OSRS Twilight's Promise Quest Guide



Take your first steps into Varlamore and unlock the Quetzal Transport System.

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Required Quests:

Children of the Sun

Required Skills:


Required Items:

Items for two different combat styles


Combat level 40 Combat level

Some stamina potions

Start Point:

Map icon Speak to the Tullus twins in front of the Sunrise Palace.

Start Point

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1. Initiating the Quest: Start by speaking to either Ennius or Furia Tullus, positioned at the entrance to the Sunrise Palace in Civitas Illa Fortis. They will direct you to visit the temple in the city, informing you that Prince Itzla is anticipating your arrival.

Ennius Tullus.png

2. Finding the Temple: Locate the temple southeast of the bazaar, indicated on the world map with two dungeon icons.

Finding the Temple

3. Meeting Metzli, Teokan of Ranul: Upon reaching the temple, you won't find Prince Itzla there. Instead, converse with Metzli, the Teokan of Ranul, who will inform you that you previously saved the life of her counterpart, Servius. Inform her of your intended meeting with the prince. She'll then disclose that Prince Itzla is conversing with Servius in the crypt beneath the temple. Proceed downstairs to continue.

Metzli, Teokan of Ranul.png

4. Descending into the Crypt: Descend the stairs and head north past the gate within the crypt.

5. Speaking with Prince Itzla: Approach the prince, who will be situated in the center of the crypt. He'll reintroduce you to Servius, revealing him to be his father. Prince Itzla will emphasize that someone is plotting to kill Servius. Due to the strict travel policies before the treaty signing in Varrock, the suspect must be among the delegation that visited. Itzla suspects one of the Knights of Varlamore, who accompanied Servius. He suggests revisiting the Tullus twins for further investigation.

6. Return to the Tullus Twins: Head back to the Sunrise Palace and locate the Tullus twins, who are now deeper within the palace grounds. They will inform you about six knights and provide their locations along with a Varlamore crest to confirm your assistance.

7. Finding Arrun and Claudia: Visit the bazaar where you'll find Arrun and Claudia. They agree to return to the palace after dealing with a thief. Pickpocket the citizen in the second-to-lightest shade of blue robes to retrieve the stolen amulet and return it to the knights.

 Pickpocket the citizen

8. Locating Nel: Find Nel in the south-western part of the Fortis Cothon. Help her find a crate of weapons in the north-east corner of the cothon.  Search the crate to learn the name of the smuggling ship, the Fortis Spark, and return to Nel with the information. 

find a crate of weapons

9. Assisting Mezan: Head to the Colosseum and speak to Mezan in the training area. Spar with him using two different combat styles. Once the fight is over, Mezan will agree to return to the palace.

10. Helping Velam and Azali: Locate Velam and Azali at Atlazora's Rest. Lead Azali to the fountain east of the bar to sober her up. Once she's sober, speak to Velam and then head back to the palace.

Helping Velam and Azali

11. Judgement: After all knights have returned, speak to the twins again to learn about the knights' stay in the Kualti Headquarters. Investigate the chests in the south-eastern room of the headquarters to find an incriminating letter. Return to the twins to trigger a cutscene.


12. Delivering the News: Deliver the news to the prince at the Teomat after the cutscene.

13. Speak to Regulus Cento: Find Regulus Cento outside the palace and inquire about reaching the Teomat. He will inform you that Prince Itzla has provided you with a personal quetzal for transportation around Varlamore. He also gives you quetzal feed for Renu, your newly trained quetzal. Feed Renu the quetzal feed to activate the Quetzal Transport System interface.

Speak to Regulus Cento

speak to regulus cento

14. Travel to the Teomat: Use the Quetzal Transport System interface to travel to the Teomat. Look for the Teomat option on the menu, located just north of the Cam Torum location.

15. Meet Prince Itzla: Inside the Teomat, locate Prince Itzla in the room with the altar icon. Inform him about Velam's betrayal and express your suspicion regarding Velam's sudden death at the hands of Ennius. After some discussion, Prince Itzla agrees to keep an eye on the twins.

16. Learn about the Twilight Emissaries: Head slightly north to the library and speak with Metzli. She will share information about the Twilight Emissaries, a religious cult obsessed with the end of the world known as the Final Dawn. Metzli will mention Ximoua, a belief passed down from the Old Ones, which the Final Dawn interprets.

Metzli, Teokan of Ranul.png

17. Combat the Cultists: As you finish the conversation with Metzli, the cultists will attack. Defeat all eight cultists, who are level 34. Note that only one will attack you initially, while the rest will retaliate once attacked. If needed, allow the guards to assist in defeating them.

Combat the Cultists

18. Witness the Gravely Wounded Servius: After defeating the cultists, a cutscene will play, revealing that Servius has been gravely wounded despite none of the cultists breaching the defenses. Metzli will have disappeared, but Servius is quickly brought back to the capital for treatment.

Servius is gravely injured during the attack.

19. Await Prince Itzla's Next Steps: Prince Itzla informs you that he will contact you again once he has planned the next steps in dealing with the situation.

Congratulation! Quest Completed!

Congratulation! Quest Completed!