OSRS Task Tirannwn Guide - Trailblazer Reloaded Leagues 4

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Task Tirannwn Guide OSRS - Leagues 4

We the VirtGold team, have organized the Tirannwn tasks of this league 4 so that you can complete them from the easiest to the most complex.

Task Tirannwn Guide

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1. Defeat an Elf in Tirannwn (40 pts): Defeat an Elf in Tirannwn.

2. Use the Bank in Lletya (10 pts): Use the Bank in Lletya.

3. Cook a Rabbit in Tirannwn (10 pts): Cook a Rabbit anywhere within Tirannwn.

4. Talk to Ilfeen in Tirannwn (10 pts): Talk to Ilfeen in Tirannwn in the south-east corner in the flax field.

Talk to Ilfeen in Tirannwn

5. Cross a Trap in Isafdar (10 pts): Successfully cross any kind of trap in Isafdar.

6. Charter a Ship From Prifddinas to Port Tyras (10 pts): Take a Charter Ship from Prifddinas to Port Tyras.

Charter a Ship From Prifddinas to Port Tyras

7. Defeat a Moss Giant in Tirannwn (10 pts): Defeat a Moss Giant in Tirannwn (Iorwerth Dungeon or North east of Prifddinas).

North east of Prifddinas 

Iorwerth Dungeon

8. Chop 100 Teak Logs in Prifddinas (80 pts): Chop 100 Teak Logs in Prifddinas.
Requirement: Woodcutting 35 Woodcutting

Chop 100 Teak Logs in Prifddinas

9. Pickpocket an Elf 50 Times (80 pts): Pickpocket an Elf 50 times.
Requirement: Thieving 85 Thieving

10. Use an Elven Teleport Crystal (40 pts): Use an Elven Teleport Crystal.

11. Make 50 Teak Planks in Prifddinas (80 pts): Make 50 Teak Planks in Prifddinas with the Sawmill Operator.

Make 50 Teak Planks in Prifddinas

12. Defeat a Waterfiend in Tirannwn (10 pts): Defeat a Waterfiend in Iorwerth Dungeon.

Defeat a Waterfiend in Tirannwn

13. Defeat a Bloodveld in Tirannwn (40 pts): Defeat a Bloodveld in Tirannwn.
Requirement: Slayer 50 Slayer

Defeat a Bloodveld in Tirannwn

14. Kill a Black Dragon in Tirannwn (40 pts): Kill a Black Dragon in Mynydd.

Kill a Black Dragon in Tirannwn

15. Complete the Prifddinas Agility Course (80 pts): Complete a lap of the Prifddinas Agility Course.
Requirement: Agility 75 Agility

16. Equip a Crystal Bow (80 pts): First you will need a Crystal Weapon Seed and then you will go to Ilfeen to use her song to turn the seed into a Crystal Bow.
Requirement: Agility 50 Agility, Ranged 70 Ranged

17. Harvest Some Sweetcorn in Prifddinas (10 pts): Harvest some Sweetcorn from the Prifddinas Allotment patch.
Requirement: Farming 20 Farming

18. Ring all of the Prifddinas bells (40 pts): Ring all of the Prifddinas bells.

19. Equip a Crystal Crown (400 pts): You can buy it for 250k coins with Lliann's Wares which is a clothing store run by Lliann on the west side of Prifddinas, in the Ithell district.

Equip a Crystal Crown

20. Complete the Prifddinas Agility Course in 1:10 (80 pts): Complete a lap of the Prifddinas Agility Course in 1:10 or less.
Requirement: Agility 75 Agility May be completed without time limitations by logging out on the course and then finishing the lap

21. Kill 50 Elves in Tirannwn (80 pts): Kill 50 Elves in Tirannwn.

22. Craft an Eternal Teleport Crystal (80 pts): Use a Singing Bowl located in the starting room of the the Gauntlet to craft an Eternal Teleport Crystal.
Requirement: Smithing 80 Smithing, Crafting 80 Crafting

23. Catch 300 Red Chinchompas in Tirannwn (200 pts): Catch 300 Red Chinchompas in Tirannwn.
Requirement: Hunter 63 Hunter

Catch 300 Red Chinchompas in Tirannwn

24. Defeat Zulrah (80 pts): Defeat Zulrah at the Poison Waste.

25. Equip a Crystal Shield (80 pts): Equip a Crystal Shield.
Requirement: Agility 50 Agility, Defence 70 Defence

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26. Complete the Corrupted Gauntlet (80 pts): Complete the Corrupted Gauntlet in Prifddinas.

