OSRS Watchtower Quest Guide

Watchtower Quest Guide OSRS

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14 Magic

15 Thieving

25 Agility

14 Herblore

40 Mining

The ability to defeat a level 68 Ogre and run past level 111 Blue dragons

Items Required:

20 coins

Gold bar


Death rune (can be obtained during the quest)


Dragon bones

2 ropes (2nd rope can be obtained during the quest)

Guam potion (unf) or guam leaf and a vial of water (vial of water can be obtained during quest)

Any light source (can be obtained during the quest)

Skavid map (can be obtained during the quest)

Pestle and mortar (can be obtained during the quest)

Bat bones (can be obtained during the quest, a knife or slash weapon is needed, grinding the bat bones before starting the quest to leave the pestle and mortar in the bank is also an option)

Jangerberries (can be obtained during the quest)


35 Combat level

Any instant teleportation method if you need to leave the Ogre cave

Weapon, armour and some food

Stamina or energy potions

Anti-dragon/Dragonfire shield and antifire potions or a super antifire to greatly reduce the damage taken from the blue dragons in the Ogre Enclave (using both or just super antifire completely negates dragonfire damage)

43 Prayer for protection prayers

Fast travel to the Watchtower and the Ogre Enclave (Yanille teleport, Teleport to house if your house is in Yanille, Nightmare Zone or Castle Wars minigame teleport, Ring of Dueling to Castle Wars or Fairy Rings to ciq)

39 Agility, 21 Ranged, 38 Strength, a crossbow and a mith grapple for the shortcut over Yanille's southern wall

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Ok Let’s do this!

Seeking the Stolen Crystals

1. Head to the Watchtower: Begin by making your way to the Watchtower, located just north of Yanille.

2. Climb the Trellis: Approach the northern side of the tower, and climb the trellis. This route will save you from having a conversation with the guard and also reward you with 31 Agility experience each time.

3. Talk to the Watchtower Wizard: Ascend the ladder once you've climbed the trellis, and engage in a conversation with the Watchtower wizard. He will explain the dire situation: the Watchtower's protective spell isn't effective at keeping ogres at bay. The reason? The crucial crystals that power the spell have been stolen!

4. Search the Grounds: You will be prompted to search the grounds of the Watchtower for any clues or the missing crystals. You can now utilize the tower's main ladder for this purpose.

5. Search the Far North-West Bush: Begin your search by inspecting the far north-west bush. Here, you will find some fingernails. Note that while you can discover other items in various bushes like an old robe, unusual armor, a damaged dagger, or a tattered eye patch, these items have no purpose in the quest and are merely distractions.

Bunches locations

6. Return to the Watchtower Wizard: Head back to the Watchtower and speak with the Watchtower wizard once again. Present him with the fingernails you found during your search.

7. The Skavids Connection: The wizard will inform you that the fingernails belong to Skavids, the servants of the ogres. More importantly, he reveals that these Skavids have stolen the four power crystals that serve as a protective barrier for the city, guarding it against ogre threats. Your mission now is to recover these stolen crystals.

8. Gaining Access to the City: Before you can embark on your quest to recover the stolen crystals, you need to gain access to the city. To do this, you must assist three ogre tribe chieftains in obtaining pieces of an ogre relic. These pieces can be combined to create the ogre relic, which can then be presented to the gate guards as proof that you are a friend to the ogres, allowing you entry into the city.

Meeting Og and the Quest for the Stolen Gold Bar

1. Preparation: First, make sure you have the necessary items with you, including your armor, some food for sustenance, two ropes, and one set of dragon bones if you haven't already collected them. If needed, retrieve these items from the bank in Yanille.

2. Exiting Yanille: Leave Yanille through either the agility shortcut or the west entrance. These will lead you in the right direction for your next steps.

3. Heading Northwest: Once outside the city, turn northwest to locate a tribe of ogres. Keep in mind that, in general, ogres wielding maces are non-aggressive.

4. Converse with Og: Approach Og and engage in a conversation with him. He will share that his nemesis, Toban, has stolen a valuable gold bar from him. Your mission now is to retrieve this stolen item for Og.talk to Og

5. Obtaining the Key: Og will provide you with a key to Toban's chest. Make sure to keep this key with you as you proceed, as it will be essential for a later part of the quest.

Meeting Grew and the Lesson for Gorad

1. Locate Og's Tribe: Head south from Og's tribe until you come across an island occupied by another ogre tribe. You'll also spot some jangerberries on this island.

