OSRS Slayer from Level 1 to 99 Guide

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Slayer from Level 1 to 99 Guide OSRS

Welcome, brave adventurers, to the thrilling realm of Slayer in Old School Runescape! Unlike conventional skills, Slayer beckons you to embark on quests, not to gather resources, but to face the ferocious monsters that inhabit Gielinor. This guide is your key to mastering the art of Slayer, offering insights into the swiftest training methods and the most lucrative strategies. Whether you're a novice or a seasoned player, let's dive into the captivating world of OSRS Slayer.

Slayer, a skill defined by challenging tasks and formidable adversaries, stands as a unique pursuit in OSRS. Tasked by Slayer Masters, your mission is clear – vanquish a myriad of monsters. This comprehensive guide unravels the intricacies of Slayer, presenting a roadmap from novice to the illustrious rank of 99. Join us as we explore the reasons behind choosing Slayer, the diverse Slayer Masters, and the invaluable Slayer Points.

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Why Train Slayer?

If you're contemplating the journey to 99 Slayer, understanding the "why" is pivotal. Here are compelling reasons to embark on this thrilling odyssey:

Unlocking New Challenges: Reaching level 99 opens doors to formidable monsters and bosses like the Alchemical Hydra and Cerberus, promising both excitement and substantial wealth.

Combat Stat Boosts: Slayer training concurrently elevates your attack, strength, defense, ranged, and magic stats. It's the key to forging a well-rounded character in OSRS.

Slayer Masters

Choosing the right Slayer Master is crucial for your progression. Here's a glimpse of the Masters and their significance:

point per


NopeBurthorpe0- Turael is willing to replace an
assignment given by another
Slayer Master with an easier one


NopeDraynor Village0- Spria shares the same task list
with Turael, though she cannot
reset the player's current task streak.
NopeEdgeville Jail25- Krystilia's tasks are monsters found within the 
Wilderness. Only monsters slain within the
Wilderness count towards her tasks.
Combat lvl 20Canifis2- Mazchna gives fairly easy tasks too, but
sometimes he may give a very small amount of
more difficult monsters.
Combat lvl 40Edgeville
4- Vannaka is one of the most popular Slayer
Masters. His tasks are usually suitable for
slayers with medium and even high combat skills.
Combat lvl 70Zanaris
Throne Room
10- Chaeldar is infamous for sometimes handing
out dangerous tasks, such as bronze dragons.
Konar quo Maten.png   
Combat lvl 75Mount Karuulm18- Unlike other Slayer Masters, her Slayer tasks
 also include the location in which she asks
you to slay. 
Combat lvl 85Tree Gnome

- Nieve is the second most difficult Slayer Master.
Her assignments are the same as Duradel's, except
she doesn't assign waterfiends, but turoths instead.

- If players have completed Monkey Madness II,
she is replaced by her little cousin, Steve.

Combat lvl 100
Level 50 Slayer
Shilo Village15- Duradel is the most difficult Slayer Master.
His assignments are generally high-levelled
monsters, both in combat and Slayer levels.
He also assigns waterfiends.


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Slayer Points

Earning Slayer Points is a testament to your prowess. These points, obtained from Krystilia and higher-level Masters, unlock a trove of rewards across four categories:

1. Unlocks: Access new Slayer tasks, equipment, and utilities. Example: Unlock the ability to craft Slayer Rings with "Ring Bling."


2. Extends: Increases the number of monsters that you need to kill in order to complete tasks


3. Buys: Converts Slayer Points to items


4. Tasks: Block or skip a Slayer task


Now that you know what the Slayer Points are for, what is the ideal unlock order? Well, the very first thing that you'd want to unlock is Bigger and Badder. When doing a Slayer assignment, you will have a 1/200 chance of encountering a more powerful version of a creature upon its death. You will know if the "bigger and badder" monster appears when you read the following text in the chatbox, "A superior foe has appeared…" Killing superior Slayer monsters grants more XP and they all have a chance to drop some pretty expensive items like the imbued heart which is currently valued at 106M.

