OSRS Spined larupia Guide


Spined larupia Guide OSRS

The Spined Larupia is a creature in the game that players can capture using the Hunter skill once they reach level 31 or above, earning them 180 Hunter experience points. Despite having a Combat level of 40, these creatures are non-attackable under normal circumstances. However, players can provoke them using a teasing stick, which can lead to the Spined Larupia attacking the player, dealing up to 5 melee damage.

It's worth noting that trapping a Spined Larupia is a specific task associated with the medium difficulty level of the Western Provinces Diary. This suggests that capturing these creatures may be a requirement or objective within the game's achievement system, providing players with additional goals and rewards for completing tasks in the Western Provinces region.

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The Spined larupia can be found in the Feldip Hunter area


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How to Hunting the Spined larupia

To hunt Spined Larupias, players follow the standard pitfall trapping technique. Here's a step-by-step guide:

1. Prepare Your Equipment: Before heading to the hunting spot, ensure you have a teasing stick, a knife, and logs (excluding redwood logs).

2. Travel to the Hunting Spot: Go to the designated hunting area where Spined Larupias can be found.

3. Set Up the Trap: Click on a pit to create a spiked pit trap.

Spiked pit.png

4. Tease a Spined Larupia: Provoke a Spined Larupia using the teasing stick to lure it towards the trap you've set up.

5. Lure the Creature Over the Trap: Once the Spined Larupia is close to the trap, maneuver yourself to jump over the trap. This should prompt the creature to attempt to walk over the trap.

6. Trap the Larupia: If successful, the Spined Larupia will fall into the pit trap.

7. Dismantle the Trap: Finally, dismantle the trap to claim your loot and Hunter experience.


Big bones.png: Spined larupia drops Big bones with rarity Always in quantity 1 Big bones1Always236
Larupia fur.png: Spined larupia drops Larupia fur with rarity Common in quantity 1 Larupia fur1Common752
Tatty larupia fur.png: Spined larupia drops Tatty larupia fur with rarity Common in quantity 1 Tatty larupia fur1Common116