OSRS Spiritual Creatures Guide

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Spiritual Creatures Guide OSRS

Spritual creatures are slayer monsters found wandering the God Wars Dungeon. There are three types of Spiritual creatures:

1. Spiritual Ranger – requires 63 slayer to attack

2. Spiritual Warrior – requires 68 slayer to attack

3. Spiritual Mage – requires 83 slayer to attack

Spiritual Creatures are not loyal to one God. You can find each of the Spiritual Creature types following all five of the God Wars Bosses; Zamorak, Saradomin, Bandos, Armadyl and Zaros.

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Location: God Wars Dungeon, Zamorak area Coordinates: You can find them in the southern part of the dungeon. Requirements: 68 Slayer

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Spiritual Creatures Gear Setup

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Melee Setup

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For players completing a Slayer assignment involving spiritual rangers and aiming to avoid their attacks, there are several strategies based on the specific location and type of ranger:

1. Saradominist Rangers in the Main Area: In the primary area, you'll find Saradominist rangers often engaged in combat with other creatures. While fighting these rangers, it's important to be mindful of their attacks and use appropriate protection.

2. Spiritual Ranger in Zamorak's Fortress (North-Eastern Corner): In the north-eastern corner of Zamorak's Fortress, there's a spiritual ranger that might not retaliate when attacked from the north. However, this behavior can be inconsistent, so caution is advised.

3. Safespotting in Bandos Dungeon: When dealing with spiritual rangers in the Bandos Dungeon section, you can utilize the white brick rubble on the floor as cover. This allows you to create a safe distance between you and the rangers, minimizing the risk of their attacks.

4. Armadylean Rangers and Attack Methods: Armadylean rangers, like other creatures associated with Armadyl, can only be effectively attacked using Ranged or Magic combat. Melee attacks are not viable against them.

5. Aviansie Slayer Task and Armadylean Rangers: It's important to note that despite the message indicating "The Aviansie is flying too high for you to attack using melee," the Armadylean variant is not considered an Aviansie for Slayer task purposes. Therefore, Slayer tasks related to Aviansies will not apply to Armadylean rangers.

6. Using Obstacles for Protection: Spiritual rangers can be avoided by positioning yourself behind objects like rocks. Even though they primarily use ranged attacks, these obstacles effectively block their attacks.

7. Zarosian Ranger's Special Attack: The Zarosian variant of spiritual rangers has a unique attack. They may shoot a glowing orange arrow at your position. To avoid taking significant damage (up to 35 hitpoints), be sure to move away from the targeted spot. This attack pierces through Protect from Missiles prayer and can bind you briefly. This special attack also nullifies active Prayers.

These tactics should help you effectively deal with spiritual rangers during your Slayer assignment, minimizing damage and ensuring a successful completion.


(Ancient Prison)

Drops (Ancient Prison)

Spiritual ranger       

drops Spiritual ranger       

Spiritual ranger        drops

Spiritual warrior

Spiritual warrior drops

drops Spiritual warrior

Spiritual mage

Spiritual mage drops

drops Spiritual mage