Maximizing Slayer Points: 

As you embark on your Slayer journey in Old School Runescape, the road to mastery reveals unique strategies to maximize your Slayer reward points. Understanding milestones and the art of blocking tasks is essential to elevate your Slayer experience. Let's delve into the intricacies of earning and wisely utilizing these valuable points.

Unlocking the Power of Milestones

Upon commencing your Slayer endeavors, be aware that the initial four tasks won't yield any Slayer reward points. However, a realm of opportunities opens up with milestones, offering an exponential increase in points.

10th Task: Earn 5 times the base reward points from a Slayer Master. Example: 10th task from Krystilia grants 250 points instead of 25.

50th Task: Enjoy a 15x points boost, accelerating your point accumulation.

100th Task: Witness a remarkable 25x points surge, propelling you further towards mastery.

250th Task: Experience a substantial 35x points increase, marking a significant milestone.

1,000th Task: Achieve the pinnacle with a staggering 50x points, showcasing your unparalleled Slayer prowess.

Tip: Leverage a task streak by completing nine tasks from Turael and the 10th task from your chosen Slayer Master, ensuring maximum points.

Strategic Blocking of Tasks


As your Slayer journey unfolds, the strategic blocking of tasks becomes paramount. A well-thought-out approach to blocking tasks enhances efficiency and expedites your path to 99 Slayer. Here's a breakdown of the key considerations:

Unlocking Block Slots: Acquire block slots by accumulating quest points. You'll unlock one slot for every 50 quest points, with a total of five slots achievable this way. The final slot demands completion of the Elite Lumbridge & Draynor Diary, requiring the prestigious Quest Cape.

Why Block Tasks?: Certain Slayer assignments are time-consuming or excessively challenging. Blocking tasks allows you to focus on efficient and rewarding assignments, expediting your Slayer training. Additionally, tasks with higher weighting can be blocked to avoid frequent unwanted assignments.

Limited Slots, Personal Decisions: With a maximum of six block slots, the decision rests with you. Choose tasks that align with your training goals and preferences. The limited slots underscore the importance of strategic decision-making.

Note: The Quest Cape, a symbol of comprehensive mastery, is essential for unlocking the sixth block slot. Meeting demanding requirements, including Slayer level 69 and completing all main quests, is a prerequisite.

Dwarf multicannon

The Dwarf multicannon it is an essential element in slayer, since you can take it to your tasks to finish these in a more effective way, investing a little more money but the time it saves to complete the tasks makes it completely worth it.

Important Quests

Slayer Masters can give you assignments to higher level monsters only if you have completed their quest prerequisites. Here is a list of the quests that you need to accomplish to unlock monsters/tasks:

Dragon Slayer I: Dragons

Dragon Slayer II: Adamant and Rune Dragons

Horror from the Deep: Dagannoths

Lunar Diplomacy: Suqahs

Elemental Workshop I: Skeletal Wyverns

Cabin Fever: Cave Horrors

Ernest the Chicken: Killerwatts

Underground Pass: Elves

Desert Treasure I: Dust Devils

Mourning's End Part II: Dark Beasts

Accelerating to 99 Slayer: Essential Quests and Items

If your goal is to swiftly attain 99 Slayer in Old School Runescape, strategic quest completions are your key to a smoother and more efficient training journey. Here are the quests that unlock valuable items, ensuring your Slayer training goes seamlessly:

1. Desert Treasure I: Completing this quest grants access to the Ancient Spellbook, a game-changer for higher-level Slayer tasks. The Ancient Spellbook introduces spells like Ice Burst and Ice Barrage, essential for efficiently dispatching tougher enemies, maximizing Slayer experience per hour.

Desert Treasure I

2. Fairytale II - Cure a Queen: Save valuable time with this quest, providing access to the Fairy Ring Teleport System. By learning specific codes, you can instantly teleport to desired locations. Even completing a portion of the quest, up to the Fairy Godfather's teleport system explanation, proves beneficial for efficient travel.

