OSRS The Maiden of Sugadinti Guide - Theatre of Blood

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The Maiden of Sugadinti Guide OSRS

Embark on a journey into the ominous depths beneath Ver Sinhaza, where the Theatre of Blood awaits. This grand arena, shrouded in mystery, serves as a venue for the vampyric rulers to indulge in blood sports. A chilling challenge lies within—the formidable Maiden of Sugadinti. 

Beneath the castle of Ver Sinhaza, the Theatre of Blood stands as a macabre playground for the vampyres. While the only requirement for participation is completing the Priest in Peril quest, the theatre beckons the citizens of Meiyerditch, offering freedom from blood tithes in exchange for facing gruesome experiments. However, the promised reward proves to be a cruel illusion, as the vampyres cling to their primary source of sustenance. This blood-soaked arena is open not only to Meiyerditch citizens but also to outsiders, providing a challenging spectacle for both experienced adventurers and newcomers.

At the forefront of this nightmarish theatre is the Maiden of Sugadinti, formerly known as Serafina. A tragic tale unfolds as she sacrifices herself for her brother, only to be transformed into the Maiden—a puppet with no control over her own mind. The vampyres, in a bid to manipulate Meiyerditch citizens, spread false hope that the Maiden achieved freedom through the theatre. The reality is a cruel deception, and the citizens unknowingly become pawns in the vampyres' twisted games.

Artwork of the Maiden of Sugadinti

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Navigating the Nightmares

The encounter with the Maiden is a dance of strategy and survival. As she unleashes magical storms and blood spots, players must navigate the battlefield, dodging attacks and countering with precision. At specific health thresholds, Nylocas Matomenos emerge, threatening to heal the Maiden if they reach her. Freezing these creatures with ice spells becomes crucial, requiring teamwork and coordination.

The Maiden of Sugadinti is a former human named Serafina, and is the first boss in the Theatre of Blood.

The Maiden has a Defence level of 200 and a Magic level of 350. While she possesses both melee and ranged stats, she only attacks with magic. She has no defensive bonuses despite her high combat stats, making her fairly easy to hit.

She attacks by sending a magical black storm toward the nearest player, which also will drain their combat stats. The style for which the player's accuracy bonus is highest will have its corresponding stats drained; an advanced technique is to switch equipment right before she attacks, so that she drains an irrelevant stat. The Maiden prioritises her target based on distance to her. If all players are in an equal distance, she will prioritise those in the north-east of the room. If all players are in the north-east, then she prioritises them based on orb order. When the current tank is low on health another teammate should step in before she attacks again. It is common practice to let the DPS roles tank at the beginning of the fight and let freezers tank after the last set of nylocas has been frozen. While learning teams can have one of the freezers bring soul runes for blood barrage.

Occasionally she can also throw blood where raiders are standing; after doing so, there is a 3 attack cooldown before she can throw blood again. One targeted player will have two additional splats thrown randomly in a 5x5 area centred around them. There is a distinct sound effect for this attack, and those standing away can react to it, but players in melee distance will need to anticipate this attack in order to avoid all damage.


A group of players fighting Serafina, the Maiden of Sugadinti.

Blood splats

1. Standing on splats will deal rapid damage and drain prayer. The damage ~= 10 + 2 * (n crabs leaked).

2. Damage inflicted heals the Maiden

3. Standing on splats will increase the chance that a blood spawn spawns

Magic attack

1. Every 10 ticks, Maiden will target the closest player to the north east tile of the 2x2 square the center of her hitbox , targeting the player higher in orb order if there is a tie.

2. This attack is 100% accurate, and the damage dealt ~=36.5 + 3.5 * (n crabs leaked). Protect from magic will half the damage dealt. This can not be tick eaten.