2. The Long-Branched Tree: Find a long-branched tree situated on the western shore of the island. Take one of your ropes and use it on the branch of the tree (not the tree itself). This action will allow you to swing to the island. Keep in mind that you will lose the rope in the process.

3. Collect Jangerberries: Before proceeding, gather some jangerberries from the island. These will come in handy later in the quest.

4. Speak with Grew: Locate Grew on the island and initiate a conversation with him. Grew will instruct you to teach his rival, Gorad, a lesson by knocking one of his teeth out. Ensure that your inventory has enough space for the tooth, as you will need to collect it after the task. If you don't have enough space, you'll have to defeat Gorad again to obtain the tooth.

talk to Grew

Toban and Gorad's Tooth

1. Reach the Third Tribe: Leave Grew's island by using the tree with the rope swing on its north side.

2. Choose Your Path: You have two options to reach the third ogre tribe:

Option 1: Enter the Skavid caves south of Grew's island without the Skavid map. Do this four times.

Option 2: Head southeast to circumnavigate Gu'Tanoth entirely.

3. Broken Bridge and the Island: As you proceed, you will come across a broken bridge leading to a small island. The next ogre tribe you need to encounter is on this island. However, since the bridge is out, you'll need to find another way to cross. Continue south of the bridge for a short distance.

4. Navigating to the Island: Turn west and follow the southern edge of Gu'tanoth until you reach a hole surrounded by rocks. If you need it, pick up the death rune located a bit south of this hole. This hole is situated west-northwest of the gnome glider.

5. Entering the Hole: Enter the hole to reach the island where Toban's tribe resides. On this island, to the south of the ladder, you'll encounter a level 68 chieftain named Gorad. Speak to him and inform him of your mission to knock out his teeth. He will respond by attacking you. Defeat Gorad to obtain one of his teeth, which you should keep for later. If you use Ranged or Magic, you can safespot Gorad in the center of the island.

6. Speaking with Toban: Next, engage in a conversation with Toban. He will request the bones of a dragon to chew on. Give him your dragon bones (note that baby dragon bones do not work for this). Ensure you don't bury the bones; Toban will then provide you with the third piece of the relic.

7. Toban's Chest: Open Toban's chest on the island, and inside, you will find Og's stolen gold.

8. Returning to Grew's Island: If you don't already have a rope for traveling back to Grew's island, you can find one spawning on the island, next to the roots in the southwest area, near the ladder. Use this rope for your return journey to Grew's island.

Completing the Relic: Gathering the Pieces

1. Returning to Grew's Island: Exit the island by climbing up the ladder. To get back to Grew's island, you can either walk around the west side of the ogre city, use a Ring of Dueling or the Grouping teleport to Castle Wars, or employ the Fairy code CIQ. Make sure to bring the jangerberries you collected earlier.

2. Using the Rope: On Grew's island, use your second rope on the tree. Then, talk to Grew and give him Gorad's tooth. As a reward for your action, he will provide you with another piece of the relic. He will also give you the first crystal, the yellow crystal. Hold onto it for later. If you don't have jangerberries yet, collect some from the island before departing.

3. Returning to Og: Leave the island using the rope swing, and head north to Og. Speak with Og to return his stolen gold bar. In gratitude, you will receive the final piece of the relic.

4. Assembling the Relic: Now that you have all three parts of the relic, take them to the Watchtower wizard to have them assembled. As you pass through Yanille, utilize the agility shortcut if possible. While at the Watchtower, keep an eye out for a candle, which can be found on the ground level if you need a light source.

Navigating Gu'Tanoth and Solving Puzzles

1. Heading to Gu'Tanoth: With the complete relic in your possession, return to Yanille. Depart either through the southern grapple shortcut or directly from the west gate.

2. Entering Gu'Tanoth: Head southeast until you see a path leading up into Gu'Tanoth. Travel south and follow the path uphill. Alternatively, you can use the Skavid caves "transport system" two times without the Skavid Map.

3. Gaining Entry to the City: At a fork in the path, choose the northwest trail leading to the Ogre guards. Ensure you have the Ogre relic in your inventory and engage in a conversation with the guards. They will grant you access to the city. Attempting to use the relic directly on them won't work, as "The ogre has not asked you for anything."

4. Exploring the City: Once inside the city, head east and then south to reach the market. The ogres in the city are not aggressive, but be cautious around Ogre traders, as they will attack if spoken to. You'll also find a non-aggressive merchant named Grud (labeled Ogre merchant) who sells Herblore supplies. Purchase a pestle and mortar and a vial from him for a total of 7 coins, if you don't already have them in your inventory.

