OSRS Tribal Totem Quest Guide

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Tribal Totem Quest Guide

"Tribal Totem" embarks on a quest shrouded in the mystique of the Rantuki tribe of Karamja. The mission revolves around the recovery of a cherished artefact that holds profound significance for the tribe. This treasured item, once safeguarded by the Rantuki, has been forcibly seized by the affluent nobleman, Lord Handelmort.

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21 Thieving

Items required:


Start point:

Speak to Kangai Mau at The Shrimp and Parrot restaurant in Brimhaven.

start point

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Engage in a conversation with Kangai Mau, a member of the tribe residing in the house to the north of Brimhaven's Shrimp and Parrot pub. He will somberly recount the grievous tale of how their tribe's sacred Totem was callously pilfered by the affluent Lord Handelmort.

talk to kangai mau

Exit the island and make your way to East Ardougne. Just to the west of the bustling market square, an imposing mansion stands enclosed within a secure garden. Engage in a conversation with Horacio, the diligent gardener in Lord Handelmort's employ. Inquire about the security measures implemented within the premises, and Horacio will discreetly divulge a crucial piece of information: the combination to the door lock is none other than Lord Handelmort's middle name.

talk to horacio

Make your way to the residence of Wizard Cromperty, situated to the northeast of East Ardougne's bustling market square. Engage in a conversation with the wizard and express your curiosity about his latest invention. Inquire further to learn about the whereabouts of the missing block.

Upon gathering the necessary information, return to Wizard Cromperty and request his teleportation assistance. Trusting in his arcane skills, he will transport you to the RPDT Depot.

Once at the RPDT Depot, embark on a diligent investigation of the crates within the vicinity. Your keen eye will lead you to a particular crate that bears the label "To be delivered to Lord Handelmort's Mansion." Carefully peel off the address label from this crate.

Next, make use of this label by applying it to the crate intended for delivery to Wizard Cromperty from the Wizards' Tower. Your strategic maneuver will serve as an important step in your quest.

To complete your mission, approach one of the RPDT employees and kindly request them to facilitate the delivery of these now appropriately labeled crates.

With your actions meticulously executed, you move one step closer to unraveling the mystery surrounding Lord Handelmort and the stolen tribal totem.

investigate crate

Journey northwest to the residence of Ardougne's Estate agent. Inside, you'll discover a Guide book resting upon a table. Seize this informative tome and delve into its contents. As you peruse its pages, you'll stumble upon the vital revelation of Lord Handelmort's true name, a key piece of information in your quest to recover the stolen tribal totem.

take guide book

Return to Wizard Cromperty once more, and engage him in conversation regarding his latest invention. Once again, request his mystical teleportation assistance, and this time, you will find yourself inside the confines of Lord Handelmort's opulent mansion.

Standing within the mansion's interior, your immediate focus should be the door directly west of your location. A combination lock guards this entrance, and you will need to input the password "K U R T" to gain access. If entered correctly, the door will swing open, granting you passage.

Upon entering, conduct a thorough investigation of the stairs to unveil a concealed trap. Ascend to the second floor with caution, as this step is pivotal in advancing your quest.

Note: Should you accidentally step onto the stairs without investigating them for traps, you will find yourself unexpectedly in the Ardougne sewers. Don't be deterred; climb up the nearby ladder to the south, and you will reemerge just outside the mansion. Return to Wizard Cromperty once more and enlist his teleportation services to try your luck once again.

enter the correct password

Proceed to the room situated directly to the east of your current position. Inside, you will encounter a chest that beckons your attention. Open this chest with a sense of anticipation and conduct a thorough search within. To your delight, you will uncover the long-sought-after Totem, a sacred artifact of the Rantuki tribe. Your quest is one step closer to its triumphant conclusion as you hold this prized possession in your hands.

search chest

Embark on your journey back to Kangai Mau's abode, bearing the sacred Totem in your possession. As you present the cherished artifact to him, the gratitude and relief in his eyes are unmistakable.

With the Totem safely returned to its rightful owners, you have not only completed your quest but also upheld justice and honored the traditions of the Rantuki tribe. Congratulations on your successful mission and your role in preserving the tribe's heritage!

Tribal Totem completed

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