3. When this attack hits a player, there is a chance it will drain the stats of their most accurate style (calculated based on the attack rolls of the player's currently equipped gear)

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Blood spawn

1. Leaves a trail of blood splats

2. 120 hitpoints

Nylocas Matomenos

1. 200 hitpoints (175 in 4-man, 150 in solo, duo and trio)

2. If these reach the Maiden, they will heal her by double the amount of their remaining hitpoints, increase the damage of blood splats, and increase her max hit

3. Two spawns per player, 10 possible spawn locations

4. Spawn when Maiden's health reaches 70, 50, and 30%

Before starting the encounter make sure everyone drops their salve amulet (e) and a piece of food so there are two free inventory spaces to equip two-handed weapons and to be able to take off gear that give negative magic attack bonus (e.g. primordial boots) for freezing. Raiders should also assign freezing roles to each other, these being: N1234 and S12 with the rest of the raiding team as DPS roles.

The team should throw their defence-draining specials first, with those possessing dragon warhammers going first as two successful hits will reduce her defence level to ~132, or 68 drained levels. Then those with bandos godswords will go next to further increase the effectiveness of the drain, since as stated above she has no defence bonuses. After all the specials are dumped, begin attacking her normally. It is only recommended to melee with a scythe; if players do not have one, use ranged instead. Due to her high Magic level, the twisted bow is highly effective against her; if the player does not have one, use a toxic blowpipe with the best darts available.

Freezers should ice barrage the nylocas to prevent them from reaching Maiden when she reaches 70, 50, 30% of her health. There are 4 potential nylocas spawns on the north and south side of the arena. The nylocas are referred to as N1-N4 and S1-S4, N1 being the nylocas that spawns closest to Maiden on the north side. N1, N2, and S1 cannot be clumped together with other nylocas. Freezers should stand further away from Maiden so she does not drain their stats while they are freezing.

With two freezers, the ideal strategy is for the north freezer to freeze N1 on the first tick possible, then N2 then freeze all of the 3 and 4 spawns when they clump together in front of Maiden. The south freezer should freeze S1 and then freeze S2 in the clump; if they notice their other mager is late they can freeze 3 or 4 for them. Freezers should then barrage the clump until it is dead or very low hitpoints. DPS should kill the stray nylocas before getting back on Maiden. Experienced teams will instead barrage a few times before letting the ranger chin the clump - in this the freezers should help kill single crabs. Repeat for the remaining nylocas spawns.

With best-in-slot gear, it is possible to clump the first and second set of nylocas, though this is generally uncommon in most teams as leaks can be detrimental to the team. For the last set of nylocas, it is possible to skip them and outright kill the Maiden instead, which can save some time on the run. Players who used both special attacks at the start of the fight should be able to send one crystal halberd special.

Hard Mode and Entry Mode Challenges

For those seeking an even greater challenge, Hard Mode introduces intensified mechanics, where Nylocas Matomenos relentlessly swarm the arena. The Maiden's damage cap increases, and blood spawns become immune to damage, demanding expert coordination from the raiding party. Entry Mode offers a scaled-down version, allowing players to practice with reduced risk and unlimited attempts upon failure. These variations cater to both the daring and those honing their skills.

Hard Mode

In Hard Mode, in addition to the previous mechanics, the Maiden will always spawn the maximum number of Nylocas Matomenos (10), regardless of the number of players in the encounter. When any Nylocas Matomenos reach the Maiden, they will increase her Attack speed along with healing her, up to a cap of 5.

Blood spawns are immune to damage but can still be frozen by the use of ice spells. It is highly recommended to keep the blood spawns frozen during the fight because the blood trail they leave behind doesn't disappear and will continuously fill the room up with blood spots.

The Maiden's damage cap is also increased, meaning she can hit faster and harder than the regular version when Nylocas Matomenos reach her and players step on blood spots during the fight. This can often make it very difficult for players to complete since her damage can ramp up very quickly depending on the number of mistakes the team makes during the fight.

Entry Mode

In Entry Mode, the Maiden can scale down to 20% of her original Hitpoints when done in a solo party. She will spawn fewer Nylocas Matomenos and the encounter is generally less punishing for mistakes due to her lower damage. This allows players the freedom to practice against the Theatre of Blood bosses without as much risk.

If a team wipes in Entry Mode, they will be taken back outside of the boss room and have unlimited attempts to fight the boss again. Hardcore ironmen will still lose their status upon death.