OSRS Task Kourend Guide - Trailblazer Reloaded Leagues 4

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Task Kourend Guide OSRS - Leagues 4 

We the VirtGold team, have organized the Kourend tasks of this league 4 so that you can complete them from the easiest to the most complex.

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1. Turn in 1 Library Book (10 pts): Find and turn in a book in the Arceuus Library.

2. Friend of House Hosidius (40 pts): Achieve 100% favour with the Hosidius House.

3. Friend of House Arceuus (40 pts): Achieve 100% favour with the Arceuus House.

4. Complete Client of Kourend (10 pts): Complete the Client of Kourend quest.
Requirement: Exempted from area restrictions since 23 November 2023 (completed for Fremennik Fremennik), despite the in-game description

5. 1 Wintertodt Kill (10 pts): Help the Pyromancers subdue the Wintertodt.
Requirement: Firemaking 50 Firemaking

6. Enter the Woodcutting Guild (40 pts): Enter the Woodcutting Guild in Hosidius.
Requirement: Woodcutting 60 Woodcutting, 75% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

Enter the Woodcutting Guild

7. Receive a Konar Slayer Task (10 pts): Have a Slayer Task assigned by Konar who is found in the Kahlith settlement on the summit of Mount Karuulm. 

8. Friend of House Piscarilius (40 pts): Achieve 100% favour with the Piscarilius House.
Requirement: Crafting 30 Crafting

9. Friend of House Shayzien (40 pts): Achieve 100% favour with the Shayzien House.

10. Turn in 25 Library Books (40 pts): Find and turn in 25 books in the Arceuus Library.

11. Brutally murder Conrad King (10 pts): Brutally murder Conrad King.
Requirement: Thieving 20 Thieving and partial completion of The Queen of Thieves

Brutally murder Conrad King  

12. Complete Queen of Thieves (10 pts): Complete the Queen of Thieves quest.
Requirement: Thieving 20 Thieving, 20% Kourend Favour Piscarilius favour

13. Enter the Farming Guild's Mid Tier (40 pts): Enter the mid tier of the Farming Guild in the Kebos Lowlands.
Requirement: Farming 65 Farming, 60% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

Enter the Farming Guild's Mid Tier

14. Complete Depths of Despair (10 pts): Complete the Depths of Despair ques
Requirement: Agility 18 Agility, 20% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

15. Friend of House Lovakengj (80 pts): Achieve 100% favour with the Lovakengj House.
Requirement: Mining 42 Mining

16. Complete 1 Farming Contract (10 pts): Complete a Farming Contract for Guildmaster Jane in the Farming Guild.
Requirement: Farming 45 Farming, 60% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

Complete 1 Farming Contract

17. Drink a LizardKicker (10 pts): The Lizardkicker Lizardkicker.png is an ale purchasable at The Cloak and Stagger in the city of Shayzien.

Drink a LizardKicker

18. Turn in 50 Library Books (40 pts): Find and turn in 50 books in the Arceuus Library.

19. Complete Forsaken Tower (10 pts): Complete the Forsaken Tower quest.
Requirement: 20% Kourend Favour Lovakengj favour

20. Plant 100 Bologano Seeds (80 pts): Plant 100 Bologano seeds in the Tithe Farm minigame.
Requirement: Farming 54 Farming, 100% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

Bologano seed detail.png

21. Plant 100 Golovanova Seeds (40 pts): Plant 100 Golovanova seeds in the Tithe Farm minigame.
Requirement: Farming 54 Farming, 100% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

22. Complete Ascent of Arceuus (10 pts): Complete the Ascent of Arceuus quest.
Requirement: Hunter 12 Hunter, 20% Kourend Favour Arceuus favour

23. Complete Tale Of The Righteous (10 pts): Complete the Tale of the Righteous quest.
Requirement: Strength 16 Strength, Mining 10 Mining, 20% Kourend Favour Shayzien favour

24. Plant 100 Logavano Seeds (80 pts): Plant 100 Logavano seeds in the Tithe Farm minigame.
Requirement: Farming 74 Farming, 100% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

25. Purchase a Seed Box (40 pts): Purchase a Seed box from the Tithe Farm minigame.
Requirement: Farming 34 Farming

26. Equip the Farmer's Outfit (80 pts): Equip a full set of the Farmer's outfit, purchased from the Tithe Farm minigame.
Requirement: Farming 34 Farming, 100% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

