guild, players receive an invisible +7 boost to their Woodcutting level. This boost can be stacked with other boosts, providing an efficient means to increase Woodcutting efficiency. It's worth noting that while inside the guild, Forestry Events, which may interrupt regular woodcutting activities, won't occur.

Before delving into the leveling guide, acquiring the Lumberjack Outfit is highly recommended. This outfit plays a crucial role as it grants up to a 2.5% bonus to Woodcutting XP. Although the individual bonus for each piece may seem modest, the cumulative effect can significantly enhance overall XP gains. It's advisable to obtain and wear each piece of the Lumberjack Outfit to maximize the bonus XP benefits.

Lumberjack Outfit

Level 1-99 F2P Woodcutting Guide

Now we get to the most exciting part of the guide, which is helping you get to level 99 Woodcutting in the most efficient and profitable way possible. Let's start with F2P levels first.

Leveling with an F2P account can be tough considering that you don't have access to high-tier logs and axes for training. Hard as it may be, it's still possible to do.

Level 1-15: Trees

Woodcutting training can be long and perilous. Regardless of what count you're on however, you'll have to start with cutting regular trees. Each tree gives you around 25 experiences per log. There are several places where you can start. Namely, look for the large patch of trees south of the Grand Exchange, in the western region of Lumbridge Castle, and even outside Draynor Manor. If you want to sell your logs quickly, go for the Grand Exchange location.

To get to level 15, you'll need to get around 97 logs. This nets you a profit of 3,880 coins as well, which is necessary for upgrading your axe.

Levels 15-30-99: Oak Tree

Once you've reached level 15, you can move towards cutting oak trees which net you a higher experience per log yield. Although oak trees are pretty common in OSRS, you'll want to look for them specifically on the southwestern region of Varrock west bank, south of Falador's southern gates, one near Draynor Village's banks, and more in the easter area of Rimmington.

If you want to spend less time waiting for the trees to spawn, you can rotate around these spots for consistent Woodcutting.

Now, if you're content with a route you've created for oak tree farming, you can actually stay on that route until you reach level 99. Here's a quick chart on how long it will take for you to get to 99 by farming oak trees.

oak tree

How To Do The 2-Tick Oaks Trick

This trick essentially takes advantage of auto-retaliate, which allows you to artificially reset the cooldown before a log is capable of being cut again. It's a bit complex but the extra trouble is well worth it.

To begin, you'll need a short bow that's in the rapid attack setting. Make sure to have no arrows equipped, and to have your best axe inside your inventory. You should also have Confuse and Curse runes. Alternative, you can substitute this for armor that can splash and carry more runes for extra damage spells. If you're wearing heavy armor though, bring extra Energy potions as you'll need them.

With all these prepared, head to the southern gates of Falador and look for the nearest pair of oak trees. You'll know you have the right tree if there are two rats nearby. Use Confuse or any of your splashing spells to lure these rats near the trees. This is the most challenging part of the trick as the rats can move at random.

Once the rats are near the trees and are attacking you, start making small movements away from them. You'll need to have the rats stagger their attack animations in a way that they trigger once every two ticks. If you're hit with one of the two ticks and the damage is 0, click on one of the two trees and on the alternating ticks. This will cause a log to appear in your inventory. With this pattern, you have a chance to get a log for every two ticks instead of the usual 4.

It might be hard to master but this trick can save you a lot of time in the long run.


Level 30/60-99: Willow Trees

You can move towards chopping Willow Trees once you reach level 30. If you may have noticed, Willow trees have less XP compared to oak trees. However, it's a lot closer to the bank in Draynor Village. This short distance lets you easily farm willow trees without spending a lot of time traveling back and forth between areas. Because of this short distance, you're able to gain the same amount of XP with less effort.

There are a few places to farm willow trees but our most recommended is the patch of trees southwest of the bank in Draynor Village. The only challenge here is that there are aggressive dark wizards lurking around the area. Another tree close to a bank is one that's near the east of Edgeville, making it easy for you to go back and forth.

If you're not planning to use the bank, however, you should just go to the east area of the Rusty Anchor Inn in Port Sarim. You can also farm willows around east of Farmer Fred's house in Lumbridge, southeast of Rimmington, south of Port Sarim jail, and east of Champion's Guild.

If you're planning to reach level 99 with willow trees, here's a quick chart of the amount you'll need to get.

Willow Trees

How To Do The 3-Tick Willow Trick

Like the 2-tick oak trick, you can also trick willow trees into giving you more changes at logs per tick. To do this, however, you need to complete a Christmas event and have the snow globe in your inventory. The oak trick uses rats for tick manipulation but this trick will use the snow globe instead.

Once you have the snow globe prepared, look for a pair of willow trees that are close enough to each other, then you can chop both of them without having to move from your spot. Use the snow option on your snow globe, which will then summon a pile of snow under your character.

The game gives you a 7-tick delay before dropping the pile of snow. On the first tick, click the snow. On the second click, shift-click to drop willow logs from your inventory. On the third tick, click the willow tree. Repeat this pattern over and over.

A pile of snow can last for 24 ticks. After 24 ticks, make sure to click the snow command on your snow globe again. This gives you a chance to cut a willow log for every 3 ticks, instead of 4 ticks. Again, the trick is very confusing but if you're a F2P player, this is the highest possible source of XP for Woodcutting so it's worth the time.

