OSRS Twitcher's Gloves Guide


Twitcher's Gloves Guide OSRS

When equipped, the Twitcher's Gloves grant the player a 20% increased chance of receiving a specific type of bird nest whenever they obtain one through Woodcutting. Players can easily customize their preference by right-clicking "Settings" on the gloves to specify which type of nest they prefer: Ring, Egg, Seed, or Clue.

It's worth noting that this effect synergizes with the bonuses provided by a strung rabbit foot, further enhancing the player's chances of obtaining their desired bird nests.

Moreover, despite redwood trees typically yielding only clue nests when cut, it appears that the Twitcher's Gloves still amplify the likelihood of obtaining them, providing an additional advantage to players engaged in Woodcutting activities.

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Obtaining the Twitcher's Gloves

To acquire the Twitcher's Gloves, players can purchase them from the Forestry Shop. However, obtaining these gloves requires specific items as currency:

1. Anima-infused Bark: Players need 5,000 pieces of anima-infused bark.

2. Noted Willow Logs: Additionally, players must provide 500 noted willow logs.

Once players have gathered the required materials, they can visit the Forestry Shop and exchange them for the Twitcher's Gloves. This item provides valuable benefits to players engaged in Woodcutting activities, enhancing their chances of obtaining specific types of bird nests and maximizing their efficiency in the game.

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