OSRS Spirit Tree Guide


Spirit Tree Guide OSRS

Spirit trees serve as a unique gnomish transportation system in the world of Gielinor. The ability to utilize this network is granted upon the completion of specific quests such as Tree Gnome Village or The Grand Tree. These quests provide varying levels of access to the spirit tree network.

Upon completing Tree Gnome Village, players gain access to the spirit tree located in the heart of Tree Gnome Village. Alternatively, completing The Grand Tree quest unlocks the spirit tree situated in the Gnome Stronghold. Players who successfully finish both quests attain full access to the spirit tree network.

Full access to the network empowers players to travel seamlessly from any available spirit tree directly to another within the network. However, those with limited access, based on the quest completed, can only embark on one-way trips, and other spirit trees may be unresponsive, stating they are 'not interested in talking' when attempting to use them. It's a testament to the strategic and intricate nature of the gnome transportation system in the fantastical realm of RuneScape.

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Spirit Tree Locations

Spirit trees are convenient teleportation hubs in RuneScape, offering swift travel between various locations. Here are the permanent locations of spirit trees:

1. Tree Gnome Village: Found in the middle of the Gnome Maze.

2. Gnome Stronghold: Requires completion of The Grand Tree quest to travel from this location. Before the quest, it can still be used as the destination while traveling from other trees.

3. Battlefield of Khazard: Located just south of West Ardougne.

4. Varrock - Grand Exchange: Positioned in the north-east corner of the Grand Exchange.

5. Feldip Hills: Located in the south-west corner, next to the Myths' Guild.

6. Poison Waste: East of the Poison Waste, requiring partial completion of The Path of Glouphrie.

7. Prifddinas: Requires completion of the Song of the Elves quest.

Additionally, players with Farming skills can grow their own spirit trees at specific locations:

1. Etceteria: South-eastern part.

2. Port Sarim: Easternmost area.

3. Brimhaven: North-eastern part, near the Agility Arena.

4. Hosidius: Next to the saltpetre deposits, south-east of the Forthos Ruin.

5. Farming Guild: Inside the advanced tier. Accessible before level 85 with stat-boosting items but requires boosting to 85 every time teleporting is desired.

With 75 Construction, players can plant a spirit tree in the Superior Garden of their Player-owned house. Teleporting to the Stronghold Slayer Cave, using an Ardougne cloak to teleport to the Ardougne Monastery, and utilizing the Port Sarim spirit tree patch are other efficient methods.

For the fastest access to a spirit tree, players can plant one in their Player-owned house (requires 75 Construction and 83 Farming) and use a Teleport to House spell or magic tablet. Before reaching 83 Farming, teleporting to the Grand Exchange and using the spirit tree there is a quick alternative.

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Growing Spirit Trees in Farming

Players can cultivate their own spirit tree by planting a spirit sapling crafted from a spirit seed, achievable at level 83 Farming. As spirit seeds and saplings are non-tradeable, acquiring them can be challenging. Spirit tree patches are located in the following areas:

1. Etceteria
2. Brimhaven
3. Port Sarim
4. Hosidius
5. Farming Guild - advanced tier

Outside of a Player-owned House (POH), players can have one spirit tree from level 83 to 90, two at level 91, and an unlimited amount at level 99. These levels can be boosted.

The growth period for a spirit tree is approximately 58 hours and 40 minutes. Cultivating a spirit tree yields 19,501.3 Farming experience, combining planting (199.5 experience) and checking health (19,301.8 experience).

Spirit trees cannot be cut down; removal requires the use of a spade. Unlike other trees, they do not yield roots when extracted.

Payment for Care: Gnome gardeners can tend to spirit trees for 5 monkey nuts, 1 monkey bar, and 1 ground suqah tooth. Considering the seed's rarity, the experience gained, and the time needed for maturation, having a gardener care for the growing plant is highly recommended.

Construction and Spirit Trees: Players can also plant their spirit tree in their Superior Garden with a spirit sapling at level 75 Construction, requiring level 83 in Farming. Boosts can be utilized. This tree doesn't contribute to the total number of spirit trees that can be planted simultaneously. At level 95 Construction, players can construct a Spiritual Fairy Tree, providing access to both a spirit tree and a fairy ring.