5. Acquiring a Rock Cake: Locate the southern stall in the market displaying food (grey cylinders) and steal a rock cake from it. Be careful not to eat the rock cake, as the left-click option is "Eat," and consuming it will deal damage and force you to obtain another.

6. Overcoming Guards: Return to the main path to the west and continue south. Encounter two more guards and engage in a conversation with one of them. Choose the option that states you are a friend of the ogres (the first option). They will then request some food from the market. Use the rock cake on the guard to offer him food and proceed. Continue until you reach a broken bridge and attempt to jump the gap in the bridge. Select the "Jump-Over" option by clicking on your side of the gap for a red X. The guards will ask for 20 coins as a fee to cross the gap. Pay them the coins to proceed. Grab the knife here if you need a slashing weapon, as it will be necessary for dealing with webs later.

7. Meeting City Guards: Beyond the aggressive ogre, you will encounter several city guards. If you engage with them, they will present you with a word puzzle. The answer to the puzzle is "death rune." Give the guard the death rune you obtained earlier, and in return, he will provide you with a map of the Skavid Caves.

Exploring the Skavid Caves and Learning Their Language

1. Skavid Caves Overview: The Skavid Caves are a network of caves situated beneath the ogre city. You can access these caves through entrances scattered around the north and east sides of the city. To enter, you'll need the Skavid map and a light source.

2. Learning the Skavid Language: First, locate the Scared Skavid, who can be found in the cave labeled "1" on your map. Promise not to harm it, and it will teach you some basic Skavid words. Once you've learned the basics, proceed to the other four caves and engage with each regular Skavid by using the correct Skavid response (see below). When it indicates that they understood you, move on to the next cave with the next Skavid.

Locations of the Skavids:

Locations of the Skavids

3. Scared Skavid: East of Gu'Tanoth along the southeast branch of the entrance path to the city. It will teach you the Skavid language.

Skavid #2: Northeast of Gu'Tanoth along the main entrance path to the city. It will say: "Bidith tanath." The correct response is "Cur."

Skavid #3: North of Gu'Tanoth near the opening of the main entrance path to the city. It will say: "Gor cur..." The correct response is "Ar."

Skavid #4: North of Gu'Tanoth, south of the west gate to Yanille. It will say: "Cur Bidith." The correct response is "Ig." Take two Cave nightshades, as you will need them later. Picking one also completes a medium Ardougne Diary task.

Skavid #5: East of Gu'Tanoth outside the city around the east side of the mountain (5). It will say: "Tanath gor." The correct response is "Nod."

4. Returning to the Scared Skavid: Once you have successfully communicated with all the Skavids, return to the Scared Skavid. It will inform you that you are prepared to confront the Mad Skavid.

5. Facing the Mad Skavid: Head south of the Scared Skavid cave along the southeast path of the entrance to the Ogre City. Use the gold bar on one of the guards to gain access. Proceed south and west across the bridge and enter the cave labeled "6." Engage in a conversation with the Mad Skavid and respond using the Skavid language you've just learned.

6. Correct Responses to the Mad Skavid:If he says "Ar cur," the correct response is "Gor."

If he says "Bidith ig," the correct response is "Cur."

If he says "Gor nod," the correct response is "Tanath."

If he says "Cur tanath," the correct response is "Bidith."

If he says "Bidith tanath," the correct response is "Cur."

If he says "Tanath gor," the correct response is "Nod."

If he says "Cur bidith," the correct response is "Ig."

If he says "Gor cur," the correct response is "Ar."

7. Obtaining the Magenta Crystal: Respond correctly, and the Skavid will give you a magenta crystal. If you haven't collected two Cave nightshades yet, pick them up from the spawn inside the cave. Do not consume the nightshade, as it will cause damage to you. You can return to Yanille by using the hole in the corner if you need to access a bank for the next part of the quest.

Entering the Ogre Enclave and Retrieving Crystals

1. Equip the Anti-Dragon Shield: Ensure you have your anti-dragon shield equipped before proceeding.

2. Returning to Gu'Tanoth Marketplace: Head back to the Gu'Tanoth marketplace, which is just west of where you stole the rock cake.

3. Using a Cave Nightshade: Approach one of the enclave guards near a cave entrance on the west side of the marketplace. Use one of your Cave nightshades on the guard to distract them. Be cautious because the "use" and "eat" actions are swapped for cave nightshades. Do not eat the cave nightshade. Make sure to complete the dialogue with the guard; otherwise, you will need another cave nightshade.

4. Entering the Ogre Enclave: After continuing the dialogue with the guard, you will receive a warning alert regarding the danger of the enclave. Proceed forward if you are prepared, and you will automatically enter the Ogre Enclave.