27. Enter the Farming Guild's High Tier (80 pts): Enter the high tier of the Farming Guild in the Kebos Lowlands.
Requirement: Farming 85 Farming, 60% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

Enter the Farming Guild's High Tier

28. Complete Architectural Alliance (10 pts): Complete the mini-quest Architectural Alliance.
Requirement: Mining 42 Mining, 100% of each type of Kourend Favour Kourend favour

29. Cast Kourend Castle Teleport (40 pts): Cast the spell Kourend Castle Teleport after unlocking it by reading transportation incantations.
Requirement: Magic 69 Magic 2Law rune.png 2Soul rune.png 4Water rune.png 5Fire rune.png

Kourend Castle Teleport icon (mobile).png

30. Equip Xeric's Talisman (40 pts): Obtain and equip Xeric's talisman.

31. Equip Tier 5 Shayzien Armour (40 pts): Equip a full set of tier 5 Shayzien armour.
Requirement: Defence 20 Defence, 100% Kourend Favour Shayzien favour

32. Headbang with Ket'Sal K'uk (40 pts): Use Headbang Headbang emote icon.png with Ket'Sal K'uk found in the shrine in the western area of the Kebos Swamp.

Headbang with Ket'Sal K'uk

33. Plant an Anima Seed (80 pts): Plant an Anima Seed in the Farming Guild.
Requirement: Farming 76 Farming

Farming Guild Anima patch location.png

34. Pray at an altar in Molch while poisoned (10 pts): Pray at an altar in Molch while poisoned.

Pray at an altar in Molch while poisoned

35. Chop a Magic Log at the Forsaken Tower (40 pts): Chop a log from the Magic trees around the Forsaken Tower located on the peninsula between Mount Karuulm and Lovakengj.
Requirement: Woodcutting 75 Woodcutting

Chop a Magic Log at the Forsaken Tower

36. 1 Sarachnis Kill (10 pts): Kill Sarachnis in the Forthos Dungeon.

37. Open 1 Grubby Chest (10 pts): Open the grubby chest in the Forthos Dungeon.
Requirement: Thieving 57 Thieving

Open 1 Grubby Chest

38. Kourend and Kebos Easy Diary Tasks (40 pts): Complete all tasks in the easy tier of the Kourend and Kebos achievement diary.

39. Smelt a mithril bar in a volcanic fissure (40 pts): Smelt a Mithril bar in a volcanic fissure. It is located just south of the Mount Karuulm bank.
Requirement: Smithing 50 Smithing

Volcanic Furnace.png

40. Equip a Protest Banner (10 pts): Equip a Protest Banner. Players can get this item by taking one from the pile of Protest Banners outside Sophia Hughes' house in Kingstown

Equip a Protest Banner

41. Complete Getting Ahead (40 pts): Complete Getting Ahead quest.
Requirement: Crafting 30 Crafting, Construction 26 Construction

42. Check a grown Redwood Tree (200 pts): Check the health of a Redwood Tree after growing one in the Farming Guild.
Requirement: Farming 90 Farming 60%, Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

43. 50 Wintertodt Kills (40 pts): Help the Pyromancers subdue the Wintertodt 50 times.
Requirement: Firemaking 50 Firemaking

44. Complete 50 Farming Contracts (80 pts): Complete 50 Farming Contracts for Guildmaster Jane in the Farming Guild.
Requirement: Farming 45 Farming, 60% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

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45. Equip a Dust Battlestaff (80 pts): Obtain and equip a Dust battlestaff.
Requirement: Slayer 5 Slayer, Attack 30 Attack, Magic 30 Magic Unlocked Bigger and Badder for 150 Slayer reward points

46. Steal 1 Artefact (10 pts): Steal an artefact for Captain Khaled in Piscarilius.
Requirement: Thieving 49 Thieving, 75% Kourend Favour Piscarilius favour

47. 1 Skotizo Kill (80 pts): Kill Skotizo beneath the Catacombs of Kourend.

48. Kill a creature in Mount Karuulm (40 pts): Enter Mount Karuulm and kill a creature without wearing boots for protection.

