OSRS Verzik Vitur Guide - Theatre of Blood

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Verzik Vitur Guide OSRS

Lady Verzik Vitur, once the head of the Vitur family on the vampyre homeworld of Vampyrium, arrived on Gielinor during the Second Age alongside other vampyres in the entourage of Zaros, the enigmatic "Stranger from Afar." With a penchant for culture and collecting, Verzik brought with her a host of domesticated nylocas and cherished artifacts, including the Scythe of Vitur and the Ghrazi rapier.

Obra de arte de Verzik Vitur

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Service and Alliances

While initially aligned with the Zarosian Empire, Lady Vitur developed strong ties with the Drakan family, particularly Lowerniel Drakan. Even after Drakan's rebellion against Zaros, Verzik continued her support, playing a significant role in Drakan's conquest of Hallowvale during the Third Age. Notable for her prowess, she captured Saradominist Justiciars and orchestrated key events in the war.

Architect of Entertainment

Growing bored of conventional means of amusement, Lady Verzik conceptualized the Theatre of Blood, a macabre arena where challengers faced deadly creatures under the guise of freedom from blood tithes. Renowned for her sadistic pleasure in "playing" with her prey, Verzik spared no expense in creating a riveting and deadly spectacle within the walls of her theatre.

Transformation and Dominance

As Verzik's influence expanded, she continued to evolve her Theatre, introducing new challenges such as the grotesque Pestilent Bloat and the powerful Sotetseg. However, her ultimate transformation came unexpectedly when a Nylocas Queen emerged from her, declaring the vampyres' age to be over. Despite her mysterious ailment and apparent demise, Verzik returned in a vampyre-nylocas form, ready to face formidable challengers once again.

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Motivating New Players

The dark allure of Lady Verzik Vitur's realm beckons new players to OSRS, promising a gaming experience like no other. For those seeking adventure, here's why you should join the ranks:

1. Epic Storytelling: Immerse yourself in the rich lore and captivating stories that unfold within the Theatre of Blood. Lady Verzik Vitur's tale is but one thread in the intricate tapestry of OSRS.

2. Strategic Challenges: The Theatre of Blood offers strategic and challenging encounters, requiring teamwork, coordination, and skill. Conquer the grotesque creations and unravel the mysteries hidden within its walls.

3. Unique Rewards: Triumph over Lady Verzik Vitur, and you may lay claim to unique and valuable rewards, including coveted weapons and artifacts that stand as a testament to your prowess.

4. Community and Camaraderie: OSRS boasts a vibrant and active community, with players sharing experiences, strategies, and camaraderie. Join the ranks of adventurers, forge alliances, and embark on thrilling quests together.


A group of players fighting Verzik Vitur, a powerful vampyre noble.

Verzik's magic defence is calculated from her defence level rather than magic, unlike most monsters. Her defence cannot be lowered.

To initiate the fight, a player must first talk to Verzik Vitur. She will have 3 phases:

During phase 1, players in the raid must take it in turn to use the Dawnbringer's special attack in order to harm Verzik. Any other weapon will have a much lower chance of hitting and will also be capped on damage. Ranged/mage is capped at 3 and melee is capped at 10 damage.[2] It is mandatory to hide behind a pillar, as failing to do so can result in fatal damage. Pillars will also collapse after several attacks and deal heavy damage to anyone next to them when it collapses.

During phase 2, Verzik will leave her throne and fly to the middle of the room, collapsing all remaining pillars in the room.

Players next or under her have a chance of being bodyslammed away which stuns them, and she also tosses out bombs at the players' positions which deal heavy damage if they are not avoided.

She can summon multiple Nylocas. When this happens she also tosses a slow purple projectile which can be avoided but if it lands on the tile the player's on it can deal up to 78 damage. This purple projectile also transforms into Nylocas Athanatos which will heal her and can be removed by attacking them once with a poisoned weapon to inflict a heavy poison hit before despawning. The common Nylocas will follow a player and explode if they reach their target for up to 63 damage, but will also explode after a set amount of time.

As her health falls below 35%, she will start using blood spells to heal her, which will drain the player's prayer if prayed against, and periodically summon two Nylocas Matomenos which she will kill off if they persist too long, and heal her for the amount of health they had left. During the first three seconds after she summons them, any damage inflicted will heal her instead.

Verzik Vitur transforms into a spider hybrid.

During phase 3, Verzik's true form will be shown, a half spider, half vampyre. She is now mobile and uses all three forms of combat, her ranged attack consisting of barbs and her magic a single blue projectile. These are considered to be her "Auto" attacks. She now has four special attacks. The first she will summon common Nylocas during the fight like in the previous phase, and uses new abilities.

verzy phase 3

She can charge up a powerful attack, creating "safespots" which players can stand on to protect them from this attack. Each "safespot" only works for one player, so they cannot stand on the same tile to protect themselves.

She can also go to the center of the room and fling webs around the chamber, binding players if they are stuck on them. Trapped players can be set free by having other players attack the web, which has 10 health. Otherwise, they will be freed after a set amount of time but take heavy damage in the process.

She can also launch a green projectile which must be bounced between every player of the team or the player who is targeted will take up to 74% of their Hitpoints level as damage. The order of these attacks are in a set order. The first round of special attacks is Nylos, followed by webs, safe spots, and green projectile. There are four "auto" attacks between each special attack.

When she reaches 20% of her health, she will increase her attack speed, and summon a purple magical tornado for each player in the room, which will constantly follow them. If they are hit by the tornado, they will take damage equal to 50% of their current health, healing and empowering Verzik in the process. The tornado will also heal Verzik if a player dies to another attack.

Hard Mode

In Hard Mode, all of Verzik's attacks are modified to make the fight more challenging for players.

During phase 1, whenever Verzik's magic attack damages the pillars, three sets of debris will fall around a three tile radius from it that deals up to 35 damage and temporarily stuns players if hit by one.

During phase 2, Verziks' bombs now leave behind a pool of poison that deals up to 9-10 poison damage if stood on, though it does not inflict poison. The nylocas she summons now persist indefinitely until killed, whether by the player or if they explode themselves, along with being able to flicker at random. When she summons the Matomenos and absorbs them, they will also deal damage to nearby players based on their health.

In phase 3, Verzik can change her primary target at random. Her charged shot attack now hits three times per player, creating three "safespots" in the process. The green projectile now instantly kills if it has not been bounced at least once, and upon reaching 5.0% or lower health for the first time, does a one-time recovery of 30.0% of her health. The purple tornadoes she summons also heals her for triple the damage they inflict on players if they reach them.


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