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Vorkath Guide OSRS

Vorkath, roughly translated as "pathetic failure," "weakling," or "runt" in the language of the dragonkin, stands as a draconic boss-monster first encountered during the events of the Dragon Slayer II quest, serving as the penultimate challenge. Forged by the hands of Zorgoth amid the Dragonkin Conflicts of the Fourth Age, this azure dragon represents one of Zorgoth's subjects that managed to survive the ordeal of his experiments, deep within the laboratories beneath the dragonkin fortress on Ungael. Despite its formidable power, Zorgoth chose to abandon this particular Vorkath on the island of Ungael due to its curious lack of aggression, assigning it the role of a mere "distraction" for any unsuspecting humans that might stumble upon the island's shores.

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To start


Vorkath is located on the island of Ungael, is a remote island accessible via a boat located at the northernmost dock in Rellekka. To reach Vorkath's lair, you'll need to complete the "Dragon Slayer II" quest, as it is a requirement to access the area. Once you've completed the quest, you can take the boat to Ungael and make your way to Vorkath's lair to face this formidable boss.


Suggested skills

ranged 85+ (Ranged method)-> blowpipe or dragon hunter crossbow

attack 80+ (90+ Recommended Melee method)

strenght 85+ (Melee method)

defence 75+ (85+ for Melee)

prayer 70+ (74+ with Ranged)

constructition 82+ (for Ornate rejuvenation pool(with boost) - (optional but strongly recommended))

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Vorkath uses several different attack styles during the fight:

Standard Attacks

Melee Attack: In close proximity, Vorkath employs sweeping motions of his wings and claws, causing slash-based damage to the player.

Magic Attack: Vorkath projects a brilliant blue projectile towards the player, dealing damage of up to 30. Complete immunity from damage is achieved through the usage of Protect from Magic prayer.

Ranged Attack: Launching spiked balls at the player, Vorkath inflicts damage of up to 32. Protect from Missiles prayer effectively thwarts this assault. Notably, this mode of attack occurs more frequently than the magic attack when engaged from a non-melee distance. In melee range, the magic attack takes precedence, albeit slightly more intermittently.

Dragonfire: Vorkath's dragonfire emerges in several variations, akin to the repertoire of the King Black Dragon. The quantum of damage inflicted by the dragonfire hinges on the layers of dragonfire protection employed by the player. A comprehensive defense involves the usage of a super antifire potion alongside a dragonfire protection shield. Alternatively, players often utilize a regular antifire potion alongside a dragonfire protection shield or a super antifire potion coupled with the Protect from Magic prayer. These combinations decrease the maximum damage potential of the attacks to 10.

1. Standard Dragonfire: Limited to causing damage alone.

2. Venomous Dragonfire: Bears a chance to bestow the venom status upon players not immune to venom.

3. Pink Dragonfire: Upon impact, disables all active prayers. This unique impact cannot be mitigated.

High-damage Dragonfire: Erupted vertically and aimed at the player's position, akin to Galvek's potent dragonfire. A direct hit inflicts substantial harm, often resulting in severe injury or death. If struck adjacent to the impact, the damage incurred is halved.

Standard Attacks

Special attacks

On every seventh attack cycle, Vorkath employs one of two distinctive special attacks:

1. Acid Pool Quickfire Barrage: Vorkath disperses corrosive acid across the arena, followed by an onslaught of 25 dragonfire strikes aimed at the player. Standing on the acid-laden ground results in Vorkath being healed for the same amount of damage dealt to the player, at a rate of up to 10 damage per tick. If caught within the dragonfire barrage, players endure damage ranging from 25 to 41, unaffected by any level of dragonfire protection. Notably, Vorkath's resilience increases, leading to a 50% reduction in damage taken from players until the special attack concludes.

2. Zombified Ice Dragonfire: Vorkath employs ice dragonfire that seems harmless at first glance, freezing players in place. This icy onslaught inflicts Ice Barrage, summoning a zombified spawn. While the spawn persists, Vorkath becomes impervious to all damage. The zombified spawn advances toward the player and, if left unchecked, detonates upon impact, causing up to 60 damage based on its remaining Hitpoints. To counter this, players should promptly prepare the Crumble Undead spell and cast it on the spawn as soon as it lands, preventing damage during this phase. Subsequent to the spawn's destruction or demise, the Ice Barrage effect dissipates, and Vorkath's damage immunity lifts, as indicated by a game message.