49. Inferior Demonbane Demon Kill (40 pts): Kill a demon using the Inferior Demonbane.png Inferior Demonbane spell.
Requirement: Magic 44 Magic, 60% Arceuus favour

Inferior Demonbane.gif

50. Defeat Vardorvis (80 pts): Defeat Vardorvis.
Requirement: Desert Desert for Desert Treasure II completion

51. Equip the Pyromancer's Garb (80 pts): Equip a full set of Pyromancer's garb, rewarded from the Wintertodt.
Requirement: Firemaking 50 Firemaking

52. Complete A Kingdom Divided (200 pts): Complete A Kingdom Divided quest.
Requirement: Agility 54 Agility, Thieving 52 Thieving, Woodcutting 52 Woodcutting, Herblore 50 Herblore, Mining 42 Mining, Crafting 38 Crafting, Magic35 Magic and completion of Architectural Alliance, The Depths of Despair, The Queen of Thieves, The Ascent of Arceuus, The Forsaken Tower, Tale of the Righteous

53. 1 Chambers of Xeric (80 pts): Complete the Chambers of Xeric.

54. Defeat a Drake (40 pts): Defeat a Drake in the Mount Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.
Requirement: Slayer 84 Slayer

55. Kourend and Kebos Medium Diary Tasks (40 pts): Complete all tasks in the medium tier of the Kourend and Kebos achievement diary.

56. Complete In Search Of Knowledge (10 pts): Complete the mini-quest In Search Of Knowledge.

57. Cast Resurrect Crops (40 pts): Cast the spell Resurrect Crops from the Arceuus spellbook.
Requirement: Magic 78 Magic, 60% Kourend Favour Arceuus favour. You must successfully resurrect your crop to complete the task. If you have the Farmer's Fortune relic, you can still cast this spell on any patch to complete the task.

Resurrect Crops.gif

58. Steal 15 Artefacts (40 pts): Steal 15 artefacts for Captain Khaled in Piscarilius.
Requirement: Thieving 49 Thieving, 75% Kourend Favour Piscarilius favour. 

59. Kourend and Kebos Hard Diary Tasks (80 pts): Complete all tasks in the hard tier of the Kourend and Kebos achievement diary.

60. Steal 30 Artefacts (40 pts): Steal 30 artefacts for Captain Khaled in Piscarilius.
Requirement: Thieving 49 Thieving, 75% Kourend Favour Piscarilius favour. 

61. Chop 200 Redwood Logs (80 pts): Chop 200 Redwood Logs from Redwood Trees.
Requirement: Woodcutting 90 Woodcutting, 60% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

62. Complete 150 Farming Contracts (80 pts): Complete 150 Farming Contracts for Guildmaster Jane in the Farming Guild.
Requirement: Farming 45 Farming, 60% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

63. Defeat a Hydra (80 pts): Defeat a regular Hydra in the Mount Karuulm Slayer Dungeon.
Requirement: Slayer 95 Slayer

64. Chop 500 Redwood logs (200 pts): Chop 500 Redwood logs from a Redwood Tree.
Requirement: Woodcutting 90 Woodcutting, 60% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

65. Activate an Arcane or Dexterous Prayer Scroll (80 pts): Activate an Arcane or Dexterous Prayer scroll.

Dexterous prayer scroll detail.png

66. Burn 200 Redwood Logs (200 pts): Burn 200 Redwood Logs.
Requirement: Firemaking 90 Firemaking, Woodcutting 90 Woodcutting, 60% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

67. Cook 100 Anglerfish (200 pts): Cook 100 Anglerfish.
Requirement: Cooking 84 Cooking, Either Fishing 82 Fishing and 100% Piscarilius favour, or killing Skotizo a bunch for raw anglerfish drops

68. 1 Alchemical Hydra Kill (80 pts): Kill the Alchemical Hydra in Mount Karuulm.
Requirement: Slayer 95 Slayer

69. Obtain Adamantite Ore at the Blast Mine (40 pts): Obtain a piece of Adamantite ore while taking part in the Blast Mine.
Requirement: Mining 60 Mining, 100% Kourend Favour Lovakengj favour

70. 1 Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode (200 pts): Complete the Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode.

71. Fish an old boot in stranglewood (10 pts): Fish an old boot in stranglewood located south of Mount Quidamortem.
Requirement: Asgarnia Asgarnia or Desert Desert for completion of Below Ice Mountain

 Fish an old boot in stranglewood

72. 10 Skotizo Kills (80 pts): Kill Skotizo beneath the Catacombs of Kourend 10 times.

