OSRS Shadow of the Storm Quest Guide

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Shadow of the Storm Quest Guide

Shadow of the Storm is an adventure that picks up the storyline from Demon Slayer. In this quest, the antagonist Denath reemerges, accompanied by a cadre of followers, in an audacious attempt to summon the perilous demon known as Agrith-Naar.

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30 Crafting 

Completion of the following quests:

The Golem

Demon Slayer

The ability to defeat a level 100 demon

Items required:

Silverlight (obtainable at start of quest)

Strange implement (obtainable during quest)

Any black outfit (minimum of 3 pieces, see below for the allowed gear — the dyed Silverlight does not count as a piece of black clothing)

Note: You can make a black desert robe and shirt during the quest if you brought a desert robe and shirt

Black dye (from grinding a black mushroom using a pestle and mortar alongside a vial)

Silver bar

Means to enter the desert (such as the Shantay pass, Desert amulet 2, Teleport tablets or scrolls, Fairy rings or the Pharaoh's sceptre)

Start point:  

Speak to Father Reen, south of Al-Kharid bank.

start point

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Initiate a conversation with Father Reen, who can be found roaming south of the Al Kharid bank. He will inform you about malevolent wizards attempting to summon a demon and direct you to Father Badden located at the Ruins of Uzer

talk to father reen

Pass through the Shantay Pass and use a Magic carpet to reach Uzer (requires 200gp). Upon arrival, engage in a conversation with Father Badden. After your conversation concludes, pick up a Black mushroom near the entrance to the ruins. Then, utilize the Pestle and mortar to create a vial filled with Black mushroom ink. Use this ink to dye the Silverlight black.

talk to father badden

Present the Silverlight (Black) to Evil Dave, who can be found at the entrance of the demon portal previously visited during The Golem quest. To prove your evil intent, you should be wearing at least three pieces of black clothing. If he deems you sufficiently wicked, he will grant you access to the portal, leading you to Denath.

Once in Denath's presence, he will welcome you into his group. He'll provide you with an incantation and request that you craft a Demonic sigil. Make sure to remember the incantation, as it will be important later on. Before departing back to the real world, speak with Jennifer to acquire a Demonic sigil mould

talk to denath

Teleport back to Al Kharid and use a Silver bar at the furnace to craft the Demonic sigil. Then, return to the demon realm located at the Ruins of Uzer. Speak to Matthew, who will task you with finding a book (ensure you have the mould with you).

Next, approach the Clay Golem outside the temple and inquire if he witnessed anything the previous night. He will inform you that a man placed a book into a broken kiln. Search the four kilns nearby, one situated behind the ruins to the east, and another located north of the magic carpet, to find the book

look in broken kiln

Examine the contents of the book and then return it to Matthew. Subsequently, Denath will instruct you to commence the ritual. Utilize your Demonic sigil and recite the words in the precise order as conveyed by Denath earlier

Denath walks into the centre of the circle, teleporting away!

Denath will step into the portal, and Matthew will reveal that Denath is, in fact, Agrith-Naar, and you've sent him back to the demon world. Some members will leave the group, so pick up Denath's Sigil.

Note: If you don't pick up Denath's Sigil, you'll need to create another one using the mould and another silver bar.

As you exit, Tanya will be killed by ghosts. Pick up her sigil and speak to Evil Dave. Evil Dave will show you Eric, who was crushed by rocks. Tell Evil Dave to head back inside the portal, and get the fourth sigil from him (you should now have 4 Sigils in your inventory).

Retrieve the strange implement in the northwest corner and go outside (note that you may take random damage during this part, so watch your hitpoints). Talk to Father Reen and persuade him to go inside, using the last option if necessary.

Next, talk to Father Badden and give him a sigil.

Approach the Golem, but since he refuses to go willingly, you will need to reprogram him. Use the Strange implement on him and then give him a sigil.

Important Note: Before proceeding, be aware that you will confront Agrith-Naar, and the battle is not safe. You will lose your items if you die, so don't bring anything you're not willing to lose.

Return to the temple, enter the demon room, and speak to Matthew again. Read the book, find and use the chant, which will summon Agrith-Naar (level 100). Agrith-Naar will kill Matthew, and you'll admit to betraying him.

Now, Agrith-Naar will attack you with both magic and melee, so it's recommended to use the Protect from Magic prayer. You can use any weapon against Agrith-Naar, but you must deliver the final blow using the black Silverlight. Once the demon is defeated, your Silverlight will transform into a Darklight.

defeat agrith naar

Congratulations! Quest Completed!

Shadow of the Storm completed