OSRS The Fremennik Exiles Quest Guide

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The Fremennik Exiles Quest Guide OSRS

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Required Quests:

The Fremennik Isles

The Fremennik Trials

Lunar Diplomacy

Lost City

Rune Mysteries

Shilo Village

Jungle Potion

Druidic Ritual

Mountain Daughter

Heroes' Quest

Dragon Slayer I

Lost City

Merlin's Crystal

Shield of Arrav

Required Skills:

Crafting 65 Crafting (not boostable)

Slayer 60 Slayer (not boostable)

Smithing 60 Smithing (not boostable)

Fishing 60 Fishing (not boostable)

Runecraft 55 Runecraft

Required Items:

Combat equipment

Mirror shield

2 Kegs of beer (cannot be obtained in Rellekka during quest, buy from Thora the Barkeep before starting the quest)

1 Molten glass

100 Astral runes

Pet rock

Fishing rod or fly fishing rod

Fremennik shield (this is not the tradeable Neitiznot shield)

Alternatively, get it from Bardur AFTER being exiled, for either 150,000 or for free using a Ring of charos (a)

Recommended: Rune thrownaxes to get to Bardur in the Waterbirth Island Dungeon

Ice gloves or Smiths gloves (i)


Glassblowing pipe

3 Lunar bars or ores. Alternatively a pickaxe to obtain them (requires Mining 60 Mining (boostable)).

Seal of Passage (if the elite Fremennik diaries aren't completed)


Combat level 80 Combat level

Stamina potions

Moonclan teleport (tablet)s

Food, Monkfish or better

Enchanted lyre, Fremennik sea boots or other means to return to Rellekka

Start Point:

Map icon Speak to Brundt the Chieftain in Rellekka.

Start Point

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Necessary items:

- Mirror shield
- Combat equipment (avoid two-handed weapons)
- 3 inventory slots
- 650+ coins for purchasing 2 kegs of beer from Thora the Barkeep

1. Initiating the Quest:

Speak to Brundt the Chieftain in the Rellekka Longhall and request a quest.

Brundt will ask you to investigate a disturbance near the sand pit.

2. Preparation:

Purchase 2 kegs of beer from Thora the Barkeep (located in Rellekka Longhall).

3. Speaking to Freygerd:

Head north to the house next to the sand pit and talk to Freygerd.

Listen to her account of the previous night's disturbance, involving red eyes outside her window.

4. Investigating the Clues:

Go outside and investigate the area for clues:

  - Search the rockslide west of Freygerd's house to obtain a venomous fang.

  - Check the boxes outside the house for a venom gland.

  - Search the sand pit to encounter an aggressive level 57 Basilisk Youngling. Defeat it while using a mirror shield             to protect against its attacks.

Upon killing the basilisk, it drops an unsealed letter. Read the letter for information about an impending basilisk invasion and the return of Jormungand.

A wild basilisk appeared!

5. Reporting to Freygerd:

Return to Freygerd and choose to either tell her the truth or provide a comforting lie (random for each player).

6. Reporting to Chieftain Brundt:

Head back to Brundt the Chieftain and report your findings.

Chieftain Brundt reacts with horror and shares the history of Jormungand's enslavement of the Fremennik people.

7. Council Meeting and Exile:

A cutscene triggers with the arrival of Council member Agnar.

Agnar blames you for the town's misfortunes and declares a vote for your exile.

Brundt, while disagreeing, is bound by honor to follow the council's decision.

Brundt reluctantly exiles you, gesturing to the south-east.

The player is exiled from the Fremennik Province.

Citizens of Rellekka will now view you as an outsider, resulting in hostile warnings upon interaction.

Boat travel from the Rellekka port remains accessible.

Redeeming the Exile

1. Leaving Rellekka:

Exit Rellekka from the southern entrance and head southeast along the dirt path.

2. Meeting Brundt the Chieftain:

Find Brundt the Chieftain nearby, who apologizes for your exile and explains the irrational actions of the Council members due to the "End of Things" prophecy.

3. Understanding the Prophecy:

Brundt informs you that the prophecy predicts the "End of Things" after the release of Jormungand. He suggests restoring V's shield to regain trust and prove your worth.

4. Recreating V's Shield:

Brundt explains the four components needed to recreate V's shield, which was crafted with the help of the Moon Clan to reflect the Serpent King's gaze.

Fremennik Shield

Items Needed: Rune thrownaxe, Pet rock (for reaching Bardur, unless you already have a Fremennik shield or wish to kill market guards to obtain one) stamina potions, Combat equipment, Food, ring of charos (a) unless you already have a Fremennik shield or wish to kill market guards to obtain one.

1. Obtaining the Fremennik Shield:

- The Fremennik shield (not the tradeable Neitiznot shield) can be acquired as a drop from dagannoths within the Waterbirth Island Dungeon or more rarely from market guards.