Fairytale II - Cure a Queen

3. Dwarf Cannon: Efficiency is key in Slayer assignments, and completing the Dwarf Cannon quest is a game-changer. Unlock the ability to purchase and utilize a dwarf multicannon, significantly speeding up the process of reaching 99 Slayer. Further guidance on utilizing the multicannon awaits in this OSRS Slayer guide.

Dwarf Cannon

4. Lunar Diplomacy: With nine dispersed Slayer Masters in the game, traveling between them can be time-consuming. Lunar Diplomacy unlocks the Lunar Spellbook, introducing the NPC Contact spell. This spell allows you to communicate with any OSRS Slayer Master at any time, streamlining your Slayer assignments.

Lunar Diplomacy

5. King's Ransom: Unlocking powerful prayers is crucial in OSRS, and Piety stands out with its 25% defense boost, 23% strength increase, and 20% attack boost. Complete the King's Ransom quest to access the Knight Waves Training Grounds and, subsequently, unlock Piety at Prayer level 70.

King's Ransom

6. Song of the Elves: Embark on this extensive quest to unlock the ability to craft crystal equipment. Beyond this, Song of the Elves rewards you with perks like changing your respawn point to Prifddinas, crafting divine potions, and engaging in battles with formidable foes like Zalcano.

Song of the Elves

These quests and the items they unlock will undoubtedly enhance your Slayer training experience. From efficient travel to powerful spells and prayers, each quest plays a crucial role in your journey to 99 Slayer. Equip yourself with these essentials and venture forth into the world of relentless monsters and bountiful rewards!

Recommended Items

When delving into the challenging world of Slayer training in Old School Runescape, the right set of items can make all the difference. As you embark on your journey to achieve 99 Slayer, consider equipping yourself with these recommended items that cater to various combat styles and situations.

Melee Weapons

Osmumten's Fang

Acquisition: Tombs of Amascut

Description: A potent melee weapon with dual accuracy rolls, ensuring consistent and impactful attacks. The special attack, Eviscerate, unleashes a precise strike for maximum damage.

Osmumten's Fang

Blade of Saeldor

Acquisition: Song of the Elves quest

Description: Craftable magical sword with the highest strength and slash bonus. Consumes charges with each swing but starts with 10,000 charges, eliminating frequent recharging.

Blade of Saeldor

Inquisitor's Mace

Acquisition: The Nightmare Boss

Description: Boosts Prayer Bonus and offers comparable damage to the Blade of Saeldor, featuring a unique "crush" attack style.

Inquisitor's Mace


Ranged Weapons

Bow of Faerdhinen

Acquisition: Crafted using an enhanced crystal weapon seed

Description: Magical bow providing consistent damage, enhanced by Crystal Armour for a damage and accuracy boost.

Bow of Faerdhinen

Toxic Blowpipe

Acquisition: Created with a Tanzanite Fang

Description: Ranged weapon with a 25% Venom chance, and a special attack, Toxic Siphon, that boosts damage and heals you based on half of the damage dealt.

Toxic Blowpipe

Magic Shortbow

Acquisition: Requires Level 80 Fletching

Description: Accessible ranged weapon with the ability to fire powerful Rune and Amethyst arrows. Special attack, Snapshot, fires two arrows in rapid succession.

Magic Shortbow

Magic Weapons

Kodai Wand

Acquisition: Chambers of Xeric raid

Description: Strongest magic weapon autocasting standard spells and Ancient Magicks. Has a 15% chance to negate rune costs.

Kodai Wand

Nightmare Staff

Acquisition: The Nightmare Boss

Description: Autocasts Ancient Magicks, with the ability to attach orbs for unique effects. Harmonised Orb grants increased cast speed.

Nightmare Staff

Specialized Equipment

Imbued Black Mask

Acquisition: Imbue in Nightmare Zone, Soul Wars, or Emir's Arena

Description: Upgraded version with additional bonuses, including a 15% boost to ranged accuracy/damage and magic damage/accuracy.

