OSRS Which Regions Should You Take? - Trailblazer Reloaded Leagues 4

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Which Regions Should You Take? - Leagues 4

As the 4th League is now within our grasp, numerous brave adventurers have already immersed themselves in it to test their skills. However, once inside, the vast majority question: "Which is the best region?" or "What region should I unlock first?". To answer these uncertainties, we have created a tier list that ranks the regions from the best to the least favorable. This way, you will have a clearer guide to pave your way to glory in this exciting league, Trailblazer Reloaded.

Trailblazer Reloaded League/Areas - OSRS Wiki

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Tier S



The Kourend area encompasses the entirety of Zeah, including the Kebos Lowlands and the Great Kourend. Additionally, cases of areas in Kebos and Kourend, as well as underground areas with access from these regions, will be considered.

This region offers a vast amount of content, and while some of it may be considered endgame, such as the Chambers of Xeric, its overall quality is undeniable. One of the standout elements of this area is the Dragon Warhammer (DWH), whose utility is widely recognized. Additionally, players have the opportunity to craft blood runes and soul runes. The Catacombs of Kourend are another invaluable asset, especially for Slayer training, and we shouldn't overlook the presence of the Wintertodt.

As less favorable aspects, it should be mentioned that there is a dependence on other areas to fully excel, as seen with drops from the Alchemical Hydra. Despite these points, the Kebos and Kourend region presents itself as a haven full of opportunities and challenges for the most intrepid adventurers.



The Kharidian Desert area encompasses the entirety of the desert, including underground areas and instanced locations with access from this region. Access to Misthalin to the north of Al-Kharid and to the south of Varrock is restricted and prohibited through the use of magical barriers.

In the past, this region might have been considered a less favorable choice; however, with the significant amount of content added over time, it is undeniable that the Kharidian Desert positions itself as one of the best available regions. Unlocking this area provides access to the Tombs of Amascut, Desert Treasure 2 with the Leviathan without needing to unlock other regions, Guardian of the Rift, Giants Foundry, and Tempoross. These options offer fun ways to train skills from the early stages of the game.

Blackjacking is another activity in which some players may find interest, and the gem shop, combined with the third relic allowing for obtaining all items from shops for free, becomes a powerful tool for training Crafting and generating gold by selling cut gems to the same vendor, among many other activities found in this region. In summary, the Kharidian Desert offers a diverse range of content and opportunities, making it an attractive choice for adventurers.

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Tier A



The Kandarin Area covers the entire Kingdom of Kandarin along with Feldip Hills, Ape Atoll, and Crash Island. Instances of areas in Kandarin and underground areas with entrances in Kandarin (with the exception of Taverley Dungeon and the Underground Pass) will also be included.

Access to Nightmare Zone is restricted. To obtain Nightmare Zone points, speak with Dominic Onion and purchase them for 1 coin each.

Access to White Wolf Mountain and the bridge to the Fremennik Province will be restricted and prevented through the use of magical barriers.

This region provides access to 3 important quests: Monkey Madness 2, Swan Song, and King's Ransom, unlocking significant items such as the Dragon Scimitar, Zenyte shards, Piety, and the ability to face the Kraken. You also gain access to the Fighter Torso, an extremely useful combat item, as well as the Iban Staff, beneficial for early-game play. Importantly, it unlocks farming patches, making it one of, if not the first region you should unlock.



The Asgarnia Area encompasses the entire Kingdom of Asgarnia, along with Entrana Island, the Pest Control Islands, and the Troll Country (excluding Weiss). It also includes underground areas and instanced areas with entrances in the region.

Access to Catherby from White Wolf Mountain will be restricted and prevented through the use of magical barriers.

Upon unlocking Asgarnia, the first notable association is the God Wars Dungeon (GWD), which undoubtedly becomes a goldmine for obtaining armors, including the coveted Dragon Boots. Additionally, Asgarnia offers the Pest Control minigame to acquire the Void and the Warriors' Guild, where, upon reaching a total of 130 levels between Attack and Strength, you can obtain the Dragon Defender.

Another highlight is the access to the tree patches in Falador and Taverley, as well as the patches in the south of Falador, making Asgarnia an area of interest for players seeking opportunities to train the Farming skill. In summary, Asgarnia offers a variety of content, from challenges in the GWD to equipment upgrade opportunities and skill training, making it a strategic choice for adventurers.



The Morytania Area encompasses the entirety of Morytania, along with Mos Le'Harmless Island, Braindeath Island, Dragontooth Island, and Harmony Island. Instances of areas in Morytania and underground areas with entrances in Morytania will also be included.

This region may pose challenges for players in the early stages of the game, as many of the rewards require significant levels. However, there are some useful features in the early game, such as the Canifis agility course and the farming patch near Fenkenstrain's Castle, in addition to a furnace near a bank in Port Phasmatys.

Morytania becomes more relevant in advanced stages, offering significant rewards such as the drops from the Barrows brothers, the possibility of obtaining the Black Mask (essential for creating the Slayer helmet), acquiring the Salve Amulet, and, most notably, the Theatre of Blood. The latter provides a challenging and rewarding experience for high-level player groups.

In summary, while Morytania may be less friendly in the early stages, it becomes an essential region for more advanced players due to the valuable rewards and challenges it offers.

Tier B



The Fremennik Province Area encompasses the entire Fremennik Province, including the Fremennik Isles, Lunar Isle, and Weiss. It also includes underground areas and instanced areas with entrances in the region. Magical barriers prevent access to Kandarin via the bridge south of Rellekka.

The highlight of this region is the Lunar Spellbook, which offers a wide variety of utility spells. Unlocking this area provides access to crucial quests such as Dragon Slayer 2 and Secrets of the North, granting access to both Vorkath and the Phantom Muspah, both bosses that provide valuable items as rewards.

An often overlooked benefit is the access to marble blocks, magic stones, and gold leaves, resources that no other region offers. These elements are essential for building the Ornate Pool and the Gilded Altar, two highly beneficial structures for skill improvement and game convenience.

In summary, the Fremennik Province not only provides a range of useful spells but also access to important quests and exclusive resources, making it a valuable and strategic region for adventurers.



The Tirannwn Area encompasses the entirety of Tirannwn, including the Temple of Light and the Underground Pass. Instances of areas in Tirannwn and underground areas with entrances in Tirannwn will also be included.

This region mostly offers endgame content, particularly standing out for crystal weapons, armor, and tools. The Gauntlet, an intricate and challenging challenge, is one of the notable features of this area, providing valuable rewards for those seeking to engage in high-level content.

Additionally, the drops from Zulrah, a feared boss in the region, are highly coveted by players due to the possibility of obtaining valuable weapons and items. In general, Tirannwn stands out as a region that attracts players looking for more advanced challenges and endgame rewards.

In summary, while Tirannwn may be known for its endgame content, the rewards and challenges it offers, such as The Gauntlet and Zulrah's drops, make it a region of strategic importance for high-level players seeking advanced content and valuable equipment upgrades.

Tier C



The Wilderness Area covers the entirety of the Wilderness. Underground areas and instanced areas with an entrance in the area are also included. Last Man Standing and Bounty Hunter will not be accessible.

It's not surprising that this region is the weakest and the least prioritized for unlocking, as what it offers doesn't benefit us as much as other areas. One notable feature in this region is the Revenant Caves for their drops, and there are three bosses to contend with. Additionally, there's the prayer training altar in this region. However, apart from these aspects, there isn't much more to say about this region.