73. Equip Boots of Brimstone (80 pts): Obtain and equip a pair of Boots of brimstone.
Requirement: Slayer 84 Slayer, Defence 70 Defence, Magic 70 Magic, Ranged 70 Ranged

74. Equip a Sarachnis Cudgel (80 pts): Equip a Sarachnis Cudgel.
Requirement: Attack 65 Attack

75. Fletch a Redwood Shield (80 pts): Fletch a Redwood Shield.
Requirement: Fletching 92 Fletching, Woodcutting 90 Woodcutting, 60% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

76. Teleport to Xeric's Honour (40 pts): Teleport to Xeric's Honour using Xeric's talisman.
Requirement: Ancient tablet drop through completion of Skills Chambers of Xeric

Ancient tablet detail.png

77. 50 Sarachnis Kills (40 pts): Kill Sarachnis in the Forthos Dungeon 50 times.

78. 1 Mimic Kill (80 pts): Kill the Mimic as part of a Treasure Trail.

79. 250 Lizardmen Shaman Kills (40 pts): Help the Shayzien House by killing 250 Lizardmen shamans.

80. 100 Wintertodt Kills (80 pts): Help the Pyromancers subdue the Wintertodt 100 times.
Requirement: Firemaking 50 Firemaking

81. Equip a Dragon Warhammer (200 pts): Obtain and equip a Dragon warhammer.
Requirement: Strength 60 Strength, 100% Kourend Favour Shayzien favour

Dragon warhammer detail.png

82. Fletch 250 Redwood logs into arrow shafts (200 pts): Fletch 250 Redwood logs into arrow shafts.
Requirement: Fletching 90 Fletching, Woodcutting 90 Woodcutting, 60% Kourend Favour Hosidius favour

83. Equip a Pearl Fishing Rod (80 pts): Equip a Pearl fishing rod, purchased from Alry on Molch Island.
Requirement: Hunter 35 Hunter, Fishing 43 Fishing

Equip a Pearl Fishing Rod

84. Equip any Ancestral piece (200 pts): Equip either an Ancestral Hat, an Ancestral robe top or an Ancestral robe bottom.
Requirement: Magic 75 Magic, Defence 65 Defence

85. 25 Skotizo Kills (80 pts): Kill Skotizo beneath the Catacombs of Kourend 25 times.

86. Open 15 Grubby Chests (10 pts): Open the grubby chest in the Forthos Dungeon 15 times.
Requirement: Thieving 57 Thieving

87. Defeat Vardorvis 50 times (80 pts): Defeat Vardorvis 50 times.
Requirement: Desert Desert for Desert Treasure II completion

88. Equip a Brimstone Ring (80 pts): Obtain and equip a Brimstone ring.
Requirement: Slayer 95 Slayer

89. Equip a Dragon Hunter Crossbow (200 pts): Equip a Dragon Hunter Crossbow.
Requirement: Ranged 70 Ranged

90. Equip a Golden Tench (200 pts): Equip a Golden tench, caught by aerial fishing on Molch Island.
Requirement: Hunter 35 Hunter, Fishing 43 Fishing

Golden tench detail.png

91. Equip a Twisted Buckler (200 pts): Equip a Twisted Buckler.
Requirement: Ranged 75 Ranged, Defence 75 Defence

92. Equip Dinh's Bulwark (200 pts): Equip Dinh's Bulwark.
Requirement: Attack 75 Attack, Defence 75 Defence

93. 200 Wintertodt Kills (80 pts): Help the Pyromancers subdue the Wintertodt 200 times.
Requirement: Firemaking 50 Firemaking

94. Equip a pair of Dragon Claws (200 pts): Equip a pair of Dragon Claws.
Requirement: Attack 60 Attack

95. 50 Alchemical Hydra Kills (80 pts): Kill the Alchemical Hydra in Mount Karuulm 50 times.
Requirement: Slayer 95 Slayer

96. 750 Lizardmen Shaman Kills (80 pts): Help the Shayzien House by killing 750 Lizardmen shamans.
Requirement: 100% Kourend Favour Shayzien favour

97. Defeat Vardorvis 150 times (80 pts): Defeat Vardorvis 150 times.
Requirement: Desert Desert for Desert Treasure II completion

98. Equip an Elder Maul (200 pts): Obtain and equip an Elder maul.
Requirement: Attack 75 Attack, Strength 75 Strength

99. Equip a Twisted Bow (400 pts): Obtain and equip a Twisted bow.
Requirment: Ranged 85 Ranged

Twisted bow detail.png

100. 150 Sarachnis Kills (80 pts): Kill Sarachnis in the Forthos Dungeon 150 times.

101. Cast Full Sinister Offering (80 pts): Offer 3 bones from your inventory at the same time using the Sinister Offering spell.
Requirement: Magic 92 Magic and completion of A Kingdom Divided, 60% Kourend Favour Arceuus favour, Fremennik Fremennik for Wrath Runes, Kandarin Kandarin for Barbarian Assault (Attacker role runes), or Wilderness Wilderness for Fountain of Rune

Sinister Offering.gif

102. Equip a Pearl Barbarian Rod (80 pts): Equip a Pearl barbarian rod, purchased from Alry on Molch Island.
Requirement: Hunter 35 Hunter, Fishing 43 Fishing, Kandarin Kandarin for partial completion of Barbarian Fishing

103. Defeat Vardorvis 300 times (200 pts): Defeat Vardorvis 300 times.
Requirement: Desert Desert for Desert Treasure II completion

104. Equip a Kodai Wand (200 pts): Obtain and equip a Kodai wand.
Requirement: Magic 80 Magic, Desert Desert for access to Minigames Mage Training Arena

105. Kourend and Kebos Elite Diary Tasks (200 pts): Complete all tasks in the elite tier of the Kourend and Kebos achievement diary.

106. Recolour a piece of the Ancestral Robes (200 pts): Recolour a piece of the Ancestral robes using a Twisted ancestral colour kit.
Requirement: Completion of Skills Chambers of Xeric/Challenge Mode

107. Open 30 Grubby Chests (40 pts): Open the grubby chest in the Forthos Dungeon 30 times.
Requirement: Thieving 57 Thieving

108. 150 Alchemical Hydra Kills (80 pts): Kill the Alchemical Hydra in Mount Karuulm 150 times.
Requirement: Slayer 95 Slayer

109. 50 Chambers of Xeric (80 pts): Complete the Chambers of Xeric Normal or Challenge Mode 50 times.

110. 300 Sarachnis Kills (80 pts): Kill Sarachnis in the Forthos Dungeon 300 times.

111. 5 Mimic Kills (80 pts): Kill the Mimic as part of a Treasure Trail 5 times.

112. 150 Chambers of Xeric (80 pts): Complete the Chambers of Xeric Normal or Challenge Mode 150 times.

113. Equip Ferocious Gloves (80 pts): Obtain and equip a pair of Ferocious gloves.
Requirement: Slayer 95 Slayer, Attack 80 Attack, Defence 80 Defence, Fremennik Fremennik for completion of Dragon Slayer II

114. Equip the Angler's Outfit (80 pts): Equip a full set of the Angler's outfit, purchased from Alry on Molch Island.
Requirement: Fishing 43 Fishing, Hunter 35 Hunter

115. 1500 Lizardmen Shaman Kills (200 pts): Help the Shayzien House by killing 1500 Lizardmen shamans.
Requirement: 100% Kourend Favour Shayzien favour

116. 250 Chambers of Xeric (200 pts): Complete the Chambers of Xeric Normal or Challenge Mode 250 times.

117. 300 Alchemical Hydra Kills (200 pts): Kill the Alchemical Hydra in Mount Karuulm 300 times.
Requirement: Slayer 95 Slayer

118. 50 Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode (200 pts): Complete the Chambers of Xeric Challenge Mode 50 times.

119. Alchemical Hydra Combat Achievements (200 pts): Complete all of the Combat Achievements for Alchemical Hydra.
Requirement: Morytania Morytania for Dharok's greataxe

120. Defeat Awakened Vardorvis (200 pts): Defeat Awakened Vardorvis.
Requirement: Desert Desert for Desert Treasure II completion

121. Equip a Dragon Hunter Lance (200 pts): Obtain and equip a Dragon hunter lance.
Requirement: Slayer 95 Slayer, Attack 78 Attack, Fishing 55 Fishing, Asgarnia Asgarnia for access to God Wars Dungeon, KandarinKandarin for access to Barbarian Training

122. Equip the Ultor Ring (200 pts): Obtain and Equip the Ultor Ring.
Requirement: Magic 90 Magic, Crafting 80 Crafting, Fremennik Fremennik for access to Dagannoth Kings, Desert Desert for Desert Treasure II completion

Ultor ring detail.png

123. Chambers of Xeric Combat Achievements (400 pts): Complete all of the Combat Achievements for Chambers of Xeric: Normal mode and Challenge mode.

124. Equip a full set of Ancestral (400 pts): Equip an Ancestral Hat, an Ancestral robe top and an Ancestral robe bottom.
Requirement: Magic 75 Magic, Defence 65 Defence