[OSRS] Sheep Shearer quest guide

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Sheep Shearer OSRS

"Sheep Shearer" stands as one of the inaugural six quests featured during the launch of RuneScape. Within this quest, players embark on a mission to assist Fred the Farmer in shearing his flock of sheep.

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Quest Requirements:


Skill/Other Requirements:

No requirements.

Items required         

20 balls of wool (unnoted) or Shears to obtain wool to spin into balls of wool (obtained during the quest)

Start point  

Speak to Fred the Farmer in the house by the sheep pen north of Lumbridge Castle

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Initiate your quest by engaging in conversation with Fred the Farmer, located a short distance to the north of Lumbridge Castle at his sheep farm. Inquire about the possibility of undertaking a quest, prompting him to assign you the objective of procuring 20 balls of wool.

conversation with Fred the Farmer

Obtaining the wool

If your inventory lacks shears, Fred will generously provide you with a pair. Proceed into the enclosed area where the sheep are kept, connected to the eastern side of his residence.

Obtaining the wool

Initiate the shearing process by engaging with the sheep. This can be accomplished by either selecting the "shear" option while targeting the sheep or by right-clicking the shears and choosing "use," then clicking directly on the sheep to employ the shears. The sheep bearing wool will appear plump, whereas those without wool will seem slender. You must shear the plump sheep a total of twenty times. If you find no suitable candidates for shearing, exercise patience as their wool will regrow within a minute. Some sheep might evade your attempts initially; persevere, and eventually, you will manage to shear them.

the shearing process

Exercise caution during this stage, particularly concerning the presence of rams. Rams share a striking resemblance to sheep, but clicking on them directly initiates combat with them. It's important to note that rams possess horns, whereas sheep do not.

Fred the Farmer will alert you about an entity known as "The Thing," advising you to exercise caution within the sheep pen. Interestingly, "The Thing" is actually a ruse involving two disguised penguins from the "Cold War" quest. They can be identified as the sole sheep with the option to engage in conversation. Should you attempt to shear "The Thing," the penguins will emit a squeak and hurriedly flee. There's no real threat from this during the course of the quest.

Spinning the wool

Upon collecting 20 pieces of wool, the next step involves transforming them into balls of wool. Proceed to the 1st floor of Lumbridge Castle and locate the room adorned with a large carpet. Inside this room, you will discover a spinning wheel. Interact with the spinning wheel while having the wool in your inventory to convert it into balls of wool. Once this spinning process is complete, return to Fred the Farmer to conclude the quest. Should you find yourself short on inventory space to accommodate all 20 pieces of wool, consider making multiple deliveries until the required quantity is reached.

 transforming them into balls of wool.

For players who intend to embark on further free-to-play quests immediately afterward, it's advisable to shear and spin at least three additional balls of wool. These will come in handy for the "Prince Ali Rescue" quest.