To give you a better idea, at level 30 Woodcutting, you can get around 20,000-28,000 XP without the 3-tick trick. If you have the trick, you're looking at 26,000-37,240.

Level 45-99 Maple Trees

In OSRS, maple trees give lower XP per log compared to the willow trees. The yield becomes even lower if you're using the 3-tick trick explained above. The reason why you might want to consider maple trees is that they're actually a whole lot easier to AFK train compared to other trees. The best and only place to cut maple trees if you're a F2P player is the Corsair Cove Resource Area. It has 4 trees and is quite far from the bank. You also need to complete Dragon Slayer I before entering the area.

Lastly, you'll need to start the Corsair Curse quest to access the Corsair Cove. For a better look at the yields of maple trees, refer to the table below.

OSRS Level 1-99 P2P Woodcutting Guide

If you're using a P2P account, then you're in luck as Woodcutting training is significantly easier for paying players. It's a lot less work too. Here's what you need to do first.

Level 1-26: Quests

While you can definitely start leveling by cutting trees, it's best to do quests for the early levels of P2P training. If you do the quests below, you can get from levels 1 to 26 pretty quickly.

1. Monk's Friend: This quest sees you helping the monk of Ardougne Monastery for a party they're preparing. It's an easy quest that tasks you with doing a few chores. Start this quest by speaking to Brother Omad in the Ardougne Monastery. This quest will reward you with 2000 Woodcutting experience.

2. Enlightened Journey: In this quest, you'll help Entrana monk Auguste, set up a hot air balloon system. You need only to speak to August in Entrana to begin this quest. This quest will reward you with 1500 Woodcutting experience.

3. Icthlarin's Little Helper: This is the first quest for the Desert quest series. To start this quest, you'll need to talk to the wanderer near the Agility Pyramid. This quest will reward you with 4000 Woodcutting experience.

4. Skrach Uglogwee: This is a subquest in the Recipe for Disaster series so you'll have to start that first. This quest will reward you with 1500 Woodcutting experience.

If you're getting tired of doing quests, you can shift back to cutting trees up until you reach level 15. However, doing these four quests nets you 9,000 XP which is relatively big.

Level 15-35: Oak trees:

The P2P leveling route goes basically the same way as the F2P leveling route. As such, once you reach level 15 through trees or level 26 through questing, you'll need to go cut oak trees again. You'll need around 534 logs to reach level 35 at this part of the training.

If you know how to do the oak tree 2-tick trick or the willow 3-tick trick, you should do them to get to level 35 a lot faster.

Level 35-99: Teak trees

You can get to level 99 Woodcutting by focusing on Teak trees. However, that's if you're able to master another tick manipulation trick. If you don't want to use tick manipulation again, you can still stick to teak tree cutting to get to level 65.

How To Do The 1.5 Tick Teak Trick

It's a bit of a tongue twister but this trick is definitely worth mastering for this training Woodcutting. Aside from that, the trick is very click-intensive too. To do this trick, you'll first need to go to Fossil Island.

To begin this trick, you'll need to set up a 3-tick cycle and manage tiles around hardwood patches. For the 3-tick cycle, the best possible options in Fossil Island are swamp tars on a clean herb. With this trick, you can receive around two logs at once around every three ticks.

For this trick, you're also going to want to have an infernal axe. It reduces the amount of logs you need for training. As an extra measure, make sure to bring as many stamina potions as you can as well.

The rates for this 1.5-tick Woodcutting trick is that the rates can be very varied depending on how well you perform. At max performance, you're able to get around 215,000-220,000 XP per hour. If you've yet to master this trick, you can still expect around 200,000-210,000 per hour.

1.5 Tick Teak Trick

Level 62-90: Blisterwood Tree

If the teak tree tick trick is a bit complicated for you, you can always proceed to cut more trees. This time, you should focus on cutting the blisterwood tree in Darkmeyer. While the tree itself is easy to get to, the process for unlocking that is a bit longer. You'll have to complete the Sins of the Father quest first which is a bit long.

Blisterwood Tree

What's great about the blisterwood tree is that it never depletes. However, there's a 10% chance that your character is going to stop cutting the tree. If that happens, you'll simply need to start cutting the tree again.

This is a good and low-effort way to get to level 90 easily.

Level 65-99: Sulliuscep Mushroom Trees

To get to 99 at another low-effort means, you can start using sulliuscep mushroom trees as well. These are located on Fossil Island, specifically, they're located in the Tar Swamp - located southwestern part of the island.

Sulliuscep Mushroom Trees

When you're in the area, you can see around 6 of these trees scattered around the map. However, there's always only one tree that is large enough to be chopped down. Each location of that sulliuscep tree is different for players. Once you chop the mushroom down, head outside and look for the next area where the sulliuscep mushroom tree will spawn in.

Due to the fact that the area isn't dangerous and that you're only really farming one tree at a time, there's less effort needed to get to level 99 using this method.

Level 90-99: Redwood Trees

Redwood trees do not offer a better experience rate however it is the best method to AFK some Woodcutting levels.

Redwood Trees

Experience rates depend on your level, when using the infernal or the dragon axe, you can expect to gain around 55K-60K experience per hour at level 90 Woodcutting. This increases to 65K per hour at level 99. With the crystal axe you can gain up to around 70K-75K experience per hour.