5. Observing the Cutscene: You will witness a short cutscene featuring an Ogre shaman and a Blue dragon. Do not attempt to talk to or attack the shamans, as doing so will instantly deduct 20 or 30 Hitpoints from you. The last two crystals you need are in this area, but you can't access them without assistance.

6. Running Past the Blue Dragons: Run straight past the blue dragons and head out of the exit at the north end. You will reappear outside one of the northern Skavid caves, facing Yanille.

Creating the Magic Ogre Potion

1. Gathering the Ingredients: Head north into Yanille. Stop at the bank and ensure you have the following items: a vial (with or without water), a guam leaf, a pestle and mortar, jangerberries, and bat bones (if you don't have them, you can obtain them shortly).

2. Obtaining Bat Bones (If Needed): If you need bat bones, east of the Watchtower, you'll find a house with its entrance covered in webs. Equip a slashing weapon or use a knife to cut through the web and enter the building. Inside, you will encounter several giant bats. Kill one and take its bones.

3. Returning to the Watchtower: Return to the Watchtower. If your vial is empty, fill it with water at the fountain outside.

4. Talking to the Watchtower Wizard: Climb the ladders and engage in a conversation with the Watchtower wizard. He will explain that you can create a potion to defeat the ogre shamans.

5. Adding Ingredients in Order: You must add the ingredients in a specific order to create the potion:

First, add a guam leaf to a vial of water.

Next, add some jangerberries. Be cautious, as the left-click option is to eat them. If you accidentally consume them, they respawn on Grew's island, but you'll need another rope. Alternatively, you can use telegrab if you lack a rope.

Finally, use your pestle and mortar on the bat bones to grind them. Add the ground bat bones to the vial mixture. The vial will transform into a potion.

6. Enchanting the Potion: Give the potion to the Watchtower wizard to have it enchanted, transforming it into a magic ogre potion.

Slaying the Shamans in the Enclave

1. Preparing for the Enclave: Return to the Yanille bank to get ready for facing the blue dragon and ogre shaman enclave. Ensure you have the following items: a pickaxe, an anti-dragonfire shield, cave nightshade, and some food.

2. Back to Gu'Tanoth Marketplace: Now, return to the marketplace in Gu'Tanoth. Use your second cave nightshade to distract the cave guards, and enter the cave. Remember, you must complete the dialogue with the guards by using the spacebar or pressing "click here to continue," or you will need another cave nightshade.

3. Slaying the Shamans: Inside the cave, move around and use the magic ogre potion on each of the six ogre shamans while trying to avoid the blue dragons as much as possible. When you use the potion on a shaman, it will instantly kill them without causing any damage to you. The last shaman you eliminate will drop the cyan crystal, which will be automatically placed into your inventory.

4. Losing the Cyan Crystal: In case you somehow lose the cyan crystal, there is a Shaman robe located in the south-east corner of the Ogre Enclave, among some bones. You can pick up the robe and search it to retrieve the cyan crystal.

Obtaining the Last Crystal

1. Finding the Rock of Dalgroth: To obtain the final crystal, locate the Rock of Dalgroth in the Ogre Enclave's center. This is situated in the cave with the blue dragons.

2. Mining the Rock: You can mine the Rock of Dalgroth with your pickaxe, but please note that it can only be mined after you have killed the shamans. Be sure to mine the crystal from the rock before leaving the cave. Don't just prospect; ensure you mine the crystal from it. If you exit the cave without mining the crystal, you will need to obtain more cave nightshades to re-enter.

Obtaining the Last Crystal

Reviving the Watchtower

1. Exiting the Enclave: Leave the Ogre Enclave by using the far north exit again or by utilizing a Nightmare Zone minigame teleport.

2. Retrieving the Crystals: If you previously banked the yellow crystal, retrieve it. You should now have all four crystals in your possession.

3. Returning to the Watchtower: Head back to the Watchtower and speak with the Watchtower wizard. He will request your assistance in repairing the machine.

4. Placing the Crystals: Arrange the crystals in the following positions within the room:

Yellow crystal in the south-west pillar

Grey crystal in the south-east pillar

Cyan crystal in the north-west pillar

Magenta crystal in the north-east pillar

Reviving the Watchtower

5. Completing the Quest: After correctly placing the crystals, go to the west side of the room and pull the lever. This action will finalize the quest.

Important Note: Before pulling the lever to complete the quest, ensure that you do not drop any items, as they will be left behind in the instanced version of the Watchtower and will be permanently lost.

And that is! Quest Complete!

Completed watchtower