OSRS Shadow Hounds Guide


Shadow Hounds Guide OSRS

Shadow Hounds are menacing, dog-like creatures that lurk within the ominous confines of the Shadow Dungeon.  Adventurers seeking to confront these beasts must wear a ring of visibility, a crucial artifact obtained during or after the completion of the Desert Treasure I quest. 

Situated in a multicombat area, the Shadow Hounds pose a formidable challenge to those who dare to venture into their domain. Their ferocious appearance, combined with the fact that they offer no valuable drops except for basic bones, deters many adventurers from engaging in combat with them. Despite their lack of lucrative rewards, these creatures play a unique role in the Shadow Dungeon ecosystem, as they allow other, potentially more rewarding monsters, to freely pass through them.

For those seeking a more formidable challenge and looking to prove their prowess in the realm of Kandarin, slaying Shadow Hounds becomes a task assigned by the Hard Kandarin Diary. This daunting feat adds an extra layer of difficulty and accomplishment for those who choose to embark on this perilous journey within the Shadow Dungeon.

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Shadow Hounds can be found in the Shadow Dungeon.


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Shadow Dungeon Location

The entrance to the enigmatic Shadow Dungeon is discreetly tucked away, awaiting discovery by intrepid adventurers. Situated south-east of Baxtorian Falls, the entrance to this mysterious abyss can be accessed by descending a ladder. However, unveiling the ladder's presence requires the wearer of a ring of visibility or a ring of shadows. These mystical accessories, obtained through the completion of quests like Desert Treasure I or Desert Treasure II - The Fallen Empire, are indispensable keys to revealing the concealed entrance.

To pinpoint the entrance, explorers should venture within the fenced area north of the formidable moss giants and south of the revered Glarial's Tomb. This specific location places it slightly to the west of the Fishing Guild, adding an element of secrecy to its discovery. As adventurers traverse the area, they must remain vigilant, for the ladder's presence will only manifest to those donned in the enchanted rings, opening the gateway to the eerie depths of the Shadow Dungeon.

Shadow Dungeon Location