Imbued Black Mask

Slayer Helmet

Acquisition: Crafted after purchasing "Malevolent Masquerade" from Slayer Masters

Description: Combines the effects of various Slayer equipment, providing defensive bonuses equivalent to a Rune Full Helm.

Slayer Helmet

Defensive Gear

Bracelet of Slaughter

Acquisition: Lvl-3 Enchant on a topaz bracelet

Description: Offers a 25% chance of not including a killed monster in the total count, extending Slayer task completion time.

Bracelet of Slaughter

Expeditious Bracelet

Acquisition: Lvl1-Enchant on an opal bracelet

Description: Grants a 25% chance of counting a killed monster as two, speeding up Slayer task completion.

Expeditious Bracelet

Proselyte Armour

Acquisition: Purchased from Sir Tiffy Cashien after Slug Menace quest

Description: Four-piece set with +18 prayer bonus, enhancing the duration of Protection Prayers against tough Slayer monsters.

Proselyte Armour

Torva Armour

Acquisition: Dropped by Nex in the Ancient Prison

Description: Provides high defense against strong Slayer monsters. Requires repair using components from Bandos chestplates and tassets.

Torva Armour

Bandos Armour

Acquisition: Dropped by General Graardor in Bandos' Stronghold

Description: Offers significant defense against stabbing, slashing, crushing, and ranged attacks.

Bandos Armour

Masori Armour

Acquisition: Rare drops from Tombs of Amascut

Description: Well-rounded armor set with increased defensive bonuses when fortified with Armadyl Plates.

Masori Armour

Ancestral Robes

Acquisition: Rare drops from Chambers of Xeric raid

Description: Best for bursting enemies at later levels, providing the highest magic attack bonus in OSRS.

Ancestral Robes


Guthan Equipment

Acquisition: Barrows minigame

Description: Ideal for AFK Slayer training, set heals based on damage dealt during successful attacks.

Guthan Equipment

Infernal Cape

Acquisition: Defeat TzKal-Zuk in the Inferno minigame

Description: Provides the best overall melee combat stat bonuses in the game.

Infernal Cape


Amulet of Strength

Acquisition: Lvl-3 Enchant on a ruby amulet

Description: Offers a significant boost to strength stat, enhancing melee damage.

Amulet of Strength

Amulet of Torture

Acquisition: Lvl-7 Enchant on a zenyte amulet

Description: Upgraded version of Amulet of Strength, significantly boosting damage with stab, crush, or slash-type weapons.

Amulet of Torture

Dragonfire Shield

Acquisition: Considered one of the best shields in OSRS, offers protection against dragon attacks.

Dragonfire Shield

Archer's Ring

Acquisition: Dropped by Dagannoth Supreme in Waterbirth Island Dungeon

Archer's Ring

Description: Enhances Ranged stat and can be imbued for double the stats.

Occult Necklace

Acquisition: Dropped by Smoke Devils

Description: Grants a 10% increase in magic damage, making it an excellent choice for bursting Slayer monsters.

Occult Necklace

Amulet of Glory

Acquisition: Lvl-5 Enchant on a dragonstone amulet or purchase from the Grand Exchange

Description: Popular accessory with combat stat boosts and teleportation to Edgeville and Draynor Village.

Amulet of Glory

Teleportation Items

Fairy Ring

Acquisition: Fairytale II - Cure a Queen quest (up to the point of unlocking the Fairy Ring teleportation system)

Description: Allows teleportation to various locations in the game using specific codes.

Fairy Ring

Slayer Ring

Acquisition: Crafted with "Ring Bling" unlock from Slayer Masters

Description: Teleports to various Slayer locations, including Slayer Tower, Stronghold Slayer Cave, and Fremennik Slayer Dungeon. Crafted using a gold bar, ring mould, and enchanted gem.

