OSRS Thammaron's Sceptre Guide

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Thammaron's Sceptre Guide OSRS

Thammaron's Sceptre is a potent staff with a rich history, once wielded by Thammaron, a formidable Tsutsaroth demon and trusted ally of Zamorak. Its origins trace back to the God Wars era, where Thammaron served as one of Zamorak's key generals. To wield Thammaron's Sceptre, a Magic level of 60 is required. Notably, it shares the same magic attack bonus as the Trident of the Seas. The sceptre's true potential, however, is unlocked when charged with revenant ether, unleashing a formidable passive effect within the Wilderness. It's worth mentioning that unlike other powered staves, Thammaron's Sceptre can be used to attack players outside of minigames.

One unique feature of the sceptre is its "Swap" option, allowing players to convert it into Thammaron's Sceptre (a). This variant enables autocasting of offensive combat spells from both the standard spellbook (including Flames of Zamorak) and the Ancient Magicks.

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Where can you get the Thammaron's Sceptre?

The Thammaron's Sceptre can be obtained as a drop from revenants located within the Revenant Caves. These caves are situated in the Wilderness, and players should be aware of the associated risks and dangers of entering this PvP-enabled area. Revenants are formidable foes found within the caves, and defeating them provides a chance to receive Thammaron's Sceptre as a valuable drop.

It's important to note that the Revenant Caves are a high-risk, high-reward location. Players may encounter other adventurers seeking to engage in player-versus-player combat, adding an extra layer of danger to the environment. Therefore, caution and preparation are advised when venturing into the Revenant Caves to obtain Thammaron's Sceptre.

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Revenant Caves entrance locations:

Revenant Caves entrance locations

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Passive effect and Stats

The charged state of Thammaron's Sceptre bestows upon its wielder a formidable passive effect when venturing into the perilous Wilderness. Once charged with a minimum of 1,000 revenant ether, the sceptre grants an additional 50% boost to magic accuracy and damage when engaging any NPC within the Wilderness. Notably, this enhancement consumes 1 ether with each attack, regardless of whether the player successfully lands a hit.

This potent effect extends beyond melee encounters, also amplifying the power of combat spells cast while the sceptre is equipped. It's important to note that the sceptre cannot autocast these combat spells using its built-in spell, distinguishing it from its counterpart, Thammaron's Sceptre (a).

Additionally, the magic accuracy and damage boost from Thammaron's Sceptre will synergize with either a Slayer helmet (i) or a Salve amulet (i) and their variants. However, it's crucial to understand that these two enhancements cannot be active simultaneously, requiring players to choose between them based on their specific needs and combat strategies.

This unique combination of attributes makes Thammaron's Sceptre the second-best magic weapon in the Wilderness, surpassed only by the accursed sceptre. It outshines popular choices like the Trident of the Seas or the Trident of the Swamp in terms of damage output, while also offering the distinctive advantage of being able to engage hostile players in combat a capability that the aforementioned tridents lack. Choosing Thammaron's Sceptre thus presents a strategic advantage for those navigating the challenges of the Wilderness.

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 Defence BonusesStab +0Slash +1Crush +0Magic +20Ranged +0
 OtherMelee strength +0Magic damage 0%Ranged strength +0Prayer bonus +0Weapon slot table List

How can I Charge The Thammaron's Sceptre

Thammaron's Sceptre operates on a charging mechanism, requiring revenant ether to unlock and utilize its magic spell or passive effect. When fully charged, the sceptre can hold up to 17,000 charges. However, the first 1,000 ether must be considered an activation deposit, costing 171,000 coins. This activation deposit is essential before the built-in spell or passive effect can be used.

Both the built-in spell and passive effect consume 1 charge per use, but it's crucial to note that charges are only deducted from the pool beyond the initial 1,000 ether. The activation deposit is exempt from consumption. There is no additional cost for activating both the built-in spell and the passive effect simultaneously.

Players can check the remaining usable charges, excluding the activation deposit, by using the Check option on the sceptre. The usable charges can go up to a limit of 16,000. It's important to be mindful of the hourly cost associated with using Thammaron's Sceptre. Constantly utilizing the built-in spell incurs a cost of 1,500 ether (equivalent to 256,500 coins), while casting other spells has a slightly lower hourly cost of 1,200 ether (equivalent to 205,200 coins). This discrepancy is due to the restriction that spells can only be cast every 5 game ticks.

If a player wishes to make the ether and the activation deposit retrievable, they can opt to uncharge the sceptre by selecting the right-click Uncharge option. Once uncharged, the sceptre becomes tradable again, allowing for flexibility in its use and distribution among players.