OSRS Starling Route Complete Guide - Trailblazer Reloaded League 4


Complete Starling Route Guide - Leagues 4

The recently inaugurated Trailblazer Reloaded League has arrived, and while numerous participants are already well into this challenge, there are still many who have not embarked on this exciting adventure. Thinking of those players, as well as those looking to perfect their strategy to maximize point acquisition, we present a detailed guide for an initial route in League 4 of this competition.

This guide has been crafted with the purpose of providing participants valuable information on how to approach the Trailblazer Reloaded League from the beginning, highlighting key points and strategies that can make a difference in their performance. Through careful consideration of the competition's specific dynamics and the distinctive features of League 4, practical recommendations will be offered to optimize the gaming experience.

Leagues IV: Trailblazer Reloaded

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1. Open the Leagues Menu
2. Complete the Leagues Tutorial
– Head to Lumbridge graveyard
3. Dance in a graveyard
4. Visit Death’s Domain
– Speak to Count Check and agree to be teleported to the Stronghold of Security
– Make your way through the Stronghold of Security to get 10k coins and boots
5. Equip some Fancy Boots, Fancier Boots, or Fighting Boots
– Teleport to Karamja waypoint
– Run north to Brimhaven port trader crewmembers
6. Buy Something (knife!) From Trader Crewmembers
– Take the cart to Shilo Village
– Head to the general store and buy a torch
7. Light a Torch
– Go to fishing shop to buy a fishing rod and 1 bait pack
– Go upstairs to the slayer master
8. Receive a Slayer Task From Duradel
9. Receive a Slayer Task
– Buy a spiny helmet and enchanted gem from Duradel
10. Check Your Slayer Task
11. Cast Home Teleport
– Talk to Duke Horacio upstairs and star the Rune Mysteries quest
– Head up to the bank and deposit (or drop) runes, bow, sword, dagger, pickaxe, leftover food, arrows and torch
– You should now have on you: Coins, air talisman, axe, bucket, dramen staff, bait, fishing rod, pot, fishing net, tinderbox, knife and spiny helmet – Head out of Lumbridge Castle
12. Pickpocket a Citizen
13. Open 28 Coin Pouches At Once
14. Achieve Your First Level Up
15. Achieve Your First Level 5
– Head to Bob’s Brilliant Axes and buy a steel axe
– Equip your Dramen staff and set your attack style to defensive, then head east to goblins
16. Defeat a goblin
17. Bury Some Bones
– Get level 5 defence by killing more goblins
18. Equip a Spiny Helmet
– Head north to the cow pen
19. Milk a cow
– Cross the road and grab an egg from the chicken pen. If it’s too crowded, search the coops by the egg spawn to get one instead
– Run west to the windmill and grab some wheat
20. Cry in a wheat field
– Head into the windmill
21. Make some Flour
– Run west to Draynor Village
22. Complete a Rooftop Agility Course
23. Complete the Draynor Agility Course
24. Complete 10 Laps of the Draynor Agility Course
25. Obtain a Mark of Grace
26. Achieve Your First Level 10 (agility)
27. Achieve Your First Level 20 (agility)
– Run south to the willow trees
28. Catch a Shrimp (net, to level 5)
– Bank shrimp
– Catch sardines (bait) to level 10
– Bank sardines
29. Catch a Herring (to level 15)
30. Catch an Anchovy (net)
– Run east towards Lumbridge, chopping and burning logs on your way
31. Chop Some Logs
32. Chop Some Logs With a Steel Axe
33. Burn Some Normal Logs
34. Reach Total Level 100 (from 15 woodcutting & firemaking)
35. (Chop and) Burn Some Oak Logs
36. Fletch Some Arrow Shafts
– Head to Draynor Market, trade Diango and buy a Chronicle and 1-5 teleport cards
– Run south to Wizard Tower and talk to Wizard Sedridor in the basement to continue Rune Mysteries
– Head north to Draynor Manor
37. Enter Draynor Manor
38. Get a chair to follow you
– Chronicle teleport to Varrock
– Talk to Dreven at the Champions’ Guild and buy a rake
39. Rake a Farming Patch
– Start heading to Aubury in Varrock
40. Pet a Stray Dog in Varrock
– Speak to Aubury twice to continue Rune Mysteries (make sure you receive a package)
41. Steal From the Varrock Tea Stall (don’t drink or drop it)
– Head north towards the estate agent
42. Purchase a Player Owned House
– Head upstairs in the church and use your tea on Elsie
43. Have Elsie tell you a story
– Head east to the sawmill and cut some logs
44. Turn any Logs Into a Plank
– Head east towards the digsite and take the barge (boat) to Fossil Island
45. Travel to Fossil Island
46. Pet the Museum Camp dog (in tent east of arrival point)
– Home teleport or waystone teleport to Lumbridge
– Talk to the Cook and finish the cook’s assistant quest
– Head upstairs to the bank and grab raw fish from earlier, then cook it at the range downstairs until at least 5 cooking
47. Cook Shrimp
48. Use the Range in Lumbridge Castle
49. Burn Some Food (If no food burned, kill a giant rat outside of Lumbridge castle and use the meat on a range twice)
– Keep one cooked herring on your, head outside and;
50. Use a herring on a tree
– Head south towards Lumbridge swamp shed, make sure to have your Dramen staff equipped
51. Enter Zanaris
– Head over to the fairy ring
52. Use a Fairy Ring (head to CKR)
53. Catch a Karambwanji (directly north of fairy ring)
– Use Fairy Ring (DIS)
– Head into basement, talk to Sedridor and
54. Complete Rune Mysteries
55. Visit the Rune Essence Mine
– Waystone teleport to Karamja
56. Locate a Runecrafting Altar With a Talisman (air talisman)
– Run east to Musa Point banana plantation
57. Fill a Crate With Bananas
– Waystone teleport to Karamja and run towards the house portal
58. Enter your Player Owned House
59. Build a Room in Your Player Owned House (parlour, 1000 gp)
– Exit house, head southwest
60. Pick a Pineapple on Karamja;
– Or, if too competitive;
60. Enter the Brimhaven Dungeon