Slayer Ring

Equip yourself wisely with this array of recommended items, and may your journey to 99 Slayer be both efficient and victorious!

Early Levels

Embarking on the journey to achieve 99 Slayer in Old School Runescape requires careful planning and strategic leveling. This guide breaks down different leveling methods, offering insights into early levels, recommended quests, and the fastest path to reach your goal.

Quests and Challenges

1. Natural History Quiz

2. A Porcine of Interest

Slayer Master Vannaka

It is always advisable to start training Slayer with the slayer master Vannaka,who resides in the Edgeville Dungeon. He assigns Slayer tasks starting at Combat Level 40. 



Fastest Method to 99 Slayer

1. Slayer Masters for Maximum XP: Nieve/Steve and Duradel

2. General Rule: Block slow tasks, take easy ones for efficiency.

3. Must Unlock: Bigger and Badder for optimized tasks.

4. Dwarf multicannon: Always carry the Dwarf multicannon with you to have greater efficiency in your tasks.

Tasks for Fastest Slayer Experience

Tasks to Take:

NameMonster Location
Adamant DragonsLithkren Vault
AnkousWilderness Slayer Cave, Stronghold of Security, Catacombs of Kourend
Stronghold Slayer Cave,
The Forgotten Cemetery
Black DemonsEdgeville Dungeon, Catacombs of Kourend, Brimhaven Dungeon
BloodveldsGod Wars Dungeon, Slayer Tower, Stronghold Slayer Cave, Catacombs of Kourend
Brine RatsBrine Rat Cavern
DagannothsLighthouse, Catacombs of Kourend, Jormungand's Prison
Dust DevilsCatacombs of Kourend, Smoke Dungeon
ElvesPrifddinas, Lletya, Iorwerth Camp
Fire GiantsDeep Wilderness Dungeon, Brimhaven Dungeon, Catacombs of Kourend, Stronghold Slayer Cave
Greater DemonsOgre Enclave, Entrana Dungeon, Lava Maze Dungeon, Isle of Souls Dungeon, Catacombs of Kourend
HellhoundsKaruulm Slayer Dungeon, God Wars Dungeon, Wilderness Volcano, Catacombs of Kourend, Stronghold Slayer Cave
KalphitesKalphite Lair, Kalphite Cave
KurasksFremennik Slayer Dungeon, Iorwerth Dungeon
LizardmenLizardmen Settlement, Lizardman Canyon
NechryaelsCatacombs of Kourend, Slayer Tower (easier to kill)
Rune DragonsLithkren
Smoke DevilsSmoke Devil Dungeon
SuqahLunar Isle
TrollsTrollheim, Jatizso and Neitiznot (northern icy islands)
TzHaar (Jad)Mor Ul Rek


1. Optimize tasks for speed, focusing on efficient kills.

2. Unlock Bigger and Badder for advanced tasks.

3. Equip Bracelet of Slaughter for task extension (25% chance of not counting kills).

Click-Intensive Strategy:

1. Wear preferred gloves/bracelets most of the time.

2. Switch to Bracelet of Slaughter when Slayer XP ticks for extended tasks.

Optimal Usage:

1. Wear Bracelet of Slaughter for Dust Devils and Nechryaels tasks.

2. Safespot Nechryaels in the Slayer Tower for efficient kills.

3. Slayer Helmet and Equipment Upgrades

Unlock Slayer Helmet:

1. Notable boost in melee combat stats.

2. Enhances effectiveness with Osmumten's Fang, Blade of Saeldor, or Inquisitor's Mace.

Imbue Slayer Helmet (Ranged/Magic):

1. 15% boost to accuracy and damage for ranged or magic attacks.

2. Task Skipping/Blocking:

3. Skip or Block After Slayer Equipment Unlock:

4. Prioritize tasks that align with your equipment strengths.

5. Consider skipping/blocking challenging or less efficient tasks.

Note: Always plan tasks based on your current combat and Slayer levels. Adjust strategies as you progress, aiming for maximum efficiency and XP gain.