Special attacks


Ranged (blowpipe)

The toxic blowpipe is presented as a highly effective approach to defeat Vorkath, especially for those players who cannot afford a dragon hunter crossbow. If opting for a special attack weapon that reduces defense, it is recommended to use the Void Knight equipment set. On the other hand, if a standard ranged approach is preferred, such as the use of black leather, this tends to generate higher damage and provide a more solid defense than the conventional void set, although the elite void still remains a robust option.

To carry out the encounter effectively, it is advised to use the "Protect from Magic" prayer in conjunction with the toxic blowpipe. Likewise, at the beginning of the battle, triggering a special attack with a Bandos godsword or a dragon warhammer is crucial to weaken Vorkath's defense.

After each victory against Vorkath or if you are unable to reduce its defense with special attacks, it is suggested to replenish the special attack bars through the use of a restoration or superior group.

In the scenario of having 99 darts and amethyst broad-tipped darts, it is recommended to remain in an independent focus, regardless of whether a special attack has been executed or not. This tactic contributes to a successful and smoother strategy during the battle against Vorkath.

Equipment ranged (Blowpipe)

inventory ranged (blowpipe)

Ranged (Dragon Hunter Crossbow)

The dragon hunter crossbow stands as the most effective ranged weapon for facing Vorkath, thanks to its combat prowess. However, its cost renders it an inaccessible choice for numerous players. The damage stemming from the passive effect of this crossbow and its increased accuracy are amplified when combined with the Salve amulet (i) / Salve amulet (e) and the Void Knight equipment set, allowing players to achieve maximum hits of up to 74 without resorting to special effects, reaching its peak with 99 Ranged skill. In the comparative analysis, the Discrepancy in Damage Per Second (DPS) between the Elite Void Knight set and the Fortified Masori armor is minimal at best. Nonetheless, Masori provides an advantage of over 50 points in magical defense compared to Elite Void, leading to reduced defeat times and prolonged expeditions by decreasing the amount of required consumables.

It's important to mention that both the Salve amulet and the Salve amulet (e) do not provide Ranged skill bonuses. To gain benefits in this regard, it's necessary to imbue the amulet. In order to minimize the damage taken, players should opt for a dragonfire protection shield or an anti-dragon shield while using the dragon hunter crossbow, simultaneously activating the Protect from Missiles prayer. Although the dragonfire shield boasts solid defenses, its negative Ranged bonus relegates it to an inferior position compared to the anti-dragon shield. In situations where players are limited to improvising with items such as the twisted buckler or the book of law, resorting to the Protect from Magic prayer becomes necessary, resulting in increased damage taken per elimination and shortening expedition durations. Considering a Ranged skill level of 99 and a high defense level, players can anticipate a range of 3 to 6 eliminations with this setup. It's relevant to note that recoil rings deal no damage to Vorkath.

Equipment ranged (dragon hunter crossbow)

Invetory ranged (dhc)

runes inventory ranged (dhc)


The dragon hunter lance emerges as the unrivaled choice in the repertoire of melee weapons for facing Vorkath. The inherent power of the lance's passive effect, coupled with its accuracy, synergizes with the Salve amulet (e) or Salve amulet (ei), allowing players to execute frequent and impactful hits. In this battle, the application of Protect from Magic is essential, complemented by adopting the most outstanding melee armor to optimize defense against ranged attacks.

An effective tactic lies in attacking Vorkath at a moment when it is not performing its particularly vigorous melee lunges, reducing risks and focusing on damage inflicted by dragonfire, mechanics, and ranged attacks. When using special abilities that weaken defense, the Bandos godsword surpasses the dragon warhammer due to its higher accuracy, even considering a defender for the warhammer. One aspect to bear in mind is that if the magic attack attribute is less than -65, the Crumble Undead spell will not achieve its purpose.

In the case of wearing gear below Bandos, it's prudent to prioritize defensive bonuses over strength bonuses if you notice that your raids are being disrupted by Vorkath's normal melee and ranged attacks. In the realm of gains, a higher number of eliminations per trip hold greater value compared to small increases in inflicted damage. Furthermore, if you decide to forgo defensive bonuses in favor of a melee strength focus in an allocated space, ensure that this adjustment genuinely translates to a significant increase in your maximum hits. You mustn't overlook that the +1 bonus provided by obsidian plates could be inconsequential, depending on the bonuses of your equipment in other aspects.

Equipment melee

Inventory melee



Weapons and armour