OSRS Werewolf Skullball Guide


Werewolf Skullball Guide OSRS

Werewolf Skullball provides an exhilarating opportunity for adventurers aiming to refine their Agility skills in the perilous lands of Gielinor. To engage in this challenging activity, aspirants must meet specific requirements and navigate through the mysterious landscape near Canifis.

Werewolf Skullball Guide OSRS

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- Agility Level: Participants must possess an Agility level of at least 25 to undertake the trials of Werewolf Skullball.

- Quest Completion: Successful completion of the "Creature of Fenkenstrain" quest is mandatory to gain access to the Werewolf Skullball course.

- Ring of Charos: Additionally, adventurers are required to wear a Ring of Charos to enter the activity area.


The Werewolf Skullball course is situated near Canifis, a town shrouded in mystery within the sinister swamps of Morytania. To find the course, venture southeast from Mazchna, the Slayer Master, located northeast of Canifis. Beware of leech-infested marshes surrounding the area, as they show aggression towards adventurers with a Combat level below 105.

Werewolf Skullball location

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Embark on the eerie challenge of Skullball by engaging with the Skullball Boss to commence this peculiar, progressive soccer-like game. Unlike conventional sports, the twist lies in the fact that your playing ball is an actual Skull. Navigate through the 10 distinct goals with speed to maximize your experience gains. 

Three gameplay options are at your disposal:

1. Tap: Moves the Skullball 1 square ahead.

2. Kick: Propels the Skullball 4 squares ahead.

3. Shoot: Launches the Skullball 9 squares ahead.

Successfully completing the game in under 4 minutes rewards you with 750 Agility experience. However, time is of the essence, as for every 3 seconds exceeding the 4-minute mark, you'll lose 8 experience points.

The Skullball Trainer stands ready to guide you, offering insights on the game's mechanics and diligently keeping track of the remaining goals. Brace yourself for a unique and challenging experience as you maneuver the Skull through its unconventional soccer-like journey. May your agility and precision be your keys to triumph!

Recommended Route for Skullball Agility Course

Recommended Route for Skullball Agility Course

To initiate the activity, converse with the Skullball Boss near the ladder leading down to the arena. The ball emerges from one of four chutes on the south wall of the first goal. However, the timer only commences when the ball is kicked through the initial goal, affording players ample time to position the ball strategically before starting the activity.

While it's possible to achieve maximum experience without planning by rushing the ball through each goal, a more deliberate route can yield faster lap times and, consequently, more experience per hour. Even if walked, the following route can be completed swiftly enough to achieve maximum experience.

To commence the route, utilize tap and kick actions to place the ball between the first arrow on the ground and the center of the initial goal. Since the timer only starts after scoring the first goal, there's no need to hurry at this stage. Once the ball is in position, consult the table below for guidance on navigating the route efficiently.

1Shoot north
2Kick north, tap east, kick north
3Tap east x2, shoot north
4Tap west, shoot north
5Tap east, shoot north
6Kick east, tap north x2, shoot east
7Kick east, shoot south
8Tap west, shoot south x2
9Tap east, shoot south
10Shoot south, tap west x3, tap south x2, shoot west
EndShoot (or kick) north


Note: The suggested route is just one of numerous paths available through the course. Players are encouraged to experiment with alternative routes.

Optimal Route for Skullball Agility Course

For those seeking peak performance, times as fast as 2:00 can be attained with focused effort. Mark each target square where the ball should be for each hit, swiftly move to the adjacent square, right-click the ball as rapidly as possible, and aim to strike the ball 1-2 squares before it reaches each target square. This redirects the ball while it's still in motion, contributing to a speedier completion. Deviations from the recommended route are highlighted in bold.

1. Begin by using tap and kick actions to position the ball between the first arrow on the ground and the center of the initial goal. The timer does not start until the first goal is scored, allowing for meticulous positioning without time pressure.

2. Once the ball is in place, refer to the marked target squares and execute precise right-clicks, aiming to strike the ball at the optimal moments to achieve maximum redirection.

3. Swiftly navigate each adjacent square, maintaining agility and precision as you redirect the ball through each goal. The bold steps indicate deviations from the standard route, emphasizing the importance of rapid ball redirection.

4. Continue this method for subsequent goals, utilizing tap, kick, and shoot actions strategically to maintain momentum and minimize lap times.

By adhering to this optimal route, with a keen focus on rapid ball redirection, you can aspire to achieve remarkable times as fast as 2:00. May your agility and coordination lead you to triumph in the Skullball Agility Course.