OSRS The Feud Quest Guide

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The Feud Quest Guide OSRS

the feud

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Thieving 30 Thieving

The ability to kill a level 70 bandit and a level 75 Menaphite (both can be safespotted).

Items Required:

500 coins

Gloves (not all work, but leather gloves and graceful gloves do, as well as many others. Barrows gloves, ice gloves, vambraces and Slayer gloves do NOT work!)

Kharidian headpiece (can be bought from Ali Morrisane)

Fake beard (can be bought from Ali Morrisane)

3 beers (can be obtained during quest, bought from Ali the Barman for 2 coins each)

Bucket or Ugthanki dung (can be obtained during quest, spawns at the location it is needed – bring three extra buckets, four total, if you plan on doing My Arm's Big Adventure as three Ugthanki dung are needed for that quest). One more might be needed for Forgettable Tale... (1/25 chance for each player).

if you have the snake charm in your bank already you will need to retrieve it


40 Combat level

Stamina or energy potions

Armour and some food

Waterskin (one is enough)

Fast travel to Al Kharid (Ring of Dueling or an Amulet of Glory)

Fast travel to Pollnivneach (Magic carpet or Pollnivneach teleport, or House teleport if your house is in that city)

Ring of Charos (a) to save money on magic carpet rides

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Starting Out

Begin your quest by seeking out Ali Morrisane in Al Kharid, located just southwest of the Emir's Arena teleport.

start point

Ensure you have met the quest requirements and engage in the correct conversation with him. He will request a favor from you: to locate his nephew, Ali, residing in the small town of Pollnivneach, southeast of Al Kharid.

Acquiring the Disguise: Before departing, purchase a Kharidian headpiece and a fake beard from Ali Morrisane. These items are essential for a disguise that will be utilized later in the quest. You have the option to combine the Kharidian headpiece and fake beard immediately to create a desert disguise, which will help save inventory space. If you lack the recommended waterskins and desert clothing, you can also obtain them here.

Journey to Pollnivneach: Make your way to the quaint village of Pollnivneach, situated southeast of Shantay Pass. You can access it by taking a magical carpet ride for a fee of 200 coins.

Note: If you encounter a massive wall during your journey, head eastward to find the entrance to the village.

Unraveling the Mystery in Pollnivneach

1. The Bar Encounter

Head to the southeastern corner of the village and enter the local bar.

The Asp & Snake Bar

Purchase 3 beers from Ali the Barman if you haven't done so already.

Engage in a conversation with Drunken Ali. He will request beer in exchange for valuable information. Give him the three beers one at a time and follow through the dialogue after each beer. He will reveal that Ali Morrisane's nephew's disappearance might be connected to the local gangs.

Note: To initiate the quest dialogue, use the beers on Drunken Ali. Be cautious not to consume them, or you'll need to purchase more.

2. Dealing with the Gangs

Head west of the bar to locate a purple and yellow tent. Talk to any Menaphite Thug (excluding Ali the Operator) and inquire about whether returning a camel to them could resolve the feud.

Proceed to the northern part of the town and speak with any bandit. Ask them about the possibility of returning a camel from the Menaphites.

3. Camel Negotiations

Visit the discount camel store, which is found in the building north-west of the bar, south of the kebab store. Look for the symbol denoting Agility training.

Talk to Ali the Camel Man and express your interest in purchasing two camels. Offer him either 500 or 1000 coins (opting for 500 is recommended, as paying more does not yield any additional benefits). You will receive two camel receipts.

4. Gang Gesture

Hand over one of the camel certificates to a bandit in the northern part of town and the other to a Menaphite in the southern part of town.

Unfortunately, this gesture doesn't seem to help ease the tension between the gangs.

5. Joining a Gang

Now, it's time to decide which gang to align with. Approach Ali the Operator, who can be found by the purple tent to the southwest of Pollnivneach. He resembles a Menaphite Thug but wields a scimitar.

Inquire about joining his gang. Ali the Operator will want to test your trustworthiness and instruct you to pickpocket 3 villagers as part of the initiation process.

Picking the Villagers' Pockets

1. 1st Villager:

Begin by attempting to pickpocket any villager in the town. Keep in mind that you will always fail at this point unless you have spoken with Ali the Operator.

2. 2nd Villager:

Locate a Street urchin in or around the bar area.

Pay the Street urchin a fee of 10 coins to distract a villager for you. The villager with a flashing arrow above their head will be your target.

Quickly pickpocket the distracted villager from behind. Ensure that the Street urchin is near one of the villagers; otherwise, he will inform you that there's no one around to distract. If the pickpocketing attempt fails, you won't lose your payment and can simply talk to the urchin again.

3. 3rd Villager:

Return to Ali the Operator and request his assistance. He will provide you with a blackjack.

Equip the blackjack and then lure a villager into a secluded area within an empty building.

Use the blackjack to knock out the villager, and once they are unconscious, proceed to pick their pocket. Right-click options are available for all these actions.

By successfully completing these pickpocketing tasks, you'll demonstrate your trustworthiness to Ali the Operator and move forward in the quest.

Stealing the Mayor's Wife's Jewels

1. Desert Disguise Preparation:

Ali the Operator will task you with stealing the mayor's wife's jewels from their safe in the villa.

Ali the Operator will provide you with a key to the front door of the villa.

Equip the fake beard and Kharidian headpiece you obtained from Ali Morrisane, or buy these items from the general store in Pollnivneach, to create a desert disguise.

