[OSRS] Shield of Arrav Quest Guide

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Shield of Arrav Quest Guide Osrs

For the quest it is necessary to have a friend to help us at a certain point. Players can join the official "OSRS SOA" chat channel to find a partner.

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Items Required:

  • Phoenix Gang: 20 coins
  • Black Arm Gang: 2 Phoenix crossbows (obtained during the quest)


  •  10 Combat level

Things to keep in mind

Selecting Your Gang Affiliation:

It is of utmost significance to make a definitive decision regarding which gang you intend to align with at this juncture. This decision holds pivotal importance for several reasons:

1. To advance through this quest, you are required to collaborate with a member of the opposing gang.

2. Opting for membership in the Phoenix Gang is advisable if your combat levels are relatively lower.

3. Electing to join the Black Arm Gang is suggested if you prefer not to accumulate combat experience.

4. Utilizing the official chat-channel OSRS SOA can significantly simplify the process of locating Phoenix Gang members.

If your partner has previously merged the two halves of the certificate or has successfully completed the quest earlier, they won't be able to retrieve the half piece of the shield from their respective gang hideout. Consequently, acquiring certificates from them is not feasible. If your partner belongs to the Phoenix Gang, they can assist you in obtaining the key to the weapon store solely.

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Commencement of the Quest:

Initiate your quest by conversing with Reldo, situated within the library of Varrock, housed within Varrock Palace.

Initiate your quest by conversing with Reldo

 Inquire about potential quests, prompting him to direct your attention to a potential book within the library's collection. Your next task involves inspecting the bookcase adorned with a blue and white book positioned on the top shelf. This specific bookcase is positioned on the eastern side of the shorter bookcases positioned centrally in the room. Once you've successfully located the book, take a moment to read or peruse its contents.

Following your reading session, engage in dialogue with Reldo once more. This time, inquire about the whereabouts of the Phoenix Gang. However, Reldo will redirect you to Baraek, the fur trader situated in Varrock Square, as he lacks the necessary information.

At this juncture, you face a crucial decision: align yourself with either the Phoenix Gang or the Black Arm Gang. To join the Phoenix Gang, engage in conversation with Baraek. Conversely, if you opt for the Black Arm Gang, converse with Charlie the Tramp, positioned near the southern gate of Varrock.

Ironmen players have the opportunity to save 7,708 coins during their completion of the Heroes' Quest by electing to align with the Phoenix Gang.

Note: If your intention is to join the Black Arm Gang, initiating the quest is as simple as engaging in conversation with Charlie the Tramp and inquiring about the alley's contents.


Joining the Phoenix Gang:

Baraek can be located at the central point of Varrock (to opt for the Black Arm Gang, seek out Charlie the Tramp instead). Baraek operates a stall specializing in furs, distinctly marked with a bear fur icon. Initiate a conversation with him, focusing on your inquiry about the Phoenix Gang. Initially, he may decline to provide information, but subsequently, he will request 20 coins in exchange for the sought-after details. Furnish him with the requested sum, and he will disclose the location of the Phoenix Gang's hideout – situated in Varrock's southeast corner.

location phoenix gang

The hideout itself is positioned near Varrock's southeast corner, nestled between two bars and slightly south of the rune shop. Your guide to the hideout is a distinctive red exclamation mark displayed on the map. Upon locating this mark, you'll come across a ladder. Ascend the ladder to access the inner confines of the Phoenix Gang's hideout.

Inside the hideout, engage in conversation with Straven. Inquiring about membership will prompt a discussion regarding the Varrock Herald newspaper – a façade. An option should present itself, allowing you to reveal your knowledge of Straven's affiliation with the Phoenix Gang.

Straven will task you with eliminating Jonny the Beard, a combat level 2 individual. You'll find him at Varrock's Blue Moon Inn, a bar positioned near the southern entrance of the city. Upon locating Jonny, dispatch him. It's important to note that utilizing a ring of recoil won't yield any drops from him.

Upon defeat, Jonny will drop a report that Straven requires. Retrieve the report and deliver it back to Straven. Engage in conversation with Straven while having the report in your inventory. Upon doing so, Straven will extend Phoenix Gang membership to you, granting you access to their hideout. Additionally, he will provide you with the Weapon Store key, an item to be preserved for your partner. The thieves present in the hideout won't initiate hostilities against players, though they will retaliate if attacked.

Scan the surroundings for a chest situated in the hideout's southwest corner. Inside, you'll find one half of the Shield of Arrav. It's crucial to note that you can only retrieve one shield half at a time, and post-quest completion, acquisition becomes impossible.


Joining the Black Arm Gang:

To align with the Black Arm Gang, engage in conversation with Charlie the Tramp. You'll find him near Varrock's southern entrance. Inquire about the contents of the nearby alley, prompting him to disclose that it's the headquarters of the Black Arm Gang. Proceed into the alley and enter the building, where you'll encounter a woman named Katrine. Initiate dialogue with her.

location black arms gang

Confide in Katrine that you possess knowledge about her gang, while maintaining your refusal to disclose your source. Seek guidance from her regarding the steps necessary to establish your trustworthiness. In response, she will assign you a task as a prerequisite for joining her gang.

Your assignment involves pilfering from the Phoenix Gang. Specifically, Katrine requires you to obtain two crossbows from their ranks. However, this task necessitates collaboration with a partner from the Phoenix Gang. Your partner must supply you with the Weapon Store key they acquired upon joining the Phoenix Gang. With this key in hand, journey toward the Phoenix Gang's hideout located in Varrock's southeast corner, nestled between two pubs. Identify a compact room just south of the rune shop, distinguished by a locked door and a visible ladder within. Upon locating this room, employ the key on the door and proceed to ascend the ladder.

On this floor, you will encounter the Weaponsmaster, whom you must defeat. Attempting to acquire the crossbows without vanquishing the Weaponsmaster first will prove futile, as he will obstruct your efforts. Once the Weaponsmaster has been dispatched, secure two Phoenix crossbows. Upon obtaining both crossbows, return to Katrine. In recognition of your accomplishment, she will extend membership into the Black Arm Gang to you.

Proceed to the upper floor of the hideout, where you'll discover a cupboard containing the right half of the Shield of Arrav.

Note: If apprehensive about combat or seeking to avoid combat experience, it's possible to enlist your partner's assistance. Have your Phoenix Gang partner eliminate the Weaponsmaster and provide you with the Phoenix crossbows through trading. Encourage your partner to use the drop-trick method to obtain a duplicate of the weapon store key while conversing with Straven. Subsequently, acquire this duplicate key from your partner. With both you and your partner now equipped with keys, both of you can access the store room. While your partner eliminates the Weaponsmaster, you can acquire the crossbows.


Concluding the Quest:

Carry your acquired half of the shield to Curator Haig Halen, positioned within the Varrock Museum. Upon presenting your half of the shield to him, he will accept it and furnish you with two copies of your half of the certificate. Simultaneously, your partner, who possesses the other half of the shield, will also receive the corresponding portion of the certificate. Engage in a trade with your partner, exchanging one half of the certificate for the other.

Upon obtaining both halves of the certificate, employ one on the other to effectuate the merging, resulting in a complete and unified certificate. If you're engaging in the quest as an Ironman, the key/certificate interaction necessitates the 'use' action on each other. This concludes the quest, and you've successfully navigated through the intricacies of Shield of Arrav.


Proceed to Varrock Palace and present the completed certificate to King Roald. Upon doing so, you will be granted your well-deserved reward. With this final step, the quest is officially completed. Congratulations!


the quest is officially completed. Congratulations!