OSRS Task Misthalin Guide - Trailblazer Reloaded Leagues 4

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Task Misthalin Guide OSRS - Leagues 4

We the VirtGold team, have organized the Misthalin tasks of this league 4 so that you can complete them from the easiest to the most complex.

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1. Complete the Draynor Agility Course (10 pts): Complete a lap of the Draynor Rooftop Agility Course. 

2. Milk a cow (10 pts): Milk a cow in Lumbridge. 

3. Use a Fairy Ring (10 pts): Use any Fairy Ring.

4. Steal From the Varrock Tea Stall (10 pts): Steal from the Tea Stall in Varrock.
Requirements:  Thieving 5 Thieving

5. Pickpocket a H.A.M. Member (10 pts): Pickpocket any H.A.M. member at their hideout.
Requirements: Thieving 15 Thieving

6. Use the Range in Lumbridge Castle (10pts): Use the Range in Lumbridge Castle to cook some food.
Requirements: Completion of Cook's Assistant

7. Enter Draynor Manor (10 pts): Enter Draynor Manor through the front door.

8. Pet a Stray Dog in Varrock (10 pts): Pet a Stray Dog in Varrock.

9. Enter Zanaris (10 pts): Enter the lost city of Zanaris.

10. Complete 10 Laps of the Draynor Agility Course (40 pts): Complete 10 laps of the Draynor Rooftop Agility Course.

11. Complete Rune Mysteries (40 pts): Complete the Rune Mysteries quest.

12. Complete the Varrock Agility Course (10): Complete a lap of the Varrock Rooftop Agility Course.
Requirements: Agility 30 Agility

13. Get a chair to follow you (10 pts): Get a chair to follow you.

14. Complete Sheep Shearer (10 pts): Complete the Sheep Shearer quest.

15. Complete the Natural History Quiz (10): Complete the Natural History Quiz in the Varrock Museum.

16. Travel to Fossil Island (10 pts): Take the Museum Barge to Fossil Island.

17. Insult Aggie the Witch (10 pts): Insult Aggie the Witch in Draynor Village.

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18. Get your revenge against a Dark Wizard (10 pts): Get your revenge against a Dark Wizard, south of Varrock.

19. Complete 10 Laps of the Varrock Agility Course (10 pts): Complete 10 laps of the Varrock Rooftop Agility Course.
Requirements: Agility 30 Agility

20. Complete Romeo & Juliet (10 pts): Complete the Romeo & Juliet Quest.

21. Equip Some Fancy, Fancier or Fighting Boots (10 pts): Equip a pair of Fancy Boots, Fancier Boots or Fighting Boots.

22. Chop a log from a potato tree (10 pts): Chop a log from a tree that is curiously in a potato field.
lonely tree

23. Receive a Slayer Task From Vannaka (10 pts): Receive a Slayer Task from Vannaka in Edgeville Dungeon.

24. Have Elsie tell you a story (10 pts): Have Elsie tell you a story in Varrock.
Requirements: A cup of tea.

25. Complete Vampyre Slayer (10 pts): Complete the Vampyre Slayer quest.

26. Complete Gertrude's Cat (10 pts): Complete the Gertrude's Cat quest.

27. Have Ned make you some rope(10 pts): Have Ned make you some rope using a ball of wool in Draynor Village.
Requirements: 4 balls of wool.

28. Defeat the Lesser Demon in the Wizards' Tower (10 pts): Defeat the Lesser Demon at the top of the Wizards' Tower.

29. Pet the Museum Camp dog (10 pts): Pet the dog in the Museum Camp on Fossil Island.

30. Slash a web in varrock sewers (10 pts): Slash a web in Varrock sewers.

31. Complete a task for the Wise Old Man (40 pts): Complete a task for the Wise Old Man in Draynor.

32. Enter the Cooks' Guild (40 pts): Enter the Cooks' Guild west of Varrock.
Requirements: Cooking 32 Cooking.

33. Build a Bank on Fossil Island (10 pts): Build a Bank at the Museum Camp on Fossil Island.
Requirements: Construction 21 Construction

34. Drink From the Tears of Guthix (40 pts): Drink from the Tears of Guthix in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.

35. Feed a draynor guard some stew (10 pts): Feed a Draynor guard some stew in Draynor Village.

36. Craft 50 Water Runes (10 pts): Craft 50 Water Runes from Essence at the Water Altar.

37. Complete Demon Slayer (40 pts): Complete the Demon Slayer quest.

38. Win a Game of Soul Wars (40 pts): Win a game of Soul Wars.
Requirements: Combat level 40 Combat level, Skills 40 Skills

39. Churn some butter (10 pts): Use a churn to make some butter.
Requirements: Cooking 38 Cooking.

40. Fully Unlock the Mycelium Transportation System (10 pts): Unlock every destination for the Mycelium Transportation System on Fossil Island.

