OSRS Tithe Farm Guide (Post Update 2023)

Tithe Farm Guide[OSRS]

The Tithe Farm is a unique Farming-based minigame located in Hosidius, a region within Old School RuneScape (OSRS). In this engaging minigame, players are tasked with intensive planting of special seeds into farming patches, carefully tending to them until they reach maturity for harvest. The harvested produce is then deposited into sacks, earning players valuable points.

To participate in the Tithe Farm, players can seek guidance from Farmer Gricoller, who will provide information on how to play and get started.

It's important to note that leaving the farm through the designated door will completely reset the minigame and the player's score. However, any earned points and experience will be retained, allowing players to continue their progress in subsequent sessions.

In the event that a player logs out during a Tithe Farm session, their score will be preserved, and they will keep any remaining seeds and collected fruits. However, any crops that were previously planted will be lost.

With its unique mechanics and rewarding nature, the Tithe Farm offers players an enjoyable and fulfilling Farming experience within the world of OSRS.

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Getting there

To access the Tithe Farm in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), there are several convenient teleportation methods available:

1. Grouping Teleport to Tithe Farm: Players who have previously entered the Tithe Farm can use the Grouping teleport option on the spellbook. This teleportation method takes you directly to the Tithe Farm, allowing for quick and easy access.

2. Hosidius Teleport or Player-Owned House Exit: If you have a Hosidius teleport or are in a player-owned house located in Hosidius, simply head east to reach the Tithe Farm.

3. Xeric's Talisman Teleport: Players who possess a Xeric's talisman can teleport to Xeric's Glade and then head south-east to arrive at the Tithe Farm.

4. Kharedst's Memoirs or Book of the Dead Reminisce: If you have unlocked the respective teleport location in Hosidius using either the Kharedst's memoirs or the book of the dead, you can use the teleport option to Hosidius and then go south-east to reach the Tithe Farm.

Each of these teleportation methods offers a quick and efficient way to access the Tithe Farm, providing players with easy access to the minigame and its Farming challenges.

lolocation tithe farm


To participate in the Tithe Farm minigame in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), players must meet specific requirements and have the necessary items. Here's what you need to get started:

1. 100% Hosidius Favor: Before entering the Tithe Farm, players must have achieved 100% favor in the Hosidius House.

2. Minimum 34 Farming: To pick up the Golovanova seeds (the lowest available seeds) from the table, players must have at least 34 Farming. Higher-level seeds yield more farming experience, so it is advisable to use the highest seed you can plant.

Necessary Items:

Spade: Players need a spade to plant the seeds in the farming patches.

Seed Dibber: A seed dibber is required to plant the seeds in the farming patches.

Watering Cans: Players should bring one or more watering cans for tending to the crops. Having 6 to 8 watering cans is recommended to avoid frequent refilling during the planting cycle and to minimize weight. Alternatively, once you earn points, you can use a Gricoller's can as a more efficient watering can.

Optional Items:

Weight-reducing items: While not mandatory, having weight-reducing items like the full graceful outfit is highly recommended. These items offset the weight of the farming equipment, making it easier to move around and plant crops efficiently.

Available Seeds: Players can search the table to choose one type of seed to take into the minigame. The choice of seed              will not impact the gameplay itself, but higher-tier seeds provide more farming experience. Here are the available seeds:

  • Golovanova seeds (Requires Farming level 34)
  • Bologano seeds (Requires Farming level 54)
  • Logavano seeds (Requires Farming level 74)

Once you have met the requirements and gathered the necessary items, you can enter the Tithe Farm and start planting and harvesting crops for valuable farming experience and points.

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Once players have chosen suitable seeds based on their Farming level, they can enter the Tithe Farm and bring up to 10,000 of one type of seed. The seeds can be planted in any empty patches within the farm. The plants in the Tithe Farm grow at an accelerated rate, and players must diligently water them to keep them alive.

The growth process of the plants takes a total of 3 minutes to reach full maturity. Throughout this time, the plants require watering at minute 1, minute 2, and minute 3 to maintain their health and progress. If a plant is not watered at any of these stages, it will wilt and die, resulting in a lost opportunity.

To expedite the growth rate, players can use Gricoller's fertiliser, which doubles the speed of growth. This fertiliser is provided to players upon entering the minigame area. However, keep in mind that while it speeds up growth, it is slower than some other methods (refer to the Strategy section).

Once the plants have fully grown, players can proceed to harvest the fruits they've cultivated. These fruits can be deposited into any of the several sacks available around the farm. Depositing the fruits rewards players with Farming experience and, potentially, points.

For every 3 plants deposited into the sacks, players will earn 1 point. Additionally, for every 100 plants deposited, players will receive an extra 2 points, incentivizing efficient and substantial harvesting.

By actively planting, tending, and harvesting crops in the Tithe Farm, players can gain valuable Farming experience and accumulate points, which can be used for various rewards. This minigame offers an engaging and rewarding experience for those seeking to hone their Farming skills.

https://oldschool.runescape.wiki/iseeding mages/thumb/Tithe_Farm.png/250px-Tithe_Farm.png?46a74


In the basic strategy for the Tithe Farm minigame in Old School RuneScape (OSRS), players can use any five patches in the pattern provided (you don't need to use the specific patches shown). The strategy involves the following steps:

1. Plant and Water on the First Round: Upon entering the minigame, plant the seeds in the patches and water them immediately. This starts the growth process.

2. Water on the Next 2 Rounds: Continue to water the plants at minute 1 and minute 2 to keep them alive and progressing.

3. Harvest at Minute 3: At minute 3, the plants will be fully grown. Harvest the fruits from the plants.

4. Deposit Fruits and Refill Watering Cans: Deposit the harvested fruits into the nearby sacks to earn Farming experience and points. Afterward, refill your watering cans to prepare for the next cycle.

5. Bring Eight Watering Cans: Having eight watering cans allows you to manage up to 20 plants effectively.

6. Avoid Using Gricoller's Fertiliser: In the basic strategy, it's not recommended to use Gricoller's fertiliser, as it speeds up plant growth and can be challenging to handle with a large number of plants.

7. Deposit 100 Fruits Before Leaving: Aim to deposit 100 fruits into the sacks before leaving. There are bonus XP and points for depositing the last 25 out of every 100 fruits. Note that logging out won't reset the number of deposited fruits.

8. Always Bring 10k Seeds: Ensure you bring 10,000 seeds into the minigame to maximize your rewards. Bringing fewer seeds might result in missing out on bonus rewards if any mistakes occur.

9. Optimizing Planting, Watering, and Harvesting: You can save time by not waiting for the animations to finish when planting seeds, watering plants, or harvesting. This can significantly reduce the time spent on each run and is crucial when managing 20 plants at once.

For more advanced strategies to handle more than 20 plants per run or replant faster, players can explore the tick perfect section and additional guides for further optimizations. Practice is key to mastering these techniques and maximizing your efficiency in the Tithe Farm minigame.

seeding order part 1         seeding order part 2

Reward shop






Reduces chance of crops becoming diseased while growing throughout the plant cycle and increasing the minimum and maximum number of crops received upon harvest. The supercompost version is more potent.



Grape seed


A tradeable seed that can be planted in the Vinery to harvest grapes.


Bologa's blessing
(20 stack)


Converts 1 grapes into 1 Zamorak's grapes per scroll when harvesting them from the Vinery. Purchasing this requires level 50 Prayer and a one-time payment to Bologa for 75,000 coins while wearing an item affiliated with Zamorak.

1 point grants 20 blessings.

Herb box


A box that contains an assortment of ten random grimy herbs.

Farmer's strawhat


A piece of the farmer's outfit. Appearance differs between genders.

Farmer's jacket/shirt


A piece of the farmer's outfit. Jacket is obtained if male, shirt if female.

Farmer's boro trousers


A piece of the farmer's outfit. Appearance differs between genders.

Farmer's boots


A piece of the farmer's outfit. Appearance slightly differs between genders.

Gricoller's can


Acts as a watering can but holds 1,000 doses of water. This effectively lasts 333 plants within tithe farm before it needs refilling. Filled by using it on a water source.

Seed box


Stores any amount of six types of seeds.

Herb sack


Stores 30 of each type of grimy herb. Requires 58 Herblore.



When enabled, weeds no longer grow in your Farming patches. This doesn't remove weeds that have already grown there, but it stops them from growing back.
Once purchased, the ability can be turned on and off freely.
Note: This doesn't affect farming patches involved in Managing Miscellania.



In conclusion, the Tithe Farm is a rewarding Farming-based minigame located in Hosidius in Old School RuneScape (OSRS). To participate, players must have 100% Hosidius favor and a minimum of 34 Farming to pick up the Golovanova seeds from the table.

The gameplay involves intensive planting of seeds into farming patches, diligent watering over three minutes, and timely harvesting before the plants wilt. Players can choose up to 10,000 of one type of seed and must water the plants once before minutes 1, 2, and 3 to keep them alive.

For maximum efficiency, players are encouraged to use the provided plant layout and order for managing up to 20 plants at a time. It's advisable to avoid using Gricoller's fertiliser in the basic strategy to handle a large number of plants effectively.

Upon harvesting, players can deposit the fruits into nearby sacks for Farming experience and points. It is recommended to deposit 100 fruits before leaving, as bonus XP and points are awarded for the last 25 out of every 100 fruits deposited.

Players should always bring 10k seeds and eight watering cans to the minigame. Weight-reducing items like the full graceful outfit are helpful but not mandatory.

For more advanced strategies, players can explore tick perfect techniques and other guides to handle more crops per run or replant faster.

Mastering the Tithe Farm requires practice and efficient use of time. By effectively planting, watering, and harvesting, players can reap substantial Farming experience and rewards in this engaging and profitable minigame.

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