- Alternatively, find Bardur deep within the Waterbirth Island Dungeon to obtain a shield by paying 150,000 or for free by charming Bardur while wearing the ring of charos (a).

2. Navigating the Dungeon:

Navigating the Dungeon

The dungeon has enemies with all three attack styles, so bring combat equipment, food, and use protection prayers.

To reach Bardur, navigate through the first level of the dungeon by unlocking gates using the pet rock and rune thrownaxe.

Use the special attack of the rune thrownaxe on the door supports to access the ladder leading down to the lower levels.

Follow the ladders, descending until reaching the room with two ladders. Take the southern one and continue following the ladders until you find Bardur.

The dungeon map provides a clear route to reach Bardur. A more detailed walk-through is available on the dungeon's wiki page.

Creating Lunar Glass and V's Sigil

Items Needed:

- Seal of passage (unless Elite Fremennik Diary is completed)
- Molten glass
- 100 Astral runes
- 3 Lunar bars (or ores and any pickaxe)
- Hammer
- Teleports to Lunar Isle
- Teleports to Rellekka (Enchanted lyre or Fremennik Sea boots)

1. Visit Baba Yaga:

Talk to Baba Yaga on Lunar Isle about making Lunar glass. Provide her with a piece of molten glass, and she will transform it into molten glass (i).

2. Gather Lunar Ores:

If lunar ore is needed, enter the Lunar Isle mine located northeast of the city. Mine three lunar ores from the stalagmites.

Isle mine located northeast of the city

3. Infuse Lunar Glass at Astral Altar:

Head to the Astral Altar and use the molten glass (i) along with 100 Astral runes to create lunar glass.

4. Create V's Sigil:

Return to Rellekka and go to the furnace and anvil in the southwest part of the city.

Smelt the three lunar ores into lunar bars using the furnace.

Use the three lunar bars and a hammer on the anvil to create V's sigil.

5. Summon Fossegrimen:

Head to the small peninsula southwest of Rellekka, the same place where you make offerings to enchant your lyre.

Summon Fossegrimen

Interact with the strange altar to summon Fossegrimen.

6. Enchanting V's Sigil:

Offer the sigil to Fossegrimen, who will be summoned from the strange altar.

Fossegrimen will happily oblige to enchant the sigil in gratitude to V.

Obtaining the Polishing Rock

Items Needed:

- Pet rock
- Fishing rod
- Ice gloves
- Glassblowing pipe
- 2 teleports to the Mountain Camp (Slayer ring or fairy ring (ajr) access)
- Teleports back to Rellekka (Enchanted lyre or Fremennik Sea boots)

1. Visit Brundt:

Speak to Brundt in Rellekka. He suggests obtaining a polishing rock by submerging a rock in the hot springs east of Rellekka.

2. Travel to Mountain Camp:

Head to the Mountain Camp with your pet rock. The camp is located east of Rellekka.

3. Attempt to Submerge Pet Rock:

Go to the large geyser on the south side of the lake, near the climbable tree.

Attempt to put your pet rock into the geyser. However, you won't be able to submerge it due to your emotional attachment.

4. Consult Peer the Seer:

Return to Rellekka and ask Peer the Seer to make you forget about your pet rock. He will agree to help.

Consult Peer the Seer

5. Return to Mountain Camp:

Head back to the Mountain Camp with your emotionally unattached pet rock, a fishing rod, and a pair of ice gloves.

6. Obtain the Polishing Rock:

Wear the ice gloves, put the pet rock into the geyser, and retrieve it again with the fishing rod to obtain the polishing rock.

If you forget to put on your ice gloves and drop the rock into the geyser, simply put on the gloves and use the fishing rod on the geyser to retrieve the rock.

Returning to Brundt 

Items Needed:

- Polishing rock
- V sigil (e)
- Lunar glass
- Fremennik Shield
- Glassblowing pipe
- 2 Kegs of beer

1. Recreating V's Shield:

With all the required components (polishing rock, V sigil (e), lunar glass, Fremennik Shield) and a glassblowing pipe, use the V sigil on the Fremennik Shield to recreate V's shield.

2. Returning to Brundt:

Head back to Brundt the Chieftain southeast of Rellekka.

3. Presenting the Shield:

Show Brundt the recreated shield, and he will be astonished by your craftsmanship.

4. End of Exile:

Brundt requests you to wield the shield in the upcoming battle against the basilisks.

He decides to return to Rellekka, end your exile, and declare you as part of the Fremennik force against the basilisk invasion.

5. Supplying Brundt with Beer:

Before returning to Rellekka, Brundt asks you to bring him two kegs of beer.

If you forgot to buy them earlier, you can purchase them from Rasolo or on the Grand Exchange. Note that the beer tankard from the table in the Longhall does not work.

6. Brundt's Liquid Courage:

After giving Brundt the kegs of beer, he reveals that he needs them to gather enough courage to declare the end of your exile and rejoin the Fremennik.