41. Pan for an Uncut Jade (40 pts): Pan for an Uncut Jade.

42. Defeat a Wall Beast (40 pts): Defeat a Wall Beast in the Lumbridge Swamp Caves.
Requirements: Slayer 35 Slayer

43. Defeat Obor (40 pts): Defeat Obor in Edgeville Dungeon.

44. Have the wise Old Man get angry with you (40 pts): Have the Wise Old Man get angry with you in Draynor Village.
Requirements: Desert Region.

45. Defeat Bryophyta (40 pts): Defeat Bryophyta in Varrock Sewers.

46. Complete the Easy Lumbridge & Draynor Diary (40 pts): Complete all of the easy tasks in the Lumbridge & Draynor Achievement Diary.

47. Dismantle 20 Filled Bird Houses (40 pts): Dismantle 20 filled Bird Houses on Fossil Island.
Requirements: Hunter 5 Hunter, Crafting 5 Crafting.

48. Catch 50 Implings in Puro-Puro (40 pts): Catch 50 Implings in Puro-Puro.
Requirements: Hunter 17 Hunter.

49. Take the Advanced Shortcut to the Cosmic Altar (80 pts): Use the Advanced Narrow Walkway Agility Shortcut near the Cosmic Altar.
Requirements: Agility 66 Agility.

50. Use a Digsite Pendant to Teleport to Fossil Island (40 pts): Use a Digsite Pendant to teleport to Fossil Island.

51. Craft 50 Cosmic Runes (40 pts): Craft 50 Cosmic Runes from Essence at the Cosmic Altar from Essence.
Requirements: Runecraft 27 Runecraft.

52. Set up a Yew Bird House (40 Pts): Set up a Yew Bird House on Fossil Island.
Requirements: Hunter 59 Hunter, Crafting 60 Crafting.

53. Complete the Easy Varrock Diary (40 pts): Complete all of the easy tasks in the Varrock Achievement Diary.

54. Complete a Soul's Bane (40 pts): Complete the A Soul's Bane quest.

55. Defeat a Fossil Island Wyvern (40 pts): Defeat any type of Wyvern on Fossil Island.
Requirements: Slayer 66 Slayer

56. Purchase an Ectoplasmator (80 pts): Purchase an Ectoplasmator from Nomad on the Isle of Souls.
Requirements: Combat level 40 Combat level, Skills 40 Skills.

57. Open the Dark Chest (40 pts): Open the Dark Chest.
Requirements: Thieving 28 Thieving.

58. Catch 200 Implings in Puro-Puro (80 pts): Catch 200 Implings in Puro-Puro.
Requirements: Hunter 17 Hunter.

59. Complete the Medium Lumbridge & Draynor Diary (40 pts): Complete all of the medium tasks in the Lumbridge & Draynor Achievement Diary.

60. Taste a Dorgeshuun Delicacy (10 pts): Taste a Dorgeshuun Delicacy.

61. Complete the Medium Varrock Diary (40 pts): Complete all of the medium tasks in the Varrock Achievement Diary.

62. Check a grown Mahogany Tree (80 pts): Check the health of a Mahogany Tree you've grown on Fossil Island.
Requirements: Farming 55 Farming.

63. Try and feed a stray dog something exotic (80 pts): Try and feed a stray dog some exotic bones.
Requirements: Shaikahan bones or marinated j' bones

64. Check a grown Magic Tree in Lumbridge (80 pts): Check the health of a Magic Tree you've grown in Lumbridge.
Requirements: Farming 75 Farming

65. Defeat an Ancient Wyvern (40 pts): Defeat an Ancient Wyvern on Fossil Island.
Requirements: Slayer 82 Slayer.

66. Set up a Magic Bird House (80 pts): Set up a Magic Bird House on Fossil Island.
Requirements: Hunter 74 Hunter, Crafting 75 Crafting.

67. Chop a Sulliuscep Cap (40 pts): Chop a Sulliuscep Cap on Fossil Island.
Requirements: Woodcutting 65 Woodcutting Must disable all fossil drops by talking to Peter (Panning next to the encampment) for the Cap to appear.

68. Equip a Hill Giant Club (80 pts): Equip a Hill Giant Club.
Requirements: Attack 40 Attack.

69. Equip Bryophyta's Staff (80 pts): Equip Bryophyta's Staff.
Requirements: Magic 30 Magic, Attack 30 Attack, Crafting 62 Crafting.

70. Charm Gertrude (10 pts): Charm Gertrude.
Requirements: Morytania Morytania to obtain the Ring of charos, one of Desert Desert, Fremennik Fremennik, or Kandarin Kandarin for Garden of Tranquillity completion.

