OSRS Sinister Offering Spell Guide


Sinister Offering Spell Guide OSRS

The Sinister Offering spell, a potent incantation within the Arceuus spellbook, stands as a testament to mastery over the arcane arts. Accessible to those who have attained a formidable level of 92 Magic and have completed the epic quest "A Kingdom Divided," this spell unlocks a powerful ability to offer sacred bones with unparalleled efficiency.

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Upon invocation, the Sinister Offering spell allows the caster to swiftly offer up to three bones from their inventory. What sets this spell apart is its remarkable capacity to imbue these offerings with threefold the normal experience that would be gained from the conventional act of burial. However, it is worth noting that proficiency in the art of Prayer, marked by a minimum level of 70, is a prerequisite for offering superior dragon bones through this mystical channel.

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Moreover, the utility of the Sinister Offering spell extends beyond the mere act of tribute. With each set of bones converted through this enigmatic ritual, the caster finds their spiritual essence replenished, as one prayer point is restored. This boon is further magnified for select varieties of bones; namely, Ourg, dagannoth, hydra, and superior dragon bones, which bestow upon the practitioner a revitalizing infusion of two prayer points per offering.

Adherence to the ancient rites dictates that practitioners may only invoke offering spells at intervals of no less than 4.8 seconds, underscoring the solemnity and concentration demanded by such profound magic.

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Experiences Rate

BonesPrayer XP/Hr
Bones.png Bones13.5
Monkey bones.png Monkey bones15
Bat bones.png Bat bones15.9
Jogre bones.png Jogre bones45
Zogre bones.png Zogre bones67.5
Shaikahan bones.png Shaikahan bones75
Babydragon bones.png Babydragon bones90
Wyrm bones.png Wyrm bones150
Dragon bones.png Dragon bones216
Wyvern bones.png Wyvern bones216
Drake bones.png Drake bones240
Fayrg bones.png Fayrg bones252
Lava dragon bones.png Lava dragon bones255
Raurg bones.png Raurg bones288
Hydra bones.png Hydra bones330
Dagannoth bones.png Dagannoth bones375
Ourg bones.png Ourg bones420
Superior dragon bones.png Superior dragon bones450