OSRS Ursine chainmace Guide

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Ursine chainmace Guide OSRS

The Ursine Chainmace is an enhanced version of Viggora's Chainmace, and wielding it requires a minimum Attack level of 70. In terms of functionality, the Ursine Chainmace closely mirrors Viggora's Chainmace but boasts superior stats and introduces a unique special attack. Its heightened effectiveness makes it a formidable weapon, especially in combat situations where increased strength and performance are crucial. Additionally, it's important to note that the Ursine Chainmace is classified as a Zamorakian item within the context of the God Wars Dungeon, potentially influencing player strategies and interactions in that specific environment.

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How can You create the Ursine Chainmace?

To obtain this powerful weapon, players must combine Viggora's Chainmace with the claws of Callisto. This intricate process demands a high level of Smithing skill, specifically level 85. However, for those lacking the necessary Smithing level, Andros Mai in the Ferox Enclave can perform the combination for a fee of 500,000 coins.


Smithing 85 Smithing or Coins 10000.png 500,000 coins

Andros Mai Location:

Andros Mai.png

Andros Mai Location


Viggora's chainmace (u).png Craw's bow (u)1Coins 10000.png 4,151,892
Claws of callisto.png Claws of callisto1Coins 10000.png 91,623
 TotalCoins 10000.png 4,243,515
Ursine chainmace (u).png Ursine chainmace (u)1Coins 10000.png 4,217,563

Passive effect and Stats

The Ursine Chainmace features a compelling passive effect that further enhances its prowess when charged with revenant ether. Upon activation, the mace bestows an impressive 50% boost in both melee accuracy and damage when engaging NPCs in the Wilderness. This formidable bonus is not without its cost, as each attack conducted in the Wilderness consumes 1 ether, regardless of whether the player successfully lands the hit.

It's worth noting that the melee accuracy and damage augmentation is exclusive to engagements within the Wilderness. Even when wielding the chainmace outside this perilous region, charges will still be depleted with each use.

In terms of synergies, the Ursine Chainmace's passive effect stacks synergistically with a Slayer helmet or a Salve amulet and their respective variations. However, it's crucial to bear in mind that the simultaneous use of both a Slayer helmet (or its variants) and a Salve amulet is not possible. This distinct attribute positions the Ursine Chainmace as the premier melee weapon for Wilderness PvM, outshining even the formidable elder maul in terms of maximum hit, all while maintaining the swift attack speed characteristic of an abyssal whip. Such a combination of power, versatility, and efficiency makes the Ursine Chainmace a highly coveted asset for players venturing into the challenges of the Wilderness.

 Attack bonusesStab +53Slash -2Crush +71Magic +0Ranged +0
 Defence BonusesStab +0Slash +0Crush +0Magic +0Ranged +0
 OtherMelee strength +74Magic damage 0%Ranged strength +0Prayer bonus +2Weapon slot table List

Special attack

The Ursine Chainmace showcases a distinctive special attack named "Bear Down," a powerful maneuver that demands 50% of the player's special attack energy. When executed, Bear Down delivers a formidable strike with double accuracy, significantly increasing the chances of hitting the intended target.

Upon a successful hit (excluding zero damage), Bear Down inflicts additional effects on the adversary. The inflicted damage extends beyond the initial strike, dealing 20 damage over a duration of 6 seconds. Furthermore, the target is hindered from running for a duration of 3.6 seconds (equivalent to 6 ticks), limiting their mobility. In addition to impeding movement, Bear Down imposes a penalty on the target's Agility level, reducing it by 20.

It's noteworthy that the accuracy calculation for Bear Down relies on the offensive bonuses associated with the player's currently selected combat style. This accuracy roll is then matched against the slash defenses of the opponent, emphasizing the strategic aspect of choosing the right combat style to maximize the chances of a successful special attack.

The combination of heightened accuracy, sustained damage, and debilitating effects makes Bear Down a formidable asset in combat situations, providing players with a potent tool to gain the upper hand in confrontations.

How can I Charge The Ursine chainmace and Death Mechanics

The Ursine Chainmace requires a specific charging process to unlock and utilize its passive effect. Initially, players need to invest 1,000 revenant ether, incurring a cost of 176,000 coins, to activate the chainmace. It's crucial to note that this initial 1,000 ether used for activation does not contribute to the consumption of ether during the weapon's passive effect. To maximize the chainmace's damage output, additional ether can be added, up to a maximum of 16,000.

The continuous usage of the weapon carries an hourly cost of 1,500 ether or 264,000 coins, reflecting the ongoing expenditure associated with maintaining its enhanced capabilities. Players have the flexibility to remove the stored ether safely by opting for the right-click "Uncharge" option on the chainmace. Once uncharged, the chainmace becomes tradeable again, providing players with the freedom to buy, sell, or trade the weapon as needed.

It's essential to exercise caution when venturing into the Wilderness with the Ursine Chainmace, as any revenant ether stored within the weapon is inevitably dropped upon death, regardless of whether the chainmace is designated as a protected item. Despite the chainmace's capacity to store up to 17,000 revenant ether, it is advisable to carry only the minimum amount required for a Wilderness excursion, in addition to the initial 1,000 ether needed for weapon activation. This strategic approach helps minimize potential losses in the event of an unfortunate demise within the dangerous confines of the Wilderness.