71. Defeat the Abyssal Sire (80 pts): Defeat the Abyssal Sire in the Abyssal Nexus.
Requirements: Slayer 85 Slayer.

72. Complete the Hard Lumbridge & Draynor Diary (80 pts): Complete all of the hard tasks in the Lumbridge & Draynor Achievement Diary.

73. Catch a Herbiboar 50 Times (80 pts): Catch a Herbiboar on Fossil Island 50 times.
Requirements: Hunter 80 Hunter, Herblore 31 Herblore.

74. Offer an Unsired to the Font of Consumption (80 pts): Offer an Unsired to the Font of Consumption in the Abyssal Nexus.
Requirements: Slayer 85 Slayer.

75. Equip Some Mithril Gloves (40 pts): Equip a pair of Mithril Gloves.
Requirements: Varies At least Kandarin Kandarin and Asgarnia Asgarnia for subquest requirements.

76. Use Enriched Bones on the Strange Machine (40 pts): Use Enriched Bones on the Strange Machine on Fossil Island.

77. Equip a Dragonfire Shield (200 pts): Equip a Dragonfire Shield.
Requirements: Defence 75 Defence.

78. Equip an Abyssal Dagger (200 pts): Equip an Abyssal Dagger.
Requirements: Attack 70 Attack, Slayer 85 Slayer.

79. Complete a Volcanic Mine Game (40 pts): Complete a Volcanic Mine game on Fossil Island.
Requirements: Mining 50 Mining and 150 Kudos.

80. Obtain a pufferfish from Drift Net Fishing (40 pts): Obtain a pufferfish from Drift Net Fishing.
Requirements: Hunter 44 Hunter, Fishing 47 Fishing.

81. Catch a Herbiboar 150 Times (200 pts): Catch a Herbiboar on Fossil Island 150 times.
Requirements: Hunter 80 Hunter, Herblore 31 Herblore

82. Complete the Elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary (200 pts): Complete all of the elite tasks in the Lumbridge & Draynor Achievement Diary.

83. Defeat the Abyssal Sire 50 Times (200 pts): Defeat the Abyssal Sire in the Abyssal Nexus 50 times.
Requirements: Slayer 85 Slayer

84. Equip an Ancient Wyvern Shield (200 pts): Equip an Ancient Wyvern Shield.
Requirements: Magic 70 Magic, Defence 75 Defence.

85. Receive a Torstol From a Herbiboar (200 pts): Receive a Torstol from a Herbiboar on Fossil Island.
Requirements: Hunter 80 Hunter, Herblore 77 Herblore.

86. Equip the Forestry Basket (40 pts): Obtain and Equip the Forestry Basket.

87. Complete the Hard Varrock Diary (80 pts): Complete all of the hard tasks in the Varrock Achievement Diary.

88. Abyssal Sire Combat Achievements (200 pts): Complete all of the Combat Achievements for Abyssal Sire.
Requirements: Fremennik Fremennik for access to Vengeance spell.

89. Buy an Ash Covered Tome (200 pts): Buy an Ash Covered Tome from Petrified Pete's Ore Shop on Fossil Island.
Requirements: Mining 50 Mining and 150 Kudos to access Volcanic Mine.

90. Complete the Elite Varrock Diary (200 pts): Complete all of the elite tasks in the Varrock Achievement Diary.

91. Defeat the Abyssal Sire 150 Times (200 pts): Defeat the Abyssal Sire 150 Times.
Requirements: Slayer 85 Slayer.

92. Defeat the Abyssal Sire 300 Times (200 pts): Defeat the Abyssal Sire in the Abyssal Nexus 300 times.
Requirements: Slayer 85 Slayer.

93. Equip a full set of the Forestry Outfit (200 pts): Equip a full set of the Forestry outfit, purchased from the Forestry minigame.
Requirements: Morytania Morytania or Kourend Kourend for redwood logs, Fremennik Fremennik for Arctic pine logs.

94. Equip an Abyssal Bludgeon (200 pts): Equip an Abyssal Bludgeon. 
Requirements: Attack 70 Attack, Strength 70 Strength, Slayer 85 Slayer.

95. Equip the Venator Ring (200 pts): Obtain and Equip the Venator Ring.
Requirements: Magic 90 Magic, Crafting 80 Crafting Fremennik Fremennik for access to Dagannoth Kings, Desert Desert for Desert Treasure II completion.

96. Mine a Runite Ore Fragment (200 pts): Mine a Runite Ore Fragment in the Volcanic Mine on Fossil Island.
Requirements: Mining 85 Mining and 150 Kudos to access Volcanic Mine.