7. Returning to the Longhall:

Before drinking the second keg, Brundt asks you to return to the Longhall.

Basilisks in the Market - Defending Rellekka

Items Needed:

- V's shield
- Combat equipment
- Food
- Teleports to Lunar Isle
- Teleports back to Rellekka (Enchanted lyre or Fremennik Sea boots)

1. Return to the Longhall:

Head back to the Longhall and talk to Brundt, who is now sober. He informs you that the Council has decided to end your exile after the successful recreation of V's shield.

2. Declaration of Fremennik Status:

Brundt declares you a Fremennik once more and asks for your assistance in traveling to the Island of Stone to ensure The Jormungand's prison remains sealed.

3. Basilisk Invasion:

As you inquire about the departure time, the basilisks invade the marketplace.

Fighting the basilisks in the market alongside Brundt and Koschei

4. Wield V's Shield:

Equip V's shield and engage in combat with the invading basilisks until you reach 100% completion.

- Monstrous Basilisks (level 135) count for 10% completion.

- Basilisks (level 61) count for 3.33% completion.

5. Board the Fremennik Boat:

Once you have defeated enough basilisks, Brundt directs you to the north-westernmost Fremennik Boat.

Board the boat to travel to the Island of Stone.

6. Travelling to the Island of Stone:

Once on the Island of Stone, you can freely travel back and forth by speaking to Haskell.

You have the option to leave and recuperate for the next battles.

Island of Stone - Confronting Typhor and The Jormungand

Items Needed:

- V's shield
- Combat equipment to fight Typhor (level 218) and The Jormungand (level 363)
- High-healing food
- 1-2 Super restore(4)

1. Arrival on the Island:

Upon arriving on the Island of Stone, Brundt discovers that The Jormungand's prison has already been breached, and the basilisks have resealed the door.

2. Door Puzzle:

OSRS Fremennik exiles- Mind Master cave puzzle in arabic - YouTube

The door puzzle is similar to the Mastermind game, using six different rune symbols (air, water, earth, fire, astral, and cosmic).

Solve the puzzle by using green checks for perfect matches and red checks for correct runes in the wrong position.

If you fail to solve the combination 9 times, the puzzle will reset, and the solution will change.

A helpful tool can be used for solving the puzzle, entering the string "Air, Water, Earth, Fire, Astral, Cosmic" for the colors and checking "Allow duplicate colors."

3. Entering the Prison:

Once you solve the puzzle, the door will open. This is a checkpoint; you won't need to solve the puzzle again.

Observe Bakuna, Typhor, and Vritra attempting to awaken The Jormungand.

4. Battle Against Typhor:

Brundt fights Vritra, and you engage in a battle against Typhor (level 218).

Typhor may attack with either magic or melee. Consider praying Protect from Magic to block all damage from his magic attack.

Battle Against Typhor

5. Checkpoint and The Jormungand:

This battle is a checkpoint. If you slay Typhor but die to The Jormungand, you won't have to fight Typhor again upon returning to the battle.

The Final Battle - Confronting The Jormungand


Ensure you have V's shield equipped throughout the fight.

Combat equipment with a focus on high strength weapons (e.g., leaf-bladed battleaxe, dragon mace).

At least one prayer potion or super restore potion.

Consider using Piety for increased damage (additional prayer potions recommended).

Be aware that poisoned weapons are not effective, as The Jormungand is immune to poison.

The Fight:

The Jormungand uses one of his special attacks, which can be negated by walking away from him.

1. Awakening of The Jormungand:

Regardless of your efforts, Bakuna successfully awakens The Jormungand, who consumes Bakuna to restore his strength.

You and Brundt must now battle The Jormungand, which is level 363.

2. Combat Strategies:

The Jormungand primarily attacks with magic, making Protect from Magic highly useful (it won't block all damage but significantly reduces it, with a maximum hit of around 5-7).

Consider using Piety for increased damage output, but be prepared with additional prayer potions.

The Jormungand is slightly weak to crush attacks, so high-strength weapons are recommended.

If you die or teleport away from the fight, you must restart, but you won't have to kill Typhor again.

On death, retrieve items from Brundt on the island for a cost of 50,000 coins (can be paid from your bank).

3. Special Attacks:

The Jormungand has two special attacks:

- Powerful Attack: The screen turns red; face away to avoid damage (up to 50) and stat drain (20).

- Encasing Projectile: The Jormungand launches a projectile, encasing the player in stone. Repeatedly attempt to attack to break free; delayed attempts result in violent stone breakage (over 40 damage).

4. Victory and Celebration:

Once The Jormungand is defeated, the player wonders if the End of Things has begun. Brundt refutes this, stating that if it had, they would have already noticed.

You and Brundt return to the Longhall to drink and celebrate.

5. Fremennik Name and Honorific:

From now on, the Fremennik will refer to you by your Fremennik name followed by the honorific Dräpare.

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

The Fremennik Exiles completed