27. Defeat Zalcano (80 pts): Defeat Zalcano in Prifddinas.

28. Defeat a Kurask in Tirannwn (40 pts): Defeat a Kurask in Iorwerth Dungeon.
Requirement: Slayer 70 Slayer

Defeat a Kurask in Tirannwn

29. Catch a Crystal Impling (80 pts): Catch a Crystal Impling in Prifddinas.
Requirement: Hunter 80 Hunter

30. Check a grown Papaya Tree in Lletya (40 pts): Check the health of a Papaya Tree you've grown in Lletya.
Requirement: Farming 57 Farming

31. Open the Enhanced Crystal Chest (80 pts): Open the Enhanced Crystal Chest in Prifddinas.

Open the Enhanced Crystal Chest

32. Find Every Memoriam Crystal (80 pts): Find every Memoriam Crystal in Prifddinas and add them to the Memoriam Device.

- A crystal outcrop between the bloodvelds and kurasks in the Iorwerth Dungeon

Memoriam crystal (1) location.png

- A bush on the east side of the Tower of Voices

Memoriam crystal (2) location.png

- Cooking pots in Tatie's house, just north-west of the POH portal

Memoriam crystal (3) location.png

- A rock just before the tree climbing part of the Prifddinas Agility Course

Memoriam crystal (4) location.png
Requirement: Agility 75 Agility

33. Craft a Piece of Crystal Armour (80 pts): Use a Singing Bowl located in the starting room of the the Gauntlet to craft any piece of Crystal armour.
Requirement: Smithing 70 Smithing, Crafting 70 Crafting

34. Mine 200 Soft Clay in Tirannwn (80 pts): Mine 200 Soft Clay in Trahaearn mine.
Requirement: Mining 70 Mining

Mine 200 Soft Clay in Tirannwn

35. Equip any piece of Crystal Armour (80 pts): Equip either the Crystal Helmet, Body or Legs.
Requirement: Defence 70 Defence and completion of The Gauntlet

36. Move Your House to Prifddinas (40 pts): Move your Player Owned House to Prifddinas.
Requirement: Construction 70 Construction

37. Defeat Zulrah 50 Times (80 pts): Defeat Zulrah at the Poison Waste 50 times.

38. Defeat a Nechryael in Tirannwn (80 pts): Defeat a Nechryael in Iorwerth Dungeon.
Requirement: Slayer 80 Slayer

39. Check a grown Crystal Tree (80 pts): Check the health of a Crystal Tree you've grown in Prifddinas.
Requirement: Farming 74 Farming

40. Craft a Toxic Blowpipe (200 pts): Craft a Toxic Blowpipe.
Requirement: Fletching 53 Fletching, Ranged 75 Ranged

41. Equip a Serpentine Helm (200 pts): Equip a Serpentine Helm.

42. Receive a Dragonstone Amulet from an Impling (80 pts): Receive a Dragonstone Amulet from a Crystal Impling.
Requirement: Hunter 80 Hunter

43. Equip a Crystal Grail (200 pts): The Crystal Grail is obtained as a drop from killing the powerful rabbit located in the cave in the Gwenith Hunter area north of Prifddinas. 

Elven rabbit cave

44. Dismantle a Zulrah scale unique (200 pts): Dismantle a Zulrah scale unique for 20,000 scales.

45. Use Broken Handz's telescope (10 pts): Use Broken Hand'z telescope to spy on somene. Accessible via the fairy ring code dlr

Use Broken Handz's telescope

46. Craft 50 Death Runes (40 pts): Craft 50 Death Runes from Essence at the Death Altar. Accessed via the Abyss or the mysterious ruins found on the bottom level of the Temple of Light.
Requirement: Runecraft 65 Runecraft

47. Complete 50 laps of the Prifddinas Agility Course (80 pts): Complete 50 laps of the Prifddinas Agility Course.
Requirement: Agility 75 Agility

48. Complete the Corrupted Gauntlet 50 Times (200 pts): Complete the Corrupted Gauntlet in Prifddinas 50 times.

49. Equip an Enhanced Crystal Weapon (200 pts): Equip a Blade of Saeldor or Bow of faerdhinen.
Requirement: Either Attack 80 Attack or Ranged 80 Ranged and Agility 70 Agility and completion of The Gauntlet

50. Equip a Full Crystal Armour Set (200 pts): Equip a full set of Crystal armour.
Requirement: Defence 70 Defence

51. Equip an Elven Signet (200 pts): An Elven Signet is a unique ring obtainable only from crystal implings.
Requirement: Hunter 80 Hunter

