OSRS The Ribbiting Tale of a Lily Pad Labour Dispute Quest Guide



Solve a ribbiting dispute and gain access to a new hardwood Farming patch.

The Ribbiting Tale of a Lily Pad Labour Dispute.png

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Required Quests:

Children of the Sun

Required Skills:

Woodcutting 15 Woodcutting

Required Items:

Any axe



Start Point:

Map icon Speak to Marcellus in Locus Oasis.

start point

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1. Speak to Marcellus at the Locus Oasis: Begin your quest by seeking out Marcellus at the Locus Oasis, situated by the hardwood tree patch. Upon your approach, Marcellus may seem a bit eccentric, immediately accusing you of colluding with the frogs inhabiting the other side of the oasis. He fervently believes that these frogs harbor intentions of enslaving all of humanity.


2. Engage with the Blue Frogs: Venture towards the heart of the oasis, just a short distance north of the teak tree grove. Here, you'll encounter the group of blue frogs whom Marcellus so vehemently opposes. In conversation with them, they will reveal that their recent actions, which may seem confrontational, are merely a strike. They feel unjustly treated by Marcellus and his methods. You will then undertake the task of serving as a mediator between the conflicting factions.


3. Return to Marcellus: After conversing with the blue frogs, return to Marcellus to relay their perspective. However, Marcellus remains adamant, insisting that he will not entertain any peace talks until his brain, allegedly held by the frogs, is returned to him. Furthermore, he stipulates that negotiations must be conducted solely with their leader.

4. Proceed with Negotiations: With Marcellus's conditions laid out, your next step involves navigating the delicate negotiation process. Engage with the leader of the blue frogs to facilitate dialogue and hopefully reach a resolution that satisfies both parties.

Items Needed: An axe

Begin by speaking to either Gary or Sue, who have decided to hold an election to determine the leader. Reluctantly, they ask for your assistance in sabotaging Cuthbert's lily pad to prevent him from winning the vote. They fear Cuthbert's leadership may lead to war with humans. They also caution you to avoid detection by Dave and Jane, who strictly adhere to the rules.

5. Engage with Dave or Jane: Locate Dave or Jane, who have already set up the lily pads for the election. Attempt to convince them to allow you to inspect the lily pads, but they adamantly refuse, believing it's their responsibility to oversee them. They mention their hunger and express interest in the nearby oranges.

         Jane                      Dave


6. Obtain an Axe and Distract Dave and Jane: If you don't have an axe, you can find one by the stump near Marcellus. Use the axe to chop down the orange tree, distracting Dave and Jane with the prospect of a tasty treat.

Distracting Dave and Jane by cutting down an orange tree.

7. Sabotage the Lily Pad: While Dave and Jane are distracted, proceed to sabotage Cuthbert's lily pad.

8. Return to Gary and Sue: Once the sabotage is complete, return to Gary and Sue to inform them. They will then commence the election.

9. Election Results: A cutscene will unfold, showcasing Sue and Cuthbert competing in the frog-hopping competition. Sue successfully hops on the lily pad, while tragically, Cuthbert sinks into the water and perishes due to his inability to swim.

The frogs' Election Hop-Off begins.

10. Negotiation with Sue: With Sue now elected as the leader, she initiates negotiations with you. Sue proposes that Marcellus should aid the frogs by consuming flies in exchange for oranges as payment. Present this offer to Marcellus, who questions the flies' wrongdoing and demands proof of their betrayal.

11. Gathering Evidence: Return to Gary and Sue, who devise a plan to incriminate the flies. They suggest stealing something from Marcellus and framing the flies for it. Search Marcellus' home for a love letter hidden beneath his bed. The letter reveals Marcellus's affection for someone named Nalia, which serves as the passcode to unlock a chest in his home.

12. Retrieve the Plushy: Open the chest and obtain a plushy from within. Proceed to the east and place the plushy by the capybara dung to fabricate evidence against the flies.

Plushy detail.png

13. Unexpected Encounter: Upon planting the evidence, Cuthbert, Lord of Dread, unexpectedly emerges, having survived the election. Despite being only level 1, Cuthbert's intelligent NPC pathing poses a challenge as he engages in battle with you.

Unexpected Encounter

14. Concluding Negotiations: After defeating Cuthbert, speak with Marcellus again, who now agrees to the frogs' terms. Confirm the resolution by conversing with Sue or Gary to officially conclude the quest.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

Congratulations! Quest Completed!