Put on your gloves and the full disguise.

2. Infiltrating the Villa:

Head to the huge cactus located just outside the mayor's villa, which is in the northeast part of town.

Click on "Hide behind" the cactus. When the dialogue indicates it's safe to enter because nobody is home, use the key you received on the front door to gain access.

3. Solving the Riddle:

Once inside, search the study desk to find a note. This note contains a riddle that provides the combination to the safe.

For a clue to solve the riddle, go upstairs and search the bed to find another note that gives the first 5 numbers of the "Fibonacci sequence" which are "1, 1, 2, 3, 5..."

4. Opening the Safe:

Locate the landscape picture hanging beside the bed on the first floor (immediately north of the bed). Behind this picture, you will find the safe.

The safe has numbers progressing from 1-9 in a clockwise direction. To open it, click on the numbers in the sequence 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8.

Once you correctly enter the combination, the safe will unlock, and you can take the jewels.

Note: Ensure that you have at least one inventory space available when opening the safe. If your inventory is full, you will need to enter the combination again.

Uncovering the Traitor and Preparing Poison:

1. Delivering the Jewels:

Hand over the stolen jewels to Ali the Operator.

He suspects a traitor and asks you to identify the culprit.

2. Investigating the Traitor:

Consult a Menaphite Thug gang member about the possible traitor. They will point to "Traitorous Ali."

3. Eliminating the Traitor:

Return to Ali the Operator and inform him of the traitor's identity.

Ali the Operator now tasks you with eliminating Traitorous Ali.

4. A Clue from the Bar:

Visit Ali the Barman to inquire about the beer on the table, which belongs to the traitor.

5. Preparing Poison:

Make your way to Ali the Hag, located up the hill to the west of the town.

Talking to the Hag.

She offers to craft poison for you if you provide a snake.

6. Acquiring a Snake:

Head to the back of the pub and deposit some coins into the snake charmer's money pot.

The snake charmer will give you a snake charm and a snake basket.

Charming the snake.

Use (not Play) the snake charm on a desert snake, which can be found north of Ali the Operator's tent.

Note: Even if you've received a snake charm from Ali the Snake Charmer during the Ratcatchers quest, he will give you another one as long as you don't have snake charms in your bank and have two free inventory spaces.

7. Gathering Camel Dung:

After capturing the snake, return to Ali the Hag. She will inform you that the second item she requires is fresh camel dung.

Visit Ali the Kebab seller, situated just north-west of the well in the town's center, and request his red hot sauce.

Take the hot sauce to the camel shop and use it on the food trough. Camel dung will appear – use a bucket on it.

Be aware that you may obtain green dung, which is not the type you need. You want the nice brown dung or Ugthanki dung.

Note: The camel automatically eats from the trough after hot sauce is poured into it, and dung will appear a few seconds later.

Note: Consider collecting three or four additional Ugthanki dung, as it may be needed for other quests such as My Arm's Big Adventure and Forgettable Tale of a Drunken Dwarf.

Note: If you repeatedly add hot sauce to the trough, it will temporarily disappear.

8. Obtaining Poison:

Deliver the collected dung to Ali the Hag, and she will provide you with poison to use against Traitorous Ali.

9. Eliminating Traitorous Ali:

Go to the pub and use the poison on the table with the beer.

Afterwards, return to Ali the Operator to report the successful elimination of Traitorous Ali.

Concluding the Quest

1. Preparing for the Final Fight:

Prepare yourself for the upcoming fight as Ali the Operator instructs you.

Ali the Operator informs you to talk to the Menaphite Leader, who magically appears outside the tent.

You decide to confront and eliminate the Menaphite Leader, who harbors world domination schemes. Expect to face a level 75 Tough Guy.

Swiftly engage in combat with the Tough Guy and defeat him. Be aware that if you are a low-level player and the fight takes too long, he may disappear. You can lure him behind the table inside the Menaphite Tent for an easier kill.

Note for Magic Users: Unlike most quest bosses, the Tough Guy has high magic defense. If your magic level is low, be prepared for a lengthy battle. It's recommended to bring the runes for at least 100 spells.

2. Balancing the Power:

Speak to a villager in the town, who expresses anger at you for disrupting the balance of power.

The villager informs you that you also need to deal with the Bandit Leader, located just north-west of the village, near the Rug Merchant.

3. Confronting the Bandit Leader:

Engage in a conversation with the Bandit Leader and firmly instruct him to leave the town.

Despite the Bandit Leader's attempts to bribe you, stand your ground and demand his departure.

The Bandit Leader refuses to leave peacefully and challenges you to a fight. Defeat the level 70 Bandit Champion that the Bandit Leader summons. You can safespot him behind the crate near the rug merchant or lure him into the tent to the east of the Bandit Leader and attack from a distance. Upon defeat, the Bandit Champion drops an adamant scimitar.

 Confronting the Bandit Leader

4. Ungrateful Villagers:

Speak to the villagers in the town to discover that they are still ungrateful for your actions. Be sure to speak to a villager, or the mayor will not appear.

5. Meeting Ali the Mayor:

Locate Ali the Mayor at the well in the center of the village. He expresses more gratitude for the results of your deeds.

Ali the Mayor shares information about Ali Morrisane's nephew.

6. Claiming Your Reward:

Return to Ali Morrisane to collect your quest reward.

Congratulations! Quest Complete!

the feud completed

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