52. Equip a Corrupted Bow of Faerdhinen (400 pts): Obtain and Equip a Corrupted Bow of Faerdhinen. The bow can be upgraded by bringing it and 2,000 crystal shards to a singing bowl.
Requirement: Either Attack 80 Attack or Ranged 80 Ranged and Agility 70 Agility and completion of The Gauntlet

53. Defeat a Dark Beast in Tirannwn (80 pts): Defeat a Dark Beast in Tirannwn (Iorwerth Dungeon or Mourner Tunnels).
Requirement: Slayer 90 Slayer

54. Smith 500 Rune Dart Tips in Prifddinas (200 pts): Smith 500 Rune Dart Tips in Prifddinas.
Requirement: Smithing 89 Smithing Desert Desert for completion of The Tourist Trap

55. Create 100 Divine Ranging Potions (200 pts): Create 100 Divine Ranging Potions, it is created by using crystal dust on a ranging potion.
Requirement: Herblore 74 Herblore

56. Defeat Zulrah 150 Times (200 pts): Defeat Zulrah at the Poison Waste 150 times.

57. Use a prayer altar to restore 90 prayer in Prifddinas (80 pts): Use a prayer altar to restore 90 prayer points in Prifddinas.
Requirement: Prayer 90 Prayer

Use a prayer altar to restore 90 prayer in Prifddinas

58. Dissect 50 Sacred Eels (200 pts): Dissect 50 Sacred Eels.
Requirement: Fishing 87 Fishing, Cooking 72 Cooking

Dissect 50 Sacred Eels

59. Gauntlet Combat Achievements (400 pts): Complete all of the Combat Achievements for the Gauntlet & Corrupted Gauntlet.

60. Load a blowpipe with Dragon Darts (200 pts): Load a Blowpipe with Dragon Darts.
Requirement: Fletching 53 Fletching, either Hunter 83 Hunter or Fletching 95 Fletching to obtain the darts

61. Equip a Dark Bow in Tirannwn (80 pts): Equip a Dark Bow in Tirannwn.
Requirement: Ranged 60 Ranged, Slayer 90 Slayer

62. Equip a Corrupted Blade of Saeldor (400 pts): Equip a Corrupted Blade of Saeldor.
Requirement: Attack 80 Attack

63. Defeat Zalcano 50 Times (80 pts): Defeat Zalcano in Prifddinas 50 times.

64. Mine 200 Runite Ore in Tirannwn (200 pts): Mine 200 Runite Ore in Tirannwn (Isafdar mine or Trahaearn mine).

65. Craft a Toxic Trident (200 pts): Craft a Toxic Trident. It is made by using a magic fang on an uncharged trident of the seas with a chisel, requiring 59 Crafting to do so.
Requirement: Crafting 59 Crafting, Magic 78 Magic

66. Obtain a Crystal Tool Seed (200 pts): Obtain a Crystal Tool Seed as a drop from Zalcano.

Crystal tool seed detail.png

67. Obtain a Zalcano Shard (200 pts): Obtain a Zalcano Shard as a drop from Zalcano in Prifddinas.

68. Defeat Zulrah 300 Times (200 pts): Defeat Zulrah at the Poison Waste 300 times.

69. Complete the Corrupted Gauntlet 150 Times (200 pts): Complete the Corrupted Gauntlet in Prifddinas 150 times.

70. Create 100 Divine Super Combat Potions (200 pts): Create 100 Divine Super Combat Potions. It is created by using crystal dust on a super combat potion.
Requirement: Herblore 97 Herblore

71. Craft a Celestial Signet (200 pts): Craft a Celestial signet via a Singing Bowl.
Requirement: Crafting 70 Crafting, Smithing 70 Smithing, Hunter 80 Hunter Asgarnia Asgarnia for access to Dusuri's Star Shop

72. Equip a Piece of the Dragonstone Armour Set (200 pts): Equip any piece of the Dragonstone armour set. Are rewards from the Elven Crystal Chest.
Requirement: Defence 40 Defence

73. Defeat Zalcano 150 Times (200 pts): Defeat Zalcano in Prifddinas 150 times.

74. Equip a Crystal Halberd (80 pts): Equip a Crystal Halberd. It requires completion of the Hard Western Provinces Diary to wield.
Requirement: Agility 50 Agility, Strength 35 Strength, Attack 70 Attack, Kandarin Kandarin

75. Zulrah Combat Achievements (200 pts): Complete all of the Combat Achievements for Zulrah.

76. Defeat Zalcano 300 Times (200 pts): Defeat Zalcano in Prifddinas 300 times.