OSRS Sunfire Splinters Guide


Sunfire splinters are valuable drops obtained through participation in the Fortis Colosseum and hunting sunlight antelope. These splinters serve multiple purposes and can be utilized in the creation of various items.

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1. Charging Dizana's Quiver: Sunfire splinters can be utilized to charge Dizana's quiver, enhancing its capabilities in combat situations.

Dizana's quiver (uncharged) detail.png

2. Charging the Tonalztics of Ralos: Sunfire splinters are also essential for charging the Tonalztics of Ralos, imbuing this artifact with the power of sunlight to unlock its full potential.

Tonalztics of ralos detail.png

3. Creating Sunfire Runes: Sunfire splinters can be combined with rune essence, along with fire runes, to create powerful Sunfire Runes. Typically, one fire rune and one sunfire splinter are used per essence to craft these potent runes.

Sunfire rune detail.png

4. Crafting Searing Pages: Searing Pages, which possess formidable properties, can be crafted indirectly from Sunfire Splinters. It takes approximately 100 Sunfire Runes rather than splinters to create each Searing Page. Saring pages are an upgraded variant of burnt pages made by adding 100 sunfire runes to one page. When used on a tome of fire to charge it, the tome gains a 10% minimum hit on their target when casting any offensive combat spells that use fire runes.

Searing page detail.png

5. Brewing Jugs of Sunfire Wine: Sunfire splinters serve as a crucial ingredient in the creation of Jugs of Sunfire Wine. When combined with a jug of wine using a pestle and mortar, each jug of wine requires the use of two splinters to infuse it with the radiant essence of sunlight, resulting in a potent elixir. The sunfire wine can be blessed at the exposed altar found south of The Teomat.

Jug of sunfire wine detail.png