OSRS Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Guide


Thermonuclear Smoke Devil Guide OSRS

The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil, commonly referred to as Thermy, is the boss version of the Smoke Devil found in the Smoke Devil Dungeon. It requires a minimum Slayer level of 93 to damage. This formidable adversary can be encountered within the Smoke Devil Dungeon, located south of Castle Wars, and can only be attacked while on a designated Smoke Devil task, except for a single kill permitted for the Western Provinces Diary requirements (if the player already possesses 93 Slayer without temporary boosts). It is the sole monster that drops valuable items such as the Smoke Battlestaff, Jar of Smoke, and the Smoke Devil pet.

Thermonuclear Smoke Devil

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Location and How to Get there

The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil is situated within the Smoke Devil Dungeon, which can be found to the south of Castle Wars.

The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil resides within a distinct section of the Smoke Devil Dungeon, as depicted in the image.

Thermonuclear Smoke Devil location

The most expedient way to access this dungeon is through the use of fairy rings:

1. Utilize the code "B-K-P" then proceed in a north-eastern direction to reach the entrance of the dungeon.

2. In case fairy rings are not yet unlocked, you can opt to teleport to Castle Wars and head south-west of the building, where you will discover the entrance to the Smoke Devil Dungeon.

Upon entering the Smoke Devil Dungeon, proceed in a north-western direction to locate a crevice that will lead you to the section where the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil can be encountered.

Recommended Skills

If using Melee:

Level attack 90 or higher

Level strength 90 or higher

Level defence 90 or higher

Level hitpoint melee 90 or higher, required to utilise the Redemption prayer method

Level prayer piety 70 or higher for the Piety prayer

If using Magic:

Level magic 75 or higher to equip the correct staves

Level hitpoint 90 or higher, required to utilise the Redemption prayer method

Level prayer augury 77 or higher for the Augury prayer


Recommended Equipment (Melee):

Recommended Equipment  melee


1. Dragon claws

2. Saturated heart

3. Torva platelegs for Dragon claws special attack

4. 3 Divine super combat potion

5. Teleport to house (tablet)

6. Rune pouch

7. Rest Super restores

Recommended Equipment (Magic):

Recommended Equipment magic


1. Dragon claws

2. Saturated heart

3. Teleport to house (tablet)

4. Rune pouch

5. 3 Super combat potion

6. Rest Super restores


Thermonuclear Smoke Devil strategy

1. Attack Styles: The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil employs a unique attack style, using a typeless magical ranged attack:

'Typeless' implies that protection prayers are ineffective against this attack.

'Magical ranged' signifies that the attack's accuracy is determined by the ranged attack bonuses of the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil and the magic defense bonuses of the player.

The maximum damage inflicted by this attack is 8.

This attack is highly accurate and boasts a swift attack speed of 2 ticks, equivalent to 1.2 seconds.

It has an attack range of eight tiles.

2. Smoke: The Thermonuclear Smoke Devil is situated within a smoky environment. Consequently, players must equip either a gas mask, facemask, or slayer helmet. Failing to equip any of these items will result in the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil swiftly depleting the player's hitpoints and stats.

Tips and Tricks

Blood Barrage Healing

A straightforward yet effective method for prolonged trips and kill counts, though its profitability relies on unique drops. Players equipped with high magic attack and strength bonus gear can outheal the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil's damage. Consider using the Ancient Sceptre and select gear like Bloodbark boots and gloves without sacrificing significant magic bonuses. Enhancements like Forgotten Brew/imbued heart and Augury significantly boost effectiveness. Carry an ample supply of prayer/super restore potions and a few high-healing emergency food items for unlucky splashes. Utilizing the smaller smoke devils in the arena for group blood barrages is also an efficient way to swiftly regain full health.


The player's magic spells have a longer attack range than the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil. Exploit this by freezing the boss with ice spells from the Ancient Magicks spellbook and moving out of its attack range. This allows the player to attack the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil while remaining unscathed.

Redemption Method

Players with a Prayer level of 49 or higher can use the Redemption prayer to restore hitpoints. When the player's hitpoints drop below 10% of their maximum while the Redemption prayer is active, it consumes remaining prayer points to heal the player. The amount healed is 25% of their Prayer level (rounded down). High-level players can restore up to 24 hitpoints with Redemption. Quickly replenish prayer points with a prayer potion, super restore, or Ancient brew and reactivate the Redemption prayer.

Walk-Under Method

Leverage the player's slower attack speed compared to the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil's to reduce damage. By walking under the boss immediately after attacking, the player can evade most of its attacks. An advanced version of this method involves clicking on an item or interactive object to prevent the boss from moving while you attack.

POH/Nardah Method

Similar to the Abyssal Sire, the Thermonuclear Smoke Devil is near a fairy ring. For a quick fight, use a high-special attack damage weapon like dragon claws and the best affordable strength-boosting gear. After defeating the boss, teleport to your house and use the rejuvenation pool to restore health, prayer, and special attack. Alternatively, if you've completed the elite desert diary, use a Desert amulet 4 to restore stats and a Quest point cape to teleport close to a fairy ring, making for a more profitable, low-input cost method, albeit with slightly slower kill rates due to the boss's simplicity and quick respawn timer.


Weapons and armour

Weapons and armour

Runes and Ammunition

Runes and Ammunition





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