OSRS Wilderness Obelisks Guide


Wilderness Obelisks Guide OSRS

Wilderness Obelisks are exclusive teleportation devices reserved for members within the treacherous confines of the Wilderness. Serving as valuable aids for navigating this perilous region, they offer swift access to key locations like the Chaos Elemental and Lava Maze. However, their use comes with inherent risks, as they may inadvertently lead players into encounters with wandering player killers, offering little sanctuary from the dangers lurking within the Wilderness. Notably, activation of these obelisks is ineffective against players who are Tele Blocked, a tactical consideration that savvy adventurers may exploit to outmaneuver their pursuers.

Six Wilderness obelisks dot the landscape, each capable of whisking away anyone standing on their pad to another obelisk after a brief delay, with the destination chosen at random. However, those who have completed the arduous Wilderness Diary enjoy the privilege of dictating their destination through the "Set Destination" option. For the less discerning traveler, simply activating the obelisk sends players on a randomized teleportation journey to one of the other obelisks.

Interaction with any of the outer four pillars and standing at the center initiates the obelisk's activation process, culminating in the message: "Ancient magic teleports you somewhere in the Wilderness," hinting at the arcane origins of these mysterious constructs, likely tied to the ancient magics once wielded in the Wilderness during the era of Zarosian dominance.

Wilderness Obelisk.png

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Certainly, here are the locations of the Wilderness Obelisks:

1. Level 13 Wilderness: South-east of the Ferox Enclave.

Level 13 Wilderness
2. Level 18-19 Wilderness: East of the Graveyard of Shadows.

Level 27 Wilderness

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3. Level 27 Wilderness: South of the Wilderness God Wars Dungeon entrance

Level 27 Wilderness

4. Level 35 Wilderness: South of the Lava Maze.

Level 35 Wilderness

5. Level 44 Wilderness: West of the Lava Maze

Level 44 Wilderness

6. Level 50 Wilderness: Near the Rogues' Castle and the Chaos Elemental

Level 50 Wilderness

These obelisks form a network that spans various areas within the Wilderness, offering adventurers strategic teleportation